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I´m the Kitten - Resistance is futile

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Hi kitties all!

August 25th 2009 5:16 am
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Mom called me the other night and told me to watch a documentary with her on TV. Guess whom it was all about? My famous namesake Mumtaz Mahal! Ok, I have that extra T my purrents think is so witty, but I strive to emulate the real Mumtaz in every point.
I am regal, I brook no opposition, I am of the utmost importance to those around me.
There is one thing, though where we differ. Mumtaz Mahal had 14 kittens! Now, for a cat that would be no great feat. 2 or 3 litters will easily do the trick. But apparently for humans it is rather an achievement. Poor Mumtaz died when she gave birth to No. 14, though, so I am quite content with my lot.
But it was nice to see the regal splendour of the Mogul palace. The pillows she had!
Should give mom and dad some ideas for interior re-decoration!


Mumtatz to the Angel gang: request help comforting mommy

June 6th 2009 7:23 am
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Last night our human grandad died. Very suddenly and with little forewarning.
Mommy is still in shock - so Thorgal, Richard, Lars, Bear, Giotto and the others: where are you?


Guess who´s back?

April 2nd 2009 5:57 am
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I was napping on Auntie Ursula´s stomach the day before yesterday (she was supposed to work but the combined weight of the computer and a friendly kitty, plus the warm rays of the sun had caused her to doze off) and who should waltz in as if they had not been gone for 4 weeks?
Mom and Dad!
I hid under the sofa just to make sure they got it: they are STRANGERS to me, STRANGERS!!
But then they unwrapped our pressie and I just couldn´t play cool anymore, nor could Jolan!
It was a springbok skin!! Imagine!
The smell, the feel of the thing - sooo exciting!
We rolled around on it and sniffed it and I even tried to pull some of the hair out, until mom turned it over.
We are big game hunters now. Whoohooo!


Let´s talk about nap-time!

February 19th 2009 8:45 am
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Hi friends all!

What with all the games of tag around we are pretty well informed about our friends´ habits, likes and dislikes.
But there is one topic - close to our hearts - that I don´t hear nearly enough about: napping and sleeping!
Let´s change all that! I´ll start:

1) Where do you sleep during the night?

In the bedroom, on mom´s bed. On mom! Never on dad, he wriggles around too much. Anywhere in the house, where the fancy takes me.

2) Are you a quiet sleeper?

Oh, yes very! I do have my standards, though. For instance, I want mom to lie in a certain way and move her legs just so, so that I can curl up in the warm space behind them. She should NOT move. Otherwise I´ll leave.

3) How long until you wake up and feel peckish again?

Hm - see we are lucky kitties. Dad usually works during the night so we can always go to him and beg for a quick snack, then return to a warm, sleepy-eyed mommy. Around 5 or 6.30, when dad is finally sleeping said mommy will rise after some prodding and walking up and down on her prone body, stagger to the shelf in the bedroom where she keeps our kibble and put some on our tray. Very well-trained our humans, if I may say so myself.

4) What about napping during the day?

If business is slow and the purrents are away we retire to the living room. From there it is easy to hear what happens at the front door and you are there in a jiffy if something interesting comes up.
Also, mom keeps the Da bird in the living room, so we can start whining for it right when she comes through the door.

5) Any complaints?

Not really. Maybe the purrents could avoid spending the night away from home too often in the future. We are kitties. We need our little rituals!

I´m tagging:



I! I wanna play first!

February 15th 2009 2:21 am
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Petie put these questions up in an internet cafe in Paris where we´re all staying and although he tagged Jolan, girls are allowed to play too, so here goes:

1) What color is your collar?

What collar?

2)What´s your favorite food?

Hill´s Science Plan Sensitive Stomach. I have a VERY sensitive stomach
and will react badly if mom switches to a different brand too quickly.
For wet food there is a very posh brand over here in Germany called
Porta 21. The chicken!! It´s pure white chicken meat in broth and SOO
good. I´ve been told Tiki is a bit similar to it.
Also Applaws Chicken with Cheese and Chicken/Pumpkin. Yum!
In a pinch Porta´s Tuna with shrimp will do nicely, thank you very
much. Oh wait - there are more questions, aren´t there?


Not really, no. But I love to play with my kibble. Mom throws it for
me and I chase it. Oh and fresh grassies!

4) Do you have a Valentine or a significant other?

Nooo... Although I met a guy in Paris. Oh, my cat!

5) Do you get table scraps.

No. If anything, I jump on the table when nobody is looking and
believe me, it´s not scraps I´ll be getting then, hehe!

6) What´s your favorite toy?

When I was younger I loved my mousies. I would hunt them down
when mom threw them for me and then carry them into my den
to my kittens.
Recently I´ve taken a shine to Jolan´s Da Bird.

7) When´s your birthday?

It´s anybody´s guess. I was a stray and about 5 months old when
mom got me out of that shelter. We celebrate that day: 28th of

8) How many times a day do you get to eat?

In the morning, before mom gets up, she´ll give us a handful of kibble
to take the edge off. Then the whole family hangs out in the kitchen,
Jolan and I get a drink from the faucet while our folks have coffee
and maybe we take whatever is left over from last night´s Porta tin.
During the day we´ll snack on Hill´s dry food ever so often and when
mom retires for the night she takes a tray up with her that gives off
the most enticing smells: Jolan and I will race each other to reach
the upper floor first and there we will feast while mom reads a few
pages before she turns the light off and the whole family sacks out
together until next morning! :-) Nice routine.

9) What´s your favorite color?

Anything that goes with my black/white/russet fur.
Not easy, I can tell you! I´ve been all over Paris already for new

10) Do you hope all your pals would put this up?

Don´t know whether they have the time. Most of them are in Paris
with us or busy with their Valentines!
We´ll try later.



February 12th 2009 11:18 am
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Tomorrow is the big day and I heard the damnedest thing a minute ago.
Dad will give mom an early Valentine tomorrow night, a night out for an exhibition and a play!
Do I hear someone saying "Nice Dad. Your mommy deserves a brake"?
Well, but kitties: that means I won´t have a typist to keep track of my adventures in Paris!!




Oh my Cat!

February 11th 2009 9:07 am
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I´m going to Paris with Sarah.

And I am NOT going to that boarding school where I stayed at the beginning of the year!!!
I am in seventh kitty heaven.
Mom just got Auntie Ursula´s ok that she will come and look after us at home for the whole month of March when the purrents are away to Africa!

What do you think? Am I lucky or am I lucky?

Doing the happy dance!!


Oh my cat!

January 15th 2009 2:22 am
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Sometimes looking at Catster first thing in the morning is so not fun!
Today I had to learn that my dear Norwegian friend and mentor - and let´s not forget look-alike! - Wilma went to the bridge last Sunday!
Her Catster ID is 462585.
Go and have a look at that lovely girl and don´t forget to give her mommy a big hug!


Thanksgiving Tag

November 27th 2008 1:59 am
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My dear little fur-friend Tao tagged me and here goes:

1) I am thankful for a bowl that is always filled and

2) for me to be able to reach it without nasty kitties blocking my way
- something that happened all too often in the shelter.

3) I am thankful because mommy knows what´s good for me better than I
do sometimes and gave me a fun little bro to play with!

4)Iam thankful for a warm place to live - I watch the outdoor kitty everyday and wonder how she manages!

5) Thanks for my Catster friends!!

And many smooches to all of you!



Happy little dance!

August 22nd 2008 2:03 am
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I´ve got a diamond - I´ve got a diamond!
If I get any happier I´ll burst!
Thanks a million Dave, you are the bestest of friends!!
(And not to worry Miss Jazzie: friends is all we are. I promise!)

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