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Some sad news...

December 28th 2011 6:22 pm
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My family was going to wait until a little time had passed to make an announcement, but some of my amazing Catster friends have already noticed that I passed away on Tuesday, December 28th, 2011 at the age of 13. I was doing really well until this year- I'd lost just enough weight that I was healthy for my frame size but at the start of the year I started to get on the thin side and in early summer I was diagnosed with chronic renal failure when I went in to see the vet about sudden dehydration.

It was a roller coaster from there- after a few weeks of sub-Q fluid therapy my bloodwork improved to almost healthy levels and I was doing fine on just some supplements, 6 weeks later I got dehydrated again and had to go back on fluids, re-checked my bloodwork and it was getting worse, developed anemia and had to start getting Procrit injections, anemia improved, bloodwork remained stable, then anemia worsened and continued to worsen.

A few weeks ago I was a bit dehydrated and my PCV was still only 21%, so they sent me home to give the Procrit one last chance at a higher dose to really do it's trick, but during that time I pretty much stopped eating on my own and started crying out in discomfort. With force-feeding I perked up a little and started eating more on my own, but then I started having problems with drooling, fought the force-feeding more, ate less on my own, and was dangerously dehydrated. They brought me back to the vet and even being so severely dehydrated, which should give a falsely high PCV, I was down to 20%. I'm one of the unlucky cats whose body builds up a resistance to Procrit so the only option left to treat my anemia would be regular blood transfusions, and that would only work if they could get enough food and fluids in me to keep me alive long enough for those to take effect- I was down to 4lbs 4oz, and while I'm not a very large cat I still looked quite svelte at 6lbs. On top of all of that the cause of my drooling seemed to be from a mass on my jawbone, which was either an abscessed tooth which would require surgery or squamous cell carcinoma, an almost impossible to treat form of cancer. With all these odds stacked against me, me in so much pain already, and my not having much will to fight for survival, they decided the kindest thing to do would be to help me pass quickly and painlessly with my loved ones holding me rather than risk putting me through intensive therapy to try and pull me through for another few months and risk me dying alone after days and days of horrible discomfort.

If you've been diagnosed with CRF please don't let my story discourage you- I may have only gotten 6 months after my diagnosis but most of those months were really great, and I was really unlucky developing severe anemia and resistance to the Procrit so soon. On the other side of the spectrum the oldest cat of the family who adopted some of our recent fosters passed away this November at the ripe old age of 16 after about 5 years with CRF! It may not be curable but if it's caught early it can be very treatable and you can still have lots of time left with your family with just a little bit of TLC. We can't thank Tanya's CRF Page ( enough for all the wonderful information that made managing this disease a little less scary and confusing!

Thanks to everyone for their warm wishes for my family. They'll have a hard time learning to live without their benevolent King Kyle leading the household, but I have hopes that my little brother Scooby and that crazy playboy Stormy will rise to the occasion and help fill my paws and keep things running smoothly. I love you all and I'll be watching over you from the Bridge! ^_^


One Whole Decade!

May 4th 2008 2:14 am
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I've turned 10! We just had a big canned food variety feast to celebrate the birthdays of myself, Scooby, and Chibi outside. (We have no idea when Chibi was born, we're not even sure if he's older than me or younger than Cricket! So Scooby and I generously offered to share May 2nd with him.) We all had a wonderful time, but wow, 10! I don't feel very old but I'm told that's getting up there. Old King Rambo passed away from old age just before his 17th birthday! Fortunately though I feel like I'm a young 10. I may be a little overweight but I keep myself very active looking after all these cats and reminding the humans to take care of everything. And now with that "little" Dominic (who is about to hit his first year milestone- another party! Woohoo!) around I'm feeling more like a playful kitten than I have since... well since I was Dominic's age!

Hopefully I'll never have another scare with my liver and I'll live a good long time so the next ruler doesn't have such a crazy circus to run. I hope everyone else will help us out by hounding their people if they aren't spayed or neutered yet! And if you're an only kitty get them to adopt you a sibling from a shelter or rescue group? That might be asking too much, but they should consider it!

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