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Life and Times of Shadow!

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Dear Shadow

October 21st 2014 1:54 am
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Letter from Mama,

Sunday was your bridge day, Oct., 19th, and oh how I miss you. I hope you caught the balloon I sent to you.

I bet you and Ollie are happy to be together again, I miss you both so much. I know you have lots of friends up there to keep you company. Just know I am always thinking of you and love you so much!




I love you Mama!

April 15th 2011 1:23 pm
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Hello everyone!

As many of you know Mama adopted two black cats, kind of like me:) One is named Diamond and the other is Baby. Mama swears that Diamond is me, reincarnated. She does everything I use to do. Little does she know, it is me!




My Birthday!

February 5th 2011 3:06 pm
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Well yesterday was my Birthday, which brought many memories to Mama. She did alot of crying just thinking of me, as she does everyday.

Mama, not to worry, I am watching over you every day! And will be waiting for you to return to me! What a wonderful day that will be.

Grandma is so much fun, I always make her smile up here at the Bridge. We take care of each other. We love you Mama!




I visited Mama Last Night!

October 23rd 2010 3:57 pm
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Late last night, Mama came out on the porch about 3 AM, and looked out on the front yard. There I was, just looking at her. At first she thought it was just a homeless cat, then she knew it was me.

She was so overwhelmed. She started talking to me, but kept her distance, for she didn't want to scare me off. Mama just talk to me for a very long time.

She felt so comforted. I then went on my way.




My 1 Year Bridge Anniversary!

October 19th 2010 9:32 pm
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Today is my 1 year Bridge Anniversary. And as I look down on Mama she has been having a difficult day. She sat down and wrote me this letter:

My Dearest Shadow,

As I remember you on this day, being gone for 1 year. My heart feels so empty. You brought so much love and comfort to me. You knew what I needed and when I needed it. I miss you so much my boy! My heart just breaks! Tears are rolling down my face. I wish you were here so you could wipe them off like you use to do. I miss your hugs, wrapping your arms around my neck, and nuzzling into my neck and purring. I miss you every night where you sleep above my head and knead my head for 20 minutes and purr and then drift off to sleep.

I miss holding you in my arms and loving you. I miss you going on car rides with me, going camping together, etc. I will never forget the day the squirls gave you a run for your money. at the campground. You said, fine, and sat at the bottom of the Pine Tree and the squirls had a fit. LOL!

I will never forget the day you went missing. I called and called you. I found you, sticking your head out of the attic window of the Old Hotel behind where we live. You were up there for a total of 4 days! I tried everything to rescue you. I even went down to the police department to see if there was any help available, but there was none. Later a neighbor came by to find out what was wrong. He then said he would be right back. He was a Volunteer Fireman. He came back with a Fire Truck! Then the Police showed up and so did Animal Control. They all tried to Rescue you. However you wouldn't come to the Fireman. By this time, you had been up there for 3 days.

I then contacted the owner of the vacant building. He didn't beleive me you were up there until he saw you poke your head out of the attic window. LOL! We went up to the attic, and I called and called you, but to no avail. So I left the attic door open which had been closed, along with some canned food. I then went outside and waited for you. Then 20 minutes later you came out of the Hotel and came running to me. I was so happy to see you, I started to cry. For the next week I had to give you extra food, for you had lost weight.

All my Memories of you Shadow, whether I was afraid for you or otherwise. You made me so happy, made me feel so loved. I feel so honored to have spent those beautiful 16 years of your life together.

Be good my Shadow Boy! Remember your Grandma is there now. So take real good care of her, like you did me!




I visited Mama in her Dream!

August 29th 2010 1:26 pm
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Last night Mama had a dream about me. She goes out on the front porch every day for that's where she smokes. Well in her dream she went on the front porch and saw me in the yard. She called out my name. I looked up right into her eyes, which melted her heart. She opened the door and I came right in the house. Then Mama woke up.

I love You Mama,



I Visited Mama!

August 6th 2010 10:07 am
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Last night I visited Mama! She was laying in bed, and started to cry and was missing me. I use to always comfort Mama. I came down and gave Mama kisses, and do like I always use to do lay above her head. I wrapped myself around her head until she went asleep.

I LOVE you Mama!



I Am One Lucky Angel!

April 6th 2010 2:18 pm
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A while back, up here at the Rainbow Bridge I met the most beautiful Feline! Her name is Marybeth! She is so sweet! We go on picnic's together, go fishing at ponds, eat all the catnip we want. What ever we want is ours. She is the love of my life! I feel so honored to be by her side!

Just yesterday she was chosen on Catster as Cat of The Week! I am so proud of her! I sent her a bouquet of Flowers, and made a special Sprimp Dinner for 2 last night. We had the most wonderful time!

I Love You Marybeth,



Letter From Mama

April 2nd 2010 10:53 pm
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Dear Shadow,

I have been missing you so much this evening. I can't seem to stop the tears from flowing. I love you so much, and wish you were still here. But I know that it was your time to go. I was just not ready. I guess we never are.

When I came home today from work, I went to your gravesite and the most beautiful Tulips were in bloom around you. It made me smile but also teary eyed. Your brother Magic was there with me as I took pictures. I will post them on your page soon son.

I love and miss you so much. Happy Easter Shadow!




Watching Over Mama!

November 6th 2009 9:13 pm
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As I looked down this evening from Heaven and watched Mama laying in bed, she was so sad, and crying. Thinking of the last few days we spent together. She just couldn't stop crying. She kept calling out my name and saying how much she missed me. I then surprised her by visiting her, by Meowing, so she could hear me. After about the 4th Meow she realized it was me. I meowed one more time. She said, Shadow! A sense of calming peace came over her, and I then knew I could go back to the Rainbow Bridge.

Mama I am with you always!



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