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Callie - Our Rainbow Bridge Angel

My Former Brother Joined Me at the Bridge on Sunday

October 17th 2011 8:58 pm
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If you've read my bio, you've read about my former brother, Kisa Angelo. We had a love/hiss relationship. Mostly hiss - MOL!! I was not a happy kitty in that household, which is how I wound up with my mom.

Kisa has had some health problems, including CRD, but he unexpectedly joined me at the Bridge yesterday, leaving my aunt (former mother to me) and uncle devastated. The CRD did not cause his death; the vet thinks Kisa had developed lymphoma. He declined rapidly and his breathing had become so labored. His parents made a decision no cat parent wants to have to make.

I was there to meet him, when he arrived and we put our past differences aside. His mom will be happy to know he arrived safely and has reunited with his cousin Oscar and his grandparents' cat Toby. I have introduced him to some wonderful angels here and all of us have welcomed him with open paws.

Kisa does have a Catster page, although his mom isn't very active. Kisa's Catster ID is 984509 if you want to see his page.

Thanks for reading. All of the angels here are spreading healing angel dust on everyone who loves Kisa and miss him so.

Callie Jo


Seven Years Today

May 18th 2011 7:42 pm
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First of all, I want to thank Angel Buddie for the rosette, my special angel friend Miss Mittens for the rose, Da Tabbies O Trout Towne, the family of Midnight, Popeye, Peanut, and Angel Sammie, and the family of Rex, Mugsy, Max, Simba, Angel Sadie and more for the kitty hearts. If I have overlooked anyone, I certainly appreciate all of you thinking of me on this day.

Today was a difficult day for my mom. She and dad talked about my last day with them before they took me to the hospital. Mom keeps reliving what she wishes she had done differently. I know Mom has made peace with it but sometimes it comes back to make her think some more. That's why she's so overprotective of Ashley & Tony and why Tony's CRD diagnosis was such a blow.

I watch over them, and they seem to be doing well. I like to visit Ashley from time to time. She really loves our mom. Tony does too, even if he is daddy's boy. I was partial to dad because we watched so much sports stuff together. Daddy is so funny. It makes me MOL! Sometimes mom and dad will smile and talk about how I would calmly lick my paw and wash my face while he was fussing at a bad referee call or bad play by an athlete or whatever. I knew he wasn't fussing at me. Trust me, I had enough of that when I lived with Kisa-Angelo. By the way, he turned 11 today. My mom e-mailed my former mom, now my aunt, to wish Kisa a happy birthday. My aunt & uncle are coming to see mom & dad soon. I'm glad. My aunt even said she missed me today.

Thanks for thinking of me. I love you mom and dad, please smile when you think of me. I have so many wonderful angel friends here. I will see you again one day. Love is forever.

Your Callie Jo



April 1st 2010 6:28 pm
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Hi sweet angel,
Today is one of the days we remember you. There are a lot of days we remember you. I hope when you read this from the Bridge that you will know just how much we love you, pretty girl.

I learned a lot from you during our short time together - mostly I learned to trust my gut. Everyone told me that you were acting normally for a cat that had just been spayed. I didn't want to overreact, but you don't know how often I wish I had of trusted myself. I don't know that would have saved you, but at least I would have tried something. That doesn't help now, but what I learned has helped your sister and brother.

You couldn't have picked better cats for your daddy and me. First, Ashley, who was at the animal hospital at the same time you were, I believe. Later on, you helped us find Tony and he actually found us at the shelter. He and Ashley care about each other more than they let us know. I can't imagine our home without them. Thank you, Callie Jo.

We celebrate you. Tell all our angel friends hello for us. Buddie, McKenna, Jazzi, Rocky Ann, Calvin, Nefertiti and many others I failed to name.

Mom & Dad


Four Years Later - Angel Callie

May 18th 2008 6:02 pm
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Four years have passed since our beautiful girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we send up our love to our special girl.

You were daddy's girl when you were here, and you are our precious angel forever.

Dad, Mom, Ashley & Tony


Rainbow Bridge - May 18, 2004

May 17th 2005 8:23 pm
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Mom is writing this first entry to remember the first anniversary of the loss of our Callie Jo.

Time has made it easier, and Ashley has filled our lives with joy...we often tell her about her big sister Callie in heaven, as well as Callie's boyfriend, who still wanders over here from time to time looking for least it doesn't make mom cry anymore.

We remember you and love you, Callie - your daddy isn't having nearly as much fun cursing at his NBA team during the playoffs without you. ;-)

Mom, Dad and little sister Ashley

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