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A new home

October 2nd 2007 12:19 am
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I've been in my new home about four days now. I must say it's been pretty interesting. I haven't met Gizmo or Bentley yet. They sure are loud. I know I told the shelter I like dogs, but boy oh boy I think I changed my mind.

Riley keeps taking peeks at me. I can't wait to play with him. He looks like he could be a lot of fun to be around. He still hissing and growling a little bit, but he's sneaking closer and closer up to me. I know it's only a matter of time before I have him wrapped around my cute lil paw.

Rocky is the old man of the family. He's been pretty nice to me. There was no hissing or growling from him. The only problem with Rocky is that he's a pretty big bore. I want to play, play, play! He justs like to lay around, eat and sleep.

Lexi is the other girl. I'm not too sure how she feels about me. She hissed a few times and then ran away.

I've explored the house a little more today. I think I might like it here. It's a lot better than spending my time behind bars. I'm even starting to like the new food they have here. I still enjoy my Fancy Feast but the new stuff is good, too. The family tells me the new food will help make my coat nice and shiny.

I did have a bad experience. It was something called a brush. Boy oh boy do I hate those things! When I came to the shelter my fur was a such a mess they had to have me shaved. I guess I don't want that to happen again. Oh the horror! What bad memories. I might get used to brushing one day, I just don't know yet.

My new vet is so nice! I think I'll like it there too. The family took me just to make sure everything was okay like the paperwork says. My eyes are runny and the tears are starting to stain. The vet told the family how to keep them nice and clean.

I'm off to do some more exploring. I wonder if the other cats will play with me tonight.


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