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meow my brother is such a show off

we need help please meow! SOS

October 12th 2007 8:19 pm
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As piper has told everyone my meomommy is going to see our aunt beth . she leaves on saturday but
she made us a wonderful treat that we call cat grass wow we love cat grass that is allmost as good a cat nip
piper is so funny he has been laying in the planted cat grass and it is funny to see his nice white fluffy furr get
really dirty .meow hee meow hee . we will have to trick piper into moving out of our way so we can have a taste of
that purrty green grass before he gets it all for his furry self . any ideals on how we could do that help is need
please. thank you Doc.lawson


my brother is such a show off!

September 28th 2007 12:47 pm
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meow meow , hi i am doc lawson and i have a show off brother he gets everything
he wants so i have him do his tricks to get me stuff too and it works
we know that if he dose this trick he will get something good and then we
get goodies to But he is a very big show off . but as long as i get something
out of it too i guess it will be okay besides he is not a doc like me he is just a
sammy but a show off for sure.
well my catster friend's have a meow meow day and let me know how it is
going in your world i would love to hear from all of you catsters.

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