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Short 'N Sweet

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My Angel Figurine

January 12th 2012 5:05 pm
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Our friend, Monida, had a Santa Sweepstakes Contest in December and Samoa won third place.

Her prize was a gift card to The Cat Fun Attic Etsy shop that Tigger and his Dad own!

After looking over the pawsome items in the shop, Mawmee decided to get one of the angel figurines and have it made to look like me. We already have some pawsome paintings of Calvin, and a cute angel ornament that was made to look like Spunky, so it was my turn to get something special.

The angel is so cute, and Tigger helped his Dad make a little blue ball just like my favorite toy. The ball I played with is in the special box that holds my ashes and other memorabilia.

The angel is also painted to look like me - it even has my little white triangle on the chest.

You can see pictures of this special angel here and here.

Thank you, Monida, for the sweepstakes, and thank you to Tigger and his Dad for making the very special angel!


Bridge Anniversary Thank Yous

October 31st 2011 9:02 am
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Thank you so much to all my wonderful friends who remembered me yesterday on my first bridge anniversary. So many things have happened to my family in the last year, and now I have to watch over them in Arizona instead of Kentucky.

Daddy told Mawmee that besides Callie, Spunky and I were his favorite kitties. Callie was a calico who looked a little like me, but she had more white on her. She was the first cat that lived with my Mawmee and Daddy.

And then Daddy said, well, Calvin was my favorite too - Calvin was everybody's favorite. I think that just means that we are all Daddy's favorites!

I've had a good year learning how to be an angel. There are so many Catster angel pals to play with, and we all keep busy with angel sprinkling, bowling tournaments, and just chillaxin on the clouds!

Thanks again for all the beautiful messages you left for me. I will treasure them!


Lactulose Anyone?

April 16th 2011 5:51 pm
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Mawmee is cleaning out all the closets in anticipation of their move in late summer/early fall.

She came across a big bottle of Lactulose that Hazel Lucy's Mom sent to me. Unfortunately, I made my journey to the bridge, and didn't need to open the brand new bottle.

It doesn't expire unil July of this year, and Mawmee would like to pass it along to another kitty who uses it.

Send me a pmail if you'd like her to mail it to you.


Back Home!

November 4th 2010 1:27 pm
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Mawmee picked up my ashes yesterday from the vet's office. The place that did the cremation put my ashes in a pretty wooden box. The vet's office did a nice heart shaped ornament with my pawprint and a pink ribbon and beads.

Today Mawmee bought a box so all my keepsakes could be put in one place. Calvin has one, and she wanted me to have one too. Of course, my blue sponge ball is in the box, along with my ornament, and my ashes box. She is going to include a picture of me too.

Thank you to all my angel pals who greeted me when I arrived at the bridge. It was nice to see Spunky, Calvin, Rocky, and Autumn when I got here. I've taken orientation, but I haven't signed up for any jobs yet. Calvin said I could wait awhile before signing up.

I was happy to see that Vivien is going to keep my Daddy company at night while he watches television. I was worried about him, but I know he will be okay. I even heard him call Vivien, Sugar the other night.

Well, I've got to go. We're getting ready to celebrate Sammie's birthday with a big cake!


The Time Has Come . . . .

October 29th 2010 3:45 pm
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Well, friends, it seems that my time to journey to the bridge to be with Spunky, Calvin, Rocky, and Autumn will be tomorrow.

While I have been eating very tiny amounts of food, I am becoming quite anorexic. I have not eaten any wet food today.

I know it is a very difficult decision for them to make because other than not eating, I seem to acting okay. However, I hide behind the sofa everytime Mawmee comes downstairs. She knows it is because she has been the one to give me medicine, or take me to the vet. It took me a long time before I would come out and sit with her on the sofa.

She realized that my condition is only going to get worse, and she wants to spare me any additional pain or suffering. She knows I am so close to my Daddy, and he would not be able to make the decision, so she made it for them.

I have had a wonderful 13 years, and I'm thankful to have spent three years with this crazy family of kitties. Mawmee and Daddy will both be with me tomorrow as I make my journey. So, tomorrow around 12:30, if you will purr that my journey is peaceful, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your friendship - it has meant so much to me.


Fake Out!

October 27th 2010 7:17 pm
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I'm still here, friends! I'm eating a little bit of Tiki, and doing small poopies. The best part is all the special time I'm getting with my Daddy during our slumber parties at night!

Today I did a big fake out on Mawmee. She was in Daddy's study filing some papers, and she heard me making little cry noises. She immediately thought that I was probably in pain, and she came into the family room to find me.

Guess what I was doing? I was playing with my favorite blue sponge ball! I like to talk to my sponge ball when I have it in my mouth. She thought I was crying, and all I was doing was talking to my sponge ball!

I was not wearing square pants, just so you know . . . . .


Sleepover Snackin'

October 22nd 2010 6:04 am
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Daddy and I had a sleepover last night. I did better last night since it was more familiar to me.

And before we went to bed, Mawmee put a bowl with some Tiki cat food in case I wanted a snack in the middle of the night.

When Daddy and I got up this morning, he was happy to see that all my Tiki was gone! He told Mawmee that I got off the bed about three times to go lick, lick, lick at the Tiki. Newman didn't get any of my leftovers this morning! I think all your purring made me eat!

My pestpal, Christopher, has been checking in on me quite a bit - he gave himself the nickname pestfriend which made me MOL! He had me added to The Animiles Daily which means more cats will probably be purring for me!

I'll keep you updated on my eating, and Newman said I have to let you know about my poopies too. He is keeping track of my litterbox!


Sad News

October 21st 2010 12:51 pm
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I have some sad news to tell you. I haven't been eating very good - only small bites here and there. Mawmee decided that one more trip to the vet was in order to see if anything had changed.

Last week my vet lady was on vacation, but the other vet lady took an x-ray and thought she felt that hard area in my belly too. The vet lady today still felt the hard area in my belly, and she looked at the x-ray that was taken last week and said it appears the intestinal wall is thickened.

Without doing surgery to be positive, a thick intestinal wall in a cat my age usually indicates cancer. That would also explain why my poopies haven't been moving through the poop canal like they should.

It sure wasn't the news we wanted to hear, but we knew it was probably something bad. Mawmee and Daddy are going to talk it over and figure out when I should make my journey. It is really difficult because other than not eating, I'm acting very alert and active - as active as a 14 year old can be.

Last night I didn't get any lap time with Daddy, so I followed him upstairs when he was going to bed. He felt bad about not giving me lap time, so I got to sleep with him in the guest room! He and Mawmee made steps up to the bed so I could get out of the bed without the big jump down to the floor. I think I'll probably get a few more special sleepovers with Daddy!

Thank you all for the many purrs, rosettes, and pmails you have sent me during the past few months. I know I have lots of angels watching over me, and three special brothers (Spunky, Calvin, and Rocky) will be waiting for me when I get to the bridge.


Rock Steady!

October 11th 2010 2:02 pm
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I'm home! I'm full of rocks! Well, I was full of rock hard poopies, but after an enema, most of them came out.

And the vet tech gave me fluids to help move along the other rocks. The vet lady said I might throw up because it sometimes happens when you get an enema.

I came home, went straight to my box and pooped out a couple more rocks, and then threw up!

I'm bound to feel better, don't you think? I got an x-ray too, and my lungs are okay. I was pretty gassy which might be the reason my breathing was weird last night.

Mawmee locked me in the laundry room for a little while so that if I throw up, it won't mess up the rug. I've got my bed in here with me, so I'm comfy.

The vet lady said that I don't have megacolon, but sometimes in older kitties this is how megacolon gets started - things don't move along like they should. Mawmee said she and Daddy are going to try to give me fluids occasionally to help me stay hydrated. And, I'll keep taking the lactulose too.

Thanks for all the purrs!


Start Up Your Purr Engines!

October 11th 2010 7:22 am
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It looks like I'm going back to the vet this afternoon. I haven't been eating very good. I act interested, but then I just can't seem to eat very much.

I threw up once on Saturday, but haven't done that any more. And I haven't poopied since Friday. Part of that could be because I haven't eaten much.

Last night Mawmee came downstairs to spend time with me. I got on her lap, and she noticed my breathing was a little strong - like I was having to work harder than normal to breathe.

If you remember, I had a fever the last time I went to the vet, and they gave me a Convenia shot. I wonder if I still have an infection somewhere?

The vet lady that normally sees me (and knows how my insides feel when she pokes around) is on vacation. So, I'm going to see the other vet lady.

I sure could appreciate your purrs - you all are good at purring for poopie! And send some purrs to Nikko. He is having trouble doing poopies too.

I'll update my diary after my appointment.

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