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5 years young!

August 1st 2011 2:51 pm
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well today is the day my pawrents have decided is my purrday! i am now 5 years old!!!! that also means as a maine coon mix, i am finally fully grown!


4 years!!!!

December 31st 2010 5:59 am
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yesterday marks 4 years i've been in my furever home.
lotsa changes in those 4 years!!!! hoping to have many more!!!


we've expanded!!!!

October 17th 2010 10:10 am
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mom had the pink kitten on oct 5th. she was in the hospital for a week! we were not pleased! she hated being away from us as much as we hated her gone!
however, we have been doing wonderfully with the new hoomin kitten. we even try to help, MOL!!!! mom is not sure which (and we're not telling), but either me or morti left our leopard mousie in her bassinett. we were helping out with feeding >^^<
well gotta go1 the pink kitten is needing something!



August 5th 2010 11:33 am
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my birthday was 8/1/10. we celebrated with me getting a pink leopard print mouse that had a hot pink feather tail loaded with catnip!!!! i celebrated with my hooman and feline furmily!
mom had her hoomin kitten shower the same day so she kinda forgot to let me on the interwebs.
mom thinks i finally finished growing MOL!!! my ruff is fierce >^^<
now i just patiently have to wait for our new arrival. year 4 is sure to be interesting!!!!
purrs and headbonks to efurrypurr!!!


expecting a new addition

May 5th 2010 4:14 pm
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mommy went to the hooman vet the other day to check on her furless kitten.
my new charge is going to be a little girl!!!!
after the baby hooman is born, it will be 5 females and 2 males, MOL!!!
we have been stuck to mommy like glue. she smells good to us, we cannot resist. mom finds it strange but awesome.
hooman gestation is super long compared to kitteh gestation, sheesh!!! we got it easy, MOL. in our case it doesn't matter as we all to a cat are spayed.
things are about to get interesting i suspect. can't wait!!!


I AM HONORED!!!!!!!!!!

March 17th 2010 5:16 am
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top o the morning to ye lads n lasses!!!
WOW!!! this is exciting! i am the first (as it should be, i am the oldest after all) kitty in my furmily to be given this honor!!!! THANKS HQ!!!!!!!!

in other mews, my mom went to the dr yesterday. she is pregnant for the 3rd time this year and they are confident this 1 is viable!!!!! she is now 12 weeks!! so now i get to dust off the nanny cap i bought last year year >^^<

all of this is make me puff out the luxurious furs a little more!!!



3 YEARS!!!!! =^^=

December 31st 2009 7:15 am
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as of yesterday, i've been in my furever home 3 years!!!!!!! i started off here as a kitten that was all tail. now i am a luxurious diva!!!!! ilove my furmily!!!!!!! happy new year efurrypurr!!!!!!!!


it was my birthday!!!!

August 10th 2009 9:25 am
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sorry i haven't written, my oh my it'sw been crazy. there's something going on with my mom. she smells diffurent so i've been her lil shadow. i may have a new job soon! we had a small party for my birthday. mom even got cake and ice cream shaped catnip pouches **PUUURRRRR**. soon it will chillier (WE HOPE) and my furs will be luxurious :))). i love my life!!


NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{

January 13th 2009 9:28 am
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mommy will not have a hooman kitten, yet. she had miscarriage. me and my sisfurs have standing vigil and catering to her. we have plenty of purrs and headbonks. however we're glad she's back to taking care of the litterbox. sorry, but dad sucks MOL. keep our pawrents in your purrs.


2 YEARS!!!!!!!!

December 30th 2008 6:04 am
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yes, yes catsters, i've been in my furever home for 2 YEARS!!!!! i love my furmily, but i'm totally devoted to mom. it's pawesome. i love my sisfurs and my hoomans. i'm happy i get to bring in the new year with my wonderpurr furmily : D !!! happy new year catsters!

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