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Practilly purrfet in verye ways

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I haz a new games

April 23rd 2008 7:43 am
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Soz, Mommy and daddy were going to beds, and I decided to hop up on to the dresser and play.

First the cell phone: I'z hooked my pawpaw and to the floor it went!

Then the Marble Kitten: whoz needs the competishon? Plop.
I stares rights at mommy and daddy when i does this!

Then next goes the flash lite. more staring at mommy and daddy.

skipped the picture of Miss Dulci.

Then moved to the plastic thing that has no name. Kabang, right on the floor.

Mommy still not nose whys i does this!


Strange things a foot (or a paw)

March 24th 2008 2:22 pm
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So mommy and daddy are really bugging us kitties.

1) They have all these boxes all over the place. But they fill them so fast, we can't get into them to investigate.

2) they are putting things from shelves and cabinets INTO the boxes. Which gives us lots of new places to explore. but it's strange.

3) they fight a lot. I know mommy still loves daddy, cause they cuddle at night, but mommy's temper is VERY short right now. i know, cause she even yells at me sometimes when i wake her up at 4:00 am for pets. silly mommy ! she says "7000 for down payment?" and "why do we have to pay for another appraisal". She also yells at daddy cause he's not putting enough things into boxes. She's faster than daddy, but that's ok, he likes to play games on his "on the lap tv" thing he has, and i get to sit with him and purrr. but mommy comes in and says "The movers are here Saturday, and you are playing games." and he says, "no, love, i'm petting Sophia Marie". I ALWAYS come first, i tell you.

but it's strange.

not sure if i should worry eyt.


Diary of the Day!

February 13th 2008 7:39 am
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Wow, me can has Diary, and Catster cans picks it !!!!!!!


Has everykat seens this? it's a very good video guide for all us purrfectpurrrs on waking up our hoo-mans!
"wa ke up cat"


Goopy Time

February 11th 2008 8:36 am
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The people in this house are at it again. they goop us. me sees them grab Horus the Evil One and squirt something into his mouth. It's mean, even if he is Horus the evil one.

Me staying away from the goop this time. DO NOT WANT.

Finding lots of hidey places!



December 18th 2007 8:27 am
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Mommy is very very bad.

Our bed covered with paper and stuffs. and i finds scissors, and tiny wrapped boxes where i sleep.

Bad mommy.

OHHH, and mommy does second job today, so i not see her.

BAD BAD BAD mommy !

Maybes I pees on her feet again.



November 24th 2007 8:54 am
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Num-Num-Num. Yum-num-num-num. Num-num-num-num
Yum-num-num-num. Rum-num-num-num

sorry, can't talk today, mouth ful. Turkey leftovers.

Yum-num-num-num-num. rum-num-num-num.


Mommy is mean to me

October 24th 2007 8:42 am
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she grabs me each morning, and puts gook in my eyes.


why does she do this?

I'm learning, now, that when she or daddy get up, i run and hide under teh bed. But they tempt me with food, then catch me. this is mean !

and when they get home, even if i'm asleep on the warm bed, they catch me. so now i run and hide again.

There is a nasty word on thier lips for Thursday. Mommy is going to take me in the car to the scary place again. i am so scared there, i tremble.

he's the one that gave mommy the torture ointment for me.



the eyes of March

October 17th 2007 11:30 am
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I still has an icky eye. the Vet was mean, poking it. I tried to bite him. that was good.

Mommy and daddy try to attack me three times a day.

I do not want.

my eye not feeling better anyhow.



October 10th 2007 7:38 am
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I has an icky eye.

Mommy said icky word "vet".



In y our bed - puking

October 1st 2007 12:25 pm
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Oh, Hai again.

I ate plastic and got sick on mommy's bed this moring. mommy and daddy grumbled something about "late" and "for work". iz not knows what works is. but they must loves it, as they rushes to get there each days.

Mommy let a MONSTER out yesterday. and Iz scared and scareder.

It went GROLLLLWWWLLL. mommy pushed it back and forth all over the floor. Then daddy took it to the other room where i was hiding, and pushed it all over the floor.

it sucked up my food. the foods i left on the rug for later. It was a mean monster.

it was hungry too.

I didn't sleep with mommy or daddy. Bad mommy. Bad monster.

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