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Pip's Squeaks


September 14th 2006 6:32 am
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I have been absent from the diary practically forever because I had a fall in June, and hurt my hind legs. Since I have some congenital abnormalities (that's what my mom calls them) I am not so limber as some and Iam just barely beginning to jump again. I am all better, but I felt awful for a while there.


The New Me 26 March 2005

March 26th 2005 6:15 am
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Ever since Tuck died, I have discovered all kinds of things about myself I didn't even know existed.
1) I turns out I like to sleep with my Mom. To be sure I sleep at the foot of the bed, but I don't know how long I'll do that - I might move closer to the head of the bed.
2) I love to have my tummy rubbed and postively turn myself inside out when my Mom does it.
3) I LOVE to talk. And these people, especially Mom, understand me. I can tell them when I want food, when I want to be petted, when I want anything and they give it to me. What a sense of power!!

I miss Tuck sometimes, but I (and my family) realize that I was meant to be an only cat and I am blooming.

I have been so busy changing I haven't kept my diary, but I'll try to do better.


Giant, Monsters 8-15 Sept 2004

September 14th 2004 11:03 am
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Oh, God, they've let a huge loud bumbling monster into the house - yikes it is the human who grabbed me and threw me into my crate when there was all that excitement last year. I think I'll avoid him. I'll just live my sister's bed for a few days. Thank God for those early mornings when I can get my petting before he comes over!

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