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My new wings, the nicest gift I ever received.

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"My new wings, the nicest gift I ever received."

Mr Gizmo, thank you!  I

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"Mr Gizmo, thank you! I'm so beautiful in my new dress, and such a surprise."


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"I'm a Catron of Honor today!"

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"Miss Shelby"

She liked to lay in the utility room in my apt, and gaze out the window

Probably that she had to move into a apt. full of kitties that she didn't know

Favorite Food:
Baby Food

Arrival Story:
Lillia died during a chest tap to extract fluids from her body which had accumulated as a result of FIP. She wasn't with me very long, but then it's never long enough is it? In early October of the year 2001, Lillia, a lovely little kitty, so young, only about a year old, was brought into the rescue. Her guardian angel must have been watching when some kind and compassionate (and observant) folks noticed that she was hanging about in their yard. They put out food because she looked starving, so thin and bony. She appeared to be hungry but didn't eat anything, and got thinnner and thinner. They could see that she had a collar on so they attempted to pick her up. So weak she was that she willingly allowed them to. Horrified, they noticed her neck was bloody and raw. They brought her into the shelter where we were known amongst the neighborhood for doing whatever we could at all hours of the day and night. We found that her collar was so tight it had cut into her neck and was stuck there. I've seen a lot of horrible things at the shelter, but this one broke my heart. We cut the collar immediately, but it didn't budge. It was part of her now. Her skin and fur hung all around it, her whole neck was raw all the way around and her throat gaped open. We soaked her until the collar finally broke free. Embroidered on the collar was the name Lillia. Her owners apparently put her collar on when she was quite small and she grew out of it. She must have been an indoor kitty because she was declawed in the front, and her collar seemed to be more of a decorative thing. She must have gotten out somehow and become lost. At this point, it seemed like Lillia would turn out to be one lucky little girl, who was rescued just in time.

I took her home that weekend, so I'd be sure she was properly taken care of during her recovery period. I'd felt an immediate bond, because she was gray and white like my Shelby, and I've always had a thing for gray and white tuxes anyway. I administered sub-q fluids as she was extremely dehydrated, antibiotics for the gaping wound, and cortisone for the inflammation and of course lots of love and kindness. That Sunday she began eating on her own again, although only liquids at first and a little baby food. I was pretty sure then that Lillia would be just fine, and already I was fond of that sweet face. She had such an innocence about her, and she was so trusting and eager to have someone helping her. She put her fate in my hands and gave herself to me fully. I knew already that she would become a permanent member of my fur family. A few days later my boss would ask me if she was a "keeper", and of course I said yes without hesitation. Lillia came to me in a time that I needed her too. Only a little over a week before, I had lost another of my beloved fur children, Farley. The pain was almost too much to bear, my second loss in just over four months. I needed Lillia to occupy my heart, just as much as she needed me to make her well. I can only imagine how she must have suffered. Choking, and unable to breath or eat. As it turns out, it took a terrible toll on her body and I would learn soon enough just how much of a toll it would take. She must have been quite a little beauty before all this happened to her. A young gray tuxedo with a sweet, kind face. Her features were tiny, a little nose, a small round face, huge round eyes almost too big for her face. Her eyes were emerald green in color, and a beautiful contrast to her soft gray fur. I couldn't help but love her. No one in the fur family was the least bit threatened by her presence either. Everyone was being kind to her, I guess they knew she'd been hurt. I was so proud of all of them for being so nice to Lillia.

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I live with my brother Farley and Shelby

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November 22, 2001 - This was not such a happy Thanksgiving for the Smith FurGang. Our sweet little Lillia was gravely ill and in the hospital. I had noticed about two weeks before that her stomach was getting bigger and bigger. I knew that she was eating an awful lot of food to make up for the ordeal that nearly cost her her life.......but she just didn't look right. I could still feel the bones in her spine despite her ever-growing belly. I know a bit about FIP, having worked so many years at a shelter and being owned by three FIP positive cats already (although they haven't actually developed the disease). I brought Lillia into work with me and took her to our shelter vet. He did a needle aspiration and remove 10 oz. of fluid. He did a gravity test to check the fluid for the presence of the FIP virus. The test came out inconclusive. He told me she was resting comfortably, eating, and I could come and pick her up. I was so excited, I jumped in the car and drove over there immediatley. When I arrived, I knew by his reaction that he had bad news. In the few minutes it had taken me to get there, her belly had filled up with fluid again. He would keep her in the hospital for now and extract the fluid again. I would know more tomorrow and update the saga of this dear sweet little kitty that I'd grown so fond of. It occured to me that I had no photos of her. I would make sure to take some right away if she survived the immediate crisis at hand.

December 21st, 2001 - Again fluid was extracted from Lillia's abdomen and this time from her chest also. She stopped breathing and turned blue during the procedure but my vet saved her. Aside from that, he did tell me that her overall condition was much improved. We wait and see....her chance of surviving the disease long term were slim to none, and I was very worried for the rest of the fur family although several already have positive titers for the disease. The likelihood of the virus mutating into the actual disease is slim so I pray a lot and I keep immune systems strong and healthy.

December 28, 2001 - Again fluid was building up in Lillia's abdomen. I decided that we should change her treatment and talked to the vet and my boss at the shelter about it. It was Thursday December 27th when I noticed that the fluid must have been building in her chest again also and squeezing her lungs because I noticed a slight heaving in her chest. I was going to bring her to work with me and then take her back to the vet but I was running late so I put it off a day. On Friday morning December 28th, I took her with me. I was feeling apprehensive about the procedure because I knew she almost didn't survive it a week ago. I hoped that because her overall condition was improving that so were her chances of beating the odds. The procedure was performed about 8:00 pm after office hours. I called a little while later and got the bad news. Her little heart stopped beating and despite nearly 10 minutes of CPR, Lillia did not survive. I agonized because I hadn't been with her when she died...I didn't really expect that she would, even though I knew it was a possibility. I had her cremated she took her place on the memorial shelf with the brothers she had never known, my angels Gem and Farley.

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"I Died And Went To Heaven"

Finally, I've met my stepbrofurs!!

September 24th 2007 12:12 pm
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Well, it's a day for celebrating once again. I have finally met my step brofurs. Just last night I ran into Whiskey-Lee as he was coming from an engagement party. Whiskey was very nice to me when I moved in with my new Mommy, and I remembered him well. I had not heard the sad news of his passing last Christmas 2006.

Anyway, he was with the infamous Farley and Gem that I had heard so much about. I can see now why Mommy loved her Gem so much. He's the sweet one of the boys, and so is Whiskey. And Farley? Well, he very funny, and I think we will get along just fine just so long as I don't take him too seriously.

I'm so happy to have family up here!! We will spend the day catching up, I'd love to hear all about the new Step Dad that Whiskey though was pretty cool, and the Van Nuys house they all moved to. I was very sorry to hear that Shelby had taken ill. Apparently he's doing well, and the family has moved once again, to a big country house where Shelby will live out his golden years.

Gotta go, we're about to grab some mouseburgers, and I see our order is ready!!



September 24th 2007 12:04 pm
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A big celebration is taking place, we are all having so much fun. I love this Rainbow Bridge place!! I have a couple of step brothers up here, but I don't know what they look like. They passed only a short while before I came into my new Mommy's life. I wish she had shown me their photos. So many photos she had around the house, but I don't remember now.


DECEMBER 29, 2001

September 24th 2007 12:00 pm
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I watched as my new Mommy picked up my body from the vet's office. She hung out and just loked at me for nearly an hour before making the trip to the LA Pet Memorial Cemetery for the third time since May.

She was holding on to me tightly, and didn't want to hand me over to the staff. They were kind and understanding and just waited until she was ready. Finally, as the man came over very slowly, Mommy handed me over. Then when she broke down in tears, the man handed me back to her and quietly left the room again. He understood, and he knew she needed to hold me for just a little while longer.

Finally, she handed me to the man for the last time, and waited there until they gave me back to her again, but it was only a can they gave her. I tried to reach out to her, and tell her it wasn't really me in the can. I was already up here in Heaven.

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