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A day in the life of a crazy Staple!

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Five years

April 7th 2014 10:51 am
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Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of my journey to the Bridge. Though my time at the bridge has been longer than my time on earth with my people, I lived life to the fullest and I know that my people still miss me and still think of me all the time.


June 23rd 2013 5:44 pm
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Sable winging in from the rainbow bridge to say -
WOW! Diary of the Day! Thanks everyone for your Pawmails and rosettes and things. Things aren't so bad here at the bridge, with toys to chase and trees to climb, and welcoming new angels as they try out their wings..

but it's not the same as being with my family down there on earth.

I know they'll always miss me, and they know that I'm out there somewhere, watching them.

Gotta run! There's a patch of catnip with my name on it!

Angel purrs,



Gotcha day.

June 18th 2013 8:33 pm
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Another "Gotcha Day" without you here, Sable. This year marks 4 years since we lost you, which is a year more than the time you spent with us on earth.
Missing you, always.


Four years.

April 6th 2013 8:36 pm
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It's been four years since you left us for your "second life" at the Bridge. Was thinking about you today. You are still very much missed.


2 years

April 7th 2011 3:12 pm
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Yesterday was two years since Sable crossed over to the Bridge. It seems like it wasn't so long ago.

You are thought of every day, our little Staple. Not a day goes by where we aren't reminded of you in some way, whether it's some little thing one of the cats does, or seeing some fun new toy that you would haved loved to play with. You were with us less than three years, but your short time on earth left a massive hole that will never be filled. You were a one of a kind kitty and are terribly missed.


Funny how things work out.

June 21st 2009 7:03 pm
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A few days ago was the annifursary of my gotcha day. I decided, since my human meowmy was so sad, that I would work my angelkitty magic and allow for her to adopt two vurry special kitties.

Their names are Helene-Iris and Gabielle, and they spent the bulk of their lives living happily amongst other cats in a cat Sanctuary. Unfurtunately, the Sanctuary could no longer operate, and all of the kitties there had to find furever homes. I knew my human meowmy was missing me, so I arranged it that she'd rescue not one, but two kitties! They are sisters and are a lot like me in many ways! They both are talkative - that was a must, mol! - and like to play and climb on things. They arrived yesterday and are still getting used to their surroundings. Once they figure out that the den is now "theirs", they'll be posting on their journals!


Gotcha Day..

June 18th 2009 4:06 pm
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Today would have been the third anniversary of my Gotcha Day. My human meowmy is sad today, because I can't be there to celebrate, but I am watching over from the Bridge. Three years ago today, I was saved from a life wandering the streets, alone, cold, and hungry. I had a great life, though it may have been a short one. I put a lot of living into those three years!


Thank you everyone.

April 7th 2009 2:28 pm
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testing, testing, one two - can you hear me from up here? I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole Bridge thing and waiting for my wings to get here so I can fly around with the other angel kitties and watch over my earth furmily. It's so beautiful up here and there's endless fields of grass I can run through and chew on! And so many things to climb. I miss my furmily very much but I know that I will see them again some day. I wish I could tell them not to be sad and not to cry for me, but I know that they will cry anyway because they miss me as much as I miss them.

My furmily and me are grateful for everyone's kind wishes and gifts. They mean so much to us.

The family of The Drifter♥, Mouse ♥, Purdie ♥, Muffin ♥ Rainbow Bridge and more! for the pretty rainbow star.

The family of Delyte, Stella, Fluff and Queenie for the shiny emerald. I can see myself in it!

Muppet for the rainbow star and candle. My furmily is still purring for you to feel better, and I will purr for you from up here.

Buddie, always loved for the gold star, and also the blue rosette. The star matches my eyes :purr: Looking forward to meeting you and the other angel kitties.

Mathis der Meowler for the rainbow star.

Albert for the Rainbow star. I saw him romping through a field of flowers not too long ago. Looks like fun!

The family of Byron, Frodo, Spooky, Shelley and more! for the shiny diamond. Can I use it as a sparkly toy?

Hazel Lucy for the various gifts and for all of her support and the get well purr list.

Maggie Moo for the purrs and the PoP.

Mercedes and furmily ,
Stormy Lynn ,
The family of Blackburn's Good Times Charlie, Odie In Loving Memory, (Xena) Blackburn, (Tinkerbell) Blackburn and more! ,
The family of Freddie (Adopted!!!), Eddie (Adopted!!!), Nala (Aka Stephanie Adopted), Max (Aka Elton Adopted!) and more! ,
The family of Lexi ^PAWS^, Duke ^PAWS^, Reno (Angel) PAWS, Paisan ^PAWS^ and more! ,
The family of Bethany Hope, Ian Joseph, Christopher Patrick, Charity Ann - at the Bridge and more!
Morey Amsterdam,
The family of Loki, Kiwi, Muffin ( In Loving Memory), Peanut ( in Loving Memory) and more! for the beautiful rainbows that are making my page so colorful.

The family of Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemmingway, i.e., "Erni, jennifer, sasha and more! ,
The family of Sally ♥ Sweet Angel, Lucy and Sophie
Miss Sable Kitty for the red hearts - I think red is my color!

AC (Awesome Cat) for the flowers. I just love chewing on flowers, they taste delicious!

Fuzz for the balloons and the warm welcome to the Bridge.

Lilith for the candle. Catsy has a very special place here at the Bridge.

Belle for the candle. Saw you flying by earlier!

The family of Callie Rose, TomTom, Goldie and Handsome "Paws" 1997-2008 for the candle.


Over the bridge.

April 6th 2009 9:58 am
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It is with a heavy heart that I write this journal. Our Sable, the rambunctious door greeter, the cat who could leap to the top of a cabinet in one bound, crossed the Bridge this morning.
Over the past week or so she no longer showed interest in playing with Maus. She ate less and less and would lay in a corner away from people, which was unusual for her. She showed no interest in being held or cuddled and had lost the spark from her eyes. The vet suggested going to an internal specialist for ultrasounds and invasive tests, but we did not want to put her through all of that when she was already compromised from the FELV. She is now running free at the Bridge, playing with string and chasing around all the other cats that are there.

She came into our lives as a stray. We hadn't been looking for another cat, but Sable was the type of cat who wouldn't ever take no for an answer. We will all miss her. Her human family, and the cats she leaves behind will miss her terribly.


Not so good..

April 6th 2009 5:20 am
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Sable's person here. She is not doing very well at all. Last night her temperature was 105 and she wasn't able to do much except for laying in front of the heater. I was convinced that we'd need to bring her to an all-night vet hospital to say our goodbyes but she got up, ate, and used the litterbox normally. This morning her temp is still 105 and the stool she produced had blood in it. Her regular vet opens at 9 so she's going to be brought in as soon as possible.

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Sable - ~Love you Always~


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