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Diary of an Itty Bitty Chloe Kitty

June 23rd 2013 6:13 pm
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Sable told me that I should write an updated diary now that it's been three years since I made my journey to the Bridge.

I am happy to see that my son Maus has bonded so well with Gabi and Birdie. He was sad for a long time after I left, and I watched over him constantly. Now I don't need to watch him as much, because he has not one but two cat friends to spend time with.

Got to run - need to dig up a rubberband and join Sable at the catnip fields.

Love always,


One year..

June 22nd 2011 7:48 pm
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One year ago today, the Bridge gained a new, little white angel.
One year ago today came the day that we had dreaded for a year and a half , when Chloe was diagnosed with FELV. Words cannot express how much I miss Chloe, each and every day. She was the sweetest little cat, always by my side, conversing with her chirruping little meow. Maus, her son, mourned her for months, and I know he still misses her.

After a year the sadness is still as raw as it was that day when I held Chloe as she made her journey to the Bridge.

Itty Bitty Chloe Kitty. Thinking of you today, and every day.


Chloe is an angel now.

June 22nd 2010 4:24 pm
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Although I knew this was coming, that knowledge does not make it any easier - Chloe was helped across the Bridge this afternoon.

She lived nearly a year and a half after being diagnosed with FELV and , until several weeks ago, was her usual playful, vocal, social self. Over the past several weeks her appetite slowly dwindled to nothing, she dropped almost two pounds, and last night was weak and unable to walk without a struggle.

We nearly missed Chloe, that chilly afternoon, when we found her tiny son in a clump of weeds on the side of the road. Chloe announced herself by standing on "her tree", running over to us and allowing us to pick her up and bring her to the vet. She quickly became a loved member of the family, always wanting to be around where people were, sleeping beside me every night and waking me with her little meows every morning.

She joins Sable at the bridge, free of disease and of pain, watching over the son she's left behind. Maus will miss her, as will we all.

Rest in peace my little Chloe.


happy birthday to me~

February 14th 2010 8:05 pm
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This time last year my mommy wasn't sure that I'd be around to celebrate another birthday. I, along with Sable, was diagnosed with FELV and given a grim prognisis. Sable went to the rainbow Bridge a few months after and my human was prepared for me to follow.

Over a year later, I am still with my meowmy and furson and, knock on wood, doing OK for the moment. There's no telling when I might get sick, and my meowmy knows that cats with this disease don't live for very long, but we are happy with every day I am here and taking it one day at a time.



August 2nd 2008 6:00 pm
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Imagine my surprise when my meowmy logged on and I was on the front page as COTD! Thank you Catster! I've come a long way from being an abandoned kitty to being cat of the day!

Thank you to Busby Renee Graham; Peanut L; Shmitty, Moo Moo, and Shmatt; Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh and Bobbi Boi; Sausage and Meatball; Sofie; Lily; Zack, Harry, Riley, Jack and their large extended furmily; Snowy; Muppet; Cupcake; Logan, Tabitha, Zoe, Samantha, Chiquita and Fiona; and Kosco, Kyande Kisu, and KujuKu for the kind words and the rosettes!~

I was soo proud of my son when he was named COTD that I never thought I'd be COTD too! >^..^

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