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Pigeon Tagged Me!

December 17th 2009 11:54 am
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I'm grateful to my pal Pigeon for coaxing me out of my shell and getting me to share some of my thoughts about this holiday season.

1.Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why? /Why not?!
Don't want to sound Grinchy, but I'm afraid I don't. If I've never seen him, I can't believe. I'm a literal kitty -- I have to see something with my own eyes to believe it.

2. Have you been Naughty or Nice? Please explain yourself!
I've been good this year! No running out of the house and getting lost for a month like last year. I admit to having some skirmishes with Pumpkin, but we're not really fighting -- more like sparring the way professional boxers do.

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you? Why?
I wish all cats every could live safe from harm, disease and inclement weather. Makes me wish I believed in Santa Paws!!

4. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Why?
I heard "The Holly and The Ivy" on the radio last week and my ears perked up.

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie/show? Why?
My human companions are huge "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" fans, but Locket and I were particularly intrigued by a special on TV a few weeks ago called "A Dog Called Christmas." I sat on my companion's lap for most of it. (Unfortunately, the only cat in it was a fierce cougar who kept menacing the animals and people. They didn't harm him, though, and he didn't harm any one.) At the end, there was a well-intentioned pitch from the author for people to foster shelter animals for the holidays. We are not fans of shelters because most kill animals, especially feral cats like most of us used to be. So we hope lots of people saw "A Dog Called Christmas" and went to adopt animals forever rather than just for the holidays.

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