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Who Woulda Thunk?

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What a Great 2008....Reflections, courtesy of Marvelous- Milo~

January 2nd 2009 2:59 am
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Geez, Meowm says she's happy about 2008, despite all the tragic world & economic events...

First off, she's very happy about her marriage to Pawps, that they both have jobs, their new house, their and their families' health (especially their parents who are much older), and our new 6 member family.

Although I've been sleeping downstairs, playing with imaginary wisps of hair and lost bottlecaps, they've resorted to pretending to give me treats so I will sleep inside their master bedroom with them. Its been about a week now, and now I snuggle up on the foot of the bed. I still won't sleep on Meowm's pillow like I used to, but she says hopefully I'll remember the softness of her memory foam pillow and change my mind. hehe

The past 2 weeks since Christmas, I've been extra cuddly, and have gone up to Dad and Meowm for some extra canoodle action. My fave thing to do still, is to lie on their chests while they're on the sofa, or while Dad's on his video games, or while Meowm's on her laptop. I like to sleep facing them, and will headbutt the person I'm sleeping on, then snuggle my little face underneath their chin.

My purr is so can barely hear it...but its soothing and so delicate...You can hear it when they rub my chin just so, and when I am sleeping on their chests, enjoying their body heat. hehe I also enjoy kneading their fluffy robes, and will do so for at least 10 minutes at a time. I go into what Meowm calls my "kneading trance," and I look like I'm playing the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto as I spread out my paws real wide, dip my head, and close my eyes in full concentration as I play the imaginary piano keys on her nice, fluffy robe...Ahhh to be a kitten again...

Meomwy and Pawps like to wonder how my life started. They did hear from the SF SPCA, that I was taken from a feral colony by SF Animal Control. Then, I was hand plucked by the SF SPCA a large non-profit rescue org up in the Bay area, and a month later, taken to the Bay Area Pet Fair where I first met Bella, Meowm, and Daddy.

Daddy who has this wonderful talent in reading animals and people extremely accurately, said he knew that I would be calm, mellow, and loving towards Bella. When I met her for the first time, I continued to play with the little sparkly dangly toy, and I sniffed her nose. Within 10 minutes, Bella and I were drinking out of the same bowl. Within 1 hour, I was already out of the bathroom area. Within 3 hours, I was bathed and sleeping on their bed. Within 1 day, I was already trying to play with her.

But more importantly, within 1 minute, I'd already stolen their hearts.

Since then, I've been Bella's best friend. But as I got older, I got lonelier. I still continued to play with Bella, but it wasn't enough for me. I got bored, and didn't want to play with toys anymore. So they finally here comes Tabifa, with her sassy princessy ness, and we are now totally like brother and sister. I accepted Tabifa with open paws, and there was no adjustment period. M and D wonder if I would've been that way with any other cat, as I have such a loving, accepting temperament. I don't mind a change of environment, I just use what I have available...

The best example was how Meomw and Pawps would take me from the Bay area, and drive down to the LA area. That very night, I'd be using a different litter box, different litter type, and sleep in a different room, meanwhile deal with a nosy white dog sniffing my butt all the time, different food and water bowls, and 2 strangers (gramma and grampa), plus all their friends who come to visit. But each time I visited, I didn't mind at all-- I had no litterbox or food upsets-- it was as though I had not traveled at all. Mom and Pawps used to scratch their heads and wonder how a kitten could adjust so easily and quickly to change.

I was like that every single time-- even when they moved back down and we had to drive down, and even when we had to stay with Gramma and Grampa for about a month or so, I loved it there...

When the vaccuum is on, I just stare at it idly. It doesn't scare me one bit, and I will fall back asleep even when it is whirring away. Meanwhile Tabifa is scared for her life, and hides like a Thursday zit waiting for Friday. haha

Although I don't cuddle up like a lap kitten (I'm a breast man haha) like Tabifa does, I don't mind when they hold and cuddle me. Sometimes I give Meowm especially, the paw- I put my soft paw on her mouth so she'll put me down,but I don't squirm, scratch, or meow. I let them hold me and kiss me and hug me all the time. I think I just won't tell them how much I love the attention, by pretending I'm not affected by it. That's the Milo way-- so Zen about all that is life (though I do get pretty darn excited about cookies & mamma-- korean word for "food.")

Meowm says my coat has been glistening so much, as she defurminates me weekly, and she feeds me Evo. It has done wonders for Tabifa's coat, as her adult starts to grow in slowly. My hair is shinier than Moms she always says! hehehe

Well its been a good 2 weeks. I like having Meowm and pawps home more often. They said something about it being xmas and New Year's, but all I know is that these are times when the Santa figurines come out, and there's tons of tinsel and garlands to knock down! hehe I am looking forward to Meowm being able to work from home eventually,b/c then I'll get more chest cuddle time.

Meowmy tells me every day how much she loves me, and what a great kitty I have. She never thought a cat could be so wonderfully sweet and implacable, and says she has been permanently spoiled b/c I don't have ANY typical cat qualities or finnickiness.

The only vice I have is that I HATE when people touch me near the mouth, which they didn't discover until they finally had to give me oral meds. Well lo and behold, Zen Milo too has an Achilles' heel.

The other night, Meowm saw me LICKING my canned Evo. She thought it was hilarious b/c she always wondered how Tabifa could get to Milo's food every time. Then she saw Tabifa taking giant chunks and eating w/o swallowing. No wonder! Well that's why she says I've been so little, b/c I lick my food daintily (I know its kinda girly), and that I must've been plucked from the feral colony really early, and/or I was the runt (b/c I would've let my littermates eat all the milk and wouldn't have been mean or aggressive enough to fend for my own teat). hehe

But Meowm and Pawps make sure to give me enough food, and they've been watching Tabifa more to see how much she takes from me (its usually not much, just a few extra bites). Plus, they want me to stay nice and trim at 7.14 pounds, as I don't like to play daily like Tabifa, and it will be harder for me to lose the weight.

I groom Tabifa every single day, and tabifa will groom me right back. We sometimes sleep together, but we have our separate fave spots on the giant cat tree, and she hogs the lion bed most of the time, as she is NEARLY MY SIZE at only 7 months! She's always been a food monger, so Meomw and Pawops will have to be careful as she ages about making sure she doesn't get chubs. They are really good at monitoring our food intake, as neither of them want to deal with obesity-related health issues, and want to ensure that we are as healthy as possible.

Meowm even has toyed with the idea of organic raw food, but she hasn't gotten there yet. She hopes to get the dogs started first, and then try us kitties. There's been random spells of vomiting, one time from Milo, and we think it was the sudden change of food, which is SO bad, but we had run out of food, and we didn't have a choice that one night- it was either new kibble or starve. Sigh. Anyhoos, never again. We'll be sure to mix the food well, and to have back up food in case.

Meowmy says I'm such a wonderful little kitty, and a wonderful big brother. I've taken Tabifa under my wing, and we are found sleeping near or together pretty much every day. We play fight, and pounce on each other too for good measure. She keeps me entertained, trim, and happy. They noticed I have a bigger skip to my step, and seem more alert with my kitty bud. I was so bored, and also tired of being Bella's only victim! haha Now that we have RUby, the first big dog Dad and Mom have raised indoors only, Bella and Ruby hang out all day for the most part, and Bella is so tired after playing with Ruby so it means less Bella-pouncing-me time! Always good especially when you have the survival skills of a lame duck. Oops, oh well.

Meomw and Pawps are really trying to be good about my not getting out. One time Ruby was out going potty, and I stuck my head out the door and Meowm freaked out and shut it immediately! I have become more and more curious about that door, as Ruby gets to go out that door several times a day for potty. So M and P have to be extra careful that I don't escape, as they know I'm curious about the outside world. they won't even put me on a harness and take me outside, for fear of fleas and also they don't want me to get a taste of the outdoors, and then whine to go outside:)


My dear Sweet MilOooo

October 30th 2008 8:29 pm
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I'm Meowmy's sweetie cat. Yeah yeah Tabifa is extra sweet too, but I have an extra sweetness, a mellow, imperturbable quality that is necessary in our home w/our ADD-ridden Bella boom boom. I don't even mind when she bum rushes me, and wants to play fight, and often do it right back to her.

They were so worried about me, Bella, and Tabifa lately. Especially me, b/c after the foster dog was here in her crate in the living room, I didn't appear stressed or show any signs thereof. So when I started getting the snifflies, then drooling and blowing snot bubbles, they had to rush me to the vet. Sigh. Meowmy was so terrified I had contracted something viral somehow even though I never get out, as you never know with these things. I went through a 1 week period where I was isolated from everyone, w/a humidifier on sometimes, and just hanging out on the Aerobed by myself. I was miserable, but Mom and Dad came in periodically to give me bliss therapy (snuggle and cuddle time). Thankfully, about a week later, I got better after taking a stronger antibiotic called Clavomax.

The only problem was, they discovered my IRE for all oral medications. I'd never been medicated before b/c I was always in the peak of health, so they were shocked and surprised that I would run away, fight them, bite, and thrust my head away so the medicine would just fly everywhere all over their clothes. They were glad when that week was over.

Then they found out a couple weeks later that Tabitha had tapeworms. Daddy admitted he'd seen some white particles on my rump but hadn't put two and two together. Anyways I'm all better now, but Meowmy wishes I would sleep on her pillow like I used to.

Ever since we moved here, I've been sleeping in the bedroom and on her pillow less and less. Nevermind there's a huge area underneath their new bed which is great for getting away from all things human and canine, which is my new sleep spot. hehe You can only get in there through the back of the bed, and the slot in the front and sides are too small for Mom or Dad, or Bella to reach and grab me. So I like my privacy. But Meowm hopes one day I'll again sleep on her pillow one day...

Tabifa has become Meowmy's little angel, as she has turned out to be a big cuddlebug. I am more of a breast man, and like to sleep on their chests. Tabifa likes laps, and just likes to lounge near and on them as much as possible. She also has this intoxicatingly soothing purr that Meowmy loves. But Meowmy assures me she doesn't love me any less, and she still comes over to me many times a day and night to give me kisses, hugs, and to play with me more.

Dad says I look happier with Tabifa around. Before, I would get harassed by Bella, but now, its cut in 1/2 b/c Tabifa takes the other half. haha I also like cuddling with Tabifa, grooming her, and playing kitty games that only kitty games are permitted to play. They say that I appear happier, and don't seem as bored and listless before. They really did get Tabifa for me, and I liked her from the start. There was basically no adjustment period, as I have always loved the new kitties, and tried to play with the feral kittens. I am such a great ambassador for foster kitties, and love them all! Too bad Meowmy won't let me have nasal or fur contact with them, as she doesn't want me to come down with anything. Meowmy is kind of a hypochondriac sometimes, and forgets that I'm vaccinnated for feLV, and also FVRCP. Soooo anyways, you never know, esp. with covert diseases like FIP. She didn't know there were so many dangers of having a multi cat household and taking in a stray, so she is going to be even more careful if and when they adopt another permanent kitty.

Meowmy says she loves me very much, and loves that I wake up in the morning and accompany her while she gets dressed, and while she puts on her makeup. She loves that I sit up there, just watching, meowing and chirping here and there. She loves that I enjoy her head butts ,and neck scratching which she is sooo good at. She also likes when I run down the stairs with a murmuring noise as I race down for breakfast!



October 16th 2008 9:03 am
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The Evolution of Mimi...

Mimi, oh sweet Mimi. She’s our latest foster kitten that Grandpaw plucked off the streets. Just a little background on her—she was only about 6 weeks old when Grandpaw rescued her. She was so brave—as soon as he’d come over every night to feed the feral colony, she’d come running up from her hiding place to get first dibs. Sadly, she had a really bad eye infection that turned itchy, and she scratched her cornea with her nails. We took her to the vet, and the vet said her eye would just go bad, and didn’t have to be removed. We were all really sad about that, b/c she is probably the prettiest, most dainty little girl we’ve rescued thus far. Mimi is a beautiful, tiny little white kitten, with splashes of calico markings, and a clear white face. Her now bad eye, has turned milky white, but her normal eye is a light yellow color, almost green…She’s got the teensiest little paws, and an even teensier little meow. Such a cutie.

Day 1: Grandpaw moved her to Mom’s house, b/c she wasn’t getting enough socialization inside her crate. She was liking it there, but it doesn’t mimic a real home environment. Day I was last last Friday, September 28, 2008. She was hissing at anyone, flattened her ears, and wouldn’t let anyone come close. However, she’s allowed us to pick her up, and has NEVER even gestured to bite, scratch, or hurt the humans in any way.


Friday, October 10, 2008: Luna is brought over with Mimi, after their vet appointment. They are so far getting along, though we didn’t see any close contact between the two. Later that night, Mimi has her paw on Luna’ butt, snuggling away. Luna couldn’t care less.

Saturday, October 11, 2008. The roles have reversed. Mom finds them together in the old cloth organizer. Luna now has her paw on Mimi’s butt, and they’re snuggling together.

Sunday, October 12, 2008: Mimi for the first time decides to play without fear, bc Luna is there. They both engage in some play with the dangly toys. It’s the first time Mom ha seen Mimi come out of her shell. She seems happier with Luna, and keeps on following her around. She even understands the food is coming from Mom, and eats from Mom’s holding out the bowl for her with no problems.

Week 2: October 13, 2008. On Monday morning, Luna, the older 5 month old black and white kitten was staying with us. Mimi comes out of her area, and sideways, starts walking towards Mom still scared. She tries different alternate routes to become physically closer in location o Mom, but Mom has to go to work. Luna gets adopted later that night, so sadly Mimi is alone again.

Tuesday: Mom wakes up to feed and medicate Mimi. At night after work, Mimi responds well to Mom caressing her neck and giving her massages, and starts purring like crazy. She sits with mom on her lap for quite some time, but I starting to tear up in the eyes again. That morning, s he raised her butt b/c she like mom petting her.

Wed: Same thing as Tuesday, but Mom sees Mimi knead her paws, almost imperceptibly as she massages MIm’s little neck and head area. So far, it’s really cute. She also seems to know that Mom is the food source, and gladly and greedily accepts the Tasty Temptation treats she doles out one by one from her hand. She even play bites Mom and exposes her belly to Mom for the first time, though she is still really really scared. Also, she raised her butt again ever so gently, and enjoyed playing with Mom. She was still really scared, and won’t grab the ball, but at least chases it!


3 More Homeless Kittens...2 Adopted!

October 14th 2008 5:46 pm
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Grandpaw rescued 3 more kittens. The 2 were probably related, but neither of them looked anything alike. Mimi was actually caught-- the feral caretaker had a rough time trapping her, so one day when Dad went to supplement the colony's food as he always does, he caught her when she was eating food.

On October 2, 2008, the grey diluted calico was adopted. She had such a distinctive coat, and was quite large at 5 months- a real chubber. She was adopted by 2 purrsons who were really nice, had cat experience, and would spoil her tons. Mommy had a long conversation with them, and found out a lot about their history, why they wanted a kitty, and got to know her new owners. She was sad, saying goodbye to the new foster, as she is always sad when she has to let them go...

On September 30, 2008, the black and white kitten also about 5 months old, was adopted. She went to a pair of owners that had never owned cats, and didn't know how to handle her shyness. She hissed at them, and hid under the bed for a week. The final straw was when she scratched one of them. Despite following my instructions for the most part, they just didn't know how to handle a shy kitten. So she was returned. Mom would rather have the kitty returned, and rehomed, than be stuck in a bad, or inappropriate situation. They felt really bad about it, and were 45 minutes late which sucked b/c Mom had to wait- standing at the Petco by herself like an idiot. They got lost coming here, but what can you do. So we kept L for awhile, another week to be precise. She warmed up to Mom instantly, and loved to rub against her, tilt her head, then rub against her arms and legs, fall into her laps, meow intermittently with her soft, butterlike kitten voice, and would knead ever so gently, the ground, the floor, your skirt, when you were massaging her neck. She had a huge fluffy chest of white, a tail dipped in white, 4 snowshoe paws, and white running just down her nose, with the brightest little eyes you've ever seen. She was sooo sweet, so affectionate-- probably the most affectionate kitten in all the ones she's rescued thus far (even beats Tabifa). hehe But she got adopted yesterday-- it was a surprise. She got an email asking about t/other kitten ,but were happy when they found out L was a tuxedo. So they filled out the adoption app, met with Mom, talked with her and met with L, filled out the adoption contract and paid the fee, and the rest is history. Mom again was sad, but relieved, that these 2 kittens were adopted. She thought she'd have them for awhile, as they were both much older, shy at first with strangers, and bigger in stature than most kittens that are younger.

Dad says Mom's writing is what pulls the right people in. Mom is really creative, and likes to write personalized descriptions of each kitten's looks, quirks, and personality. So far, she's had the best of luck- even the few people who didn't end up adopting from her ended up being such nice people, she knew they'd provide a great home for whichever kitten or cat they eventually picked. It also helps that we have taken great pictures, and also that my Dad has paid OOP for all the vet expenses, and got all the kittens all healthy and cleaned up for adoption.

So now we're left with Mimi. Mimi is such a beautiful little girl. She is about 7-8 weeks now, white, with some calico markings. The cutest little angel-like kitten you've ever seen. Her only problem is that she had fleas, which caused an eye infection, so she scratched her eyeball, eventually causing her left eye to go blind. So she's blind in one eye. However, she is really scared of people, and won't stop hissing. Thankfully, she's a wimp b/c she won't ever scratch or bite, but she will hiss. She even hisses as you massage her neck and head. Eventually, it turns into a soft purr that sounds so faint, its like static electricity. She'll let Mom or Dad hold her in their arms, but she looks so terrified. If she is placed on the ground of the kitten room, she will run like the wind, hide, and hiss the night away. Mom's been working on her, but its tough b/c she is a tough case of fear, disability, and fear. She's more scared than the other bunch of kittens were, excepting Maureen who was a total feral. Mimi's going to stay with us in th ekitten room until she is tamed down, brought back to full health, and ready for adoption....


Just what the Doctor Ordered...

September 27th 2008 12:05 am
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Mom and Pawps fostered a litter of orphan puppies last year. One of the fosters was returned, for "aggression" issues. It turns out she was just not exercised enough, got no rules/discipline, and just needed a firm leader! She is so sweet, and we can't believe such a gentle, loving pup would've been put down without so much as a second thought.

I understand that Meowm and Pawps were doing this for Coco's sake, but man, I really don't like big dogs that bark at me, and stare at me! Coco fixates on Tabitha and I, and won't leave us out of her sight. Meowm doesn't think its prey drive, rather, she really does want to play with us outside of her crate. She kept on barking at us, so eventually they had to place her back in the garage. All the commotion stressed out Tabitha and I, mostly me though. I am such a sweet, laidback kitten, nothing has ever fazed me. This is the first time I let anything get to me...

So within a day or so of her arrival, I started to sneeze. Then, my nose and mouth started dripping. I started drooling, and then my eyes started watering big time. It was at that point that my pawrents became so worried. I stopped eating as much, and so they put me in isolation in the foster room. They had to keep me in there for a week, so as to avoid contaminating our other kitten, Tabitha. They asked Grndpaw to take me to the vet on Tuesday. He prescribed Clavomax, and some antibiotics. I started clearing up that same day, and on the road to a full recovery.

Meowm didn't know what I had, though. I had just gotten my 2nd FeLV shot, but she had a kitty that looked just like me die in her arms from FeLV when she was younger, so she is ubsensitive to any potential signs of this disease. She had also let me hang out with some of the kittens, who eventually came out FeLV negative, but you just never know, right? After all, Milo was not retested after his initial FeLV test at the SF SPCA.

Meowm realized during this incident how much they missed me. I'm an integral part of the C family household, and I'm definitely Dad's favorite. Meowm always likes everyone almost the same, though right now, she secretly favors Tabifa. I don't mind though, as I don't ask for as much attention as Tabifa does. I headbutt and tried to put my germies on Meowm and Pawps everytime they came inside to visit me inside the room, which was often. They felt so bad I had to be separated, and I cried piteously through the door. Tabifa oftentimes waited for me outside the door, waiting for me to come out and play...

In the meantime, Dad ordered us a giant cat tree made of faux fur. It is so soft and luxurious, and I love it! Tabifa does too, its really high, with at least 6 levels, many places to sleep and hang and to goof off in:)


All in a Good Day's Work...(Or Month, Rather)

August 14th 2008 2:42 pm
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Dear Catsters,
This month has flown by so fast! It was just July 7th when everything happened at once-- feral cat trapping, kittens, moving into a new house, new job, etc.

Two nights ago, the last kitten Xena got adopted. She was the toughest case and was very mistrustful of people, but she was my best success case. She got to the point where she would lie down on my lap, and enjoy being petted everywhere. Before Meowm went to meet the new family for Bella, she spent some time in the kitty room with Xena and Tabitha the last 2 remaining kittens. She took a picture of Xena looking at her while sitting in her lap, and she could almost see gratitude in her eyes. It was a "thank you for saving me from a short, disease-ridden life, fighting for food." It was all that Meowm needed, and she almost shed a tear (almost does even now) when she thinks about this "moment" she had with Xena...She also seemed to say thank you for not giving up on me, even during all those moments when Meowm never thought she would tolerate, much less like humans. The fact that she went to a pawesome home that absolutely adores her is another story...

Meowm has decided (along with dad) that they can't take in any more kittens. They decided to adopt Tabitha, well Dad changed his mind on Tuesday when Tabitha was the last one left. Meowm wanted to adopt her all along, but gave up along the way as she figured there would be more opportunities to find more kittens to rehome. Their lives have been somewhat neglected, and there is still so much to do with the new, unfurnished house. She's still going to trap more cats for a free clinic coming up, but will take a break from fostering. Next time, she hopes to work with a rescue group so she doesn't have to do everything (not just payment but all the socialization and adoption processes) alone...However, as luck would have it, there's a litter just born a few days ago w/a Mom cat that her friend wants us to take in. There's also a domesticated cat that my Dad found and that he's been feeding that he would like to rehome. We still have to re-test Lola and get her up to speed health wise, and still haven't decided what to do with the meanest of them all- Maureen. She has just not come around, and we don't know if she will ever trust humans...

Anyways, Meowm was very active w/dog rescue, but somehow got involved with kittens and cats. She doesn't know how it happened really, but just knows it was for a good reason.

She's met some wonderful, dedicated, giving people along the way, which has redeemed her faith in humankind...



July 20th 2008 12:59 am
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About 3weeks ago, June 28th, 2008, I helped a feral rescue group trap about 13 adults, and 7 kittens. We got almost everyone (still 7 unfixed adults at large, and about 6 kittens).What an experience-- they tried to ram themselves out of the cage, some even bleeding b/c of it...I was up at 530 a.m., and to see the dedication of the trapper I worked with and her husband, it was amazing! We would prepare the traps, set them out, keep checking on them, and cover them with drapes as soon as they caught a cat. Also, we used a drop trap that got 2-3 at the same time.

It was an eye-opening experience. I still am so sad to know how many feral cats there are. Although this is probably the BEST feral colony situation I have seen thus far (no dogs or other predators, few people, few cars, caretaker who feeds them regularly), they still suffer from fleas, parasites, eye infections, etc.

Week One:
My Dad and I took in the remaining kittens. They were real hissy, mean things. It's funny how you can see each of their personalities. We split up the litter, and I spent the first week pulling fleas off one by one. It was also my first week on a new job, so needless to say I've been really tired. I have to feed them every morning, wash their eyes down, and apply ointment, then clean up their litter, and do the same every night.

I then realized I could use Frontline Plus, but in smaller doses- then my flea-yanking nights disappeared...It's been surreal, this whole experience. Neither my Dad, husband, nor I ever imagined ourselves to be taking on the task of taking care of 7 homeless kittens, and then rehoming them.

Week 2: No more fleas, and FeLV/FIV tests came back negative. All but 5 of 7 got their shots. 2 were just too sick, so the vet recommended a delay in their vaccines. Then I got sick, but I still made time to play and socialize the kittens I had.

End of Week 3: My Dad and I discover that the clinic MISDIAGNOSED ALL 7 KITTENS. As far as we know, any or all of the remaining kittens could be FeLV and/or FIV positive. This took us for a doozy, and we've both been so distracted today, trying to think of solutions. I also get morbid thinking about FeLV, as I saw my beloved Romy die of the disease, as I was holding him in my arms... Frankly, I was heartbroken when I heard this, as I was already looking into finding them new homes. Sigh...

I don't know how rescues can deal with such heartbreak. Then again, I guess its a numbers game- save as many as you can...

Sometimes I think I was not made to rescue. I am too soft-hearted. I feel too much for this cause. It's a double-edged sword.
I am so strong & so invincible with other things, but helpless animals have always pulled at my heartstrings. They melt me to nothing but butter...

Even despite having a really bad cold this entire week, struggling with my 2nd week at work at a new job, I have managed to make time to spend with the kittens. I am so exhausted by the time I get home, but it has always been worth it when I see tabitha's cute, pristine pink button nose...or when I see Zorro's little face light up as I wave the toy wand in front of him...or when I hear Johnny's chirps as the canned food is brought out...

It's those moments that I remember, when my body does not want to stay up, when it wants to just go rest, and not have to deal with these homeless kittens.

And tomorrow, we now face the prospect that even more kittens could be feline leukemia positive We discovered today that all were not properly diagnosed, and the remaining 4 could have the disease. Of course, i will be devastated if any of them have it...

I didn't think rescuing feral kittens was going to be this complicated. I thought I was going to tame them down, then get them rehomed. it was supposed to be that simple...Then again, when are things ever that simple?


All in Due Time...

June 16th 2008 11:03 pm
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Meowmy has been feeling a tad overwhelmed lately. She has not been working for a little while, but has had no rest- looking for the right job, figuring out her career goals, taking care of a gazillion things around the house, doing chores, doing post-wedding related matters, trying to help the ferals, and dealing with the stress of looking for our new home, plus furniture shopping, and what not...

She finally got some word back from the feral cat rescue group, and the property owner has decided to cooperate. They couldn't come to an agreement on time, but after some give and take, finally fixed a date and time, # of traps, and food that we'll be using to trap the feral kitties. Meowmy is really excited, as this is a big project that means a lot to her. She sees me, little Milo, in the eyes of those kittens, and even the adult cats...She sees so much potential for them to be domesticated and happy...sigh...

Nevertheless, Meowmy is sort of a hypochondriac, so isn't quite sure what she's going to do with the FeLV issue. The answer will hopefully come by the time we get these babies trapped. She doesn't want me to get infected, but wants to foster the kittens until they find furrever homes...

Good news is, that Dad's West Coast Mom and former coworker's family want to adopt one of the grey kittens! So that's one down, 4-5 left to go. Meowmy still believes she'll have to keep him for a week, to make sure he's socialized before he's given to his new home-- as we don't want any of them returned. But who knows, maybe she won't need to at that point, as they are just itty bitties prob 6-8 weeks old right now, and might take quickly to their new homes.

Meowmy has put out an ad on her facebook page, and also sent a mass email to her friends about these babies. She's hoping people will pass the email around, and come adopt!

Meowmy's got a lot of prayin' to do. Today, the fireworks went off outside, and I wasn't scurred at all. Actually, nothing really scares me, which is great if you're an indoors only cat, probably not so great if you're an outdoor cat! hehe Thankfully, Mom and Dad refuse to let me even put my PAW outside, and they have given me a wonderful cat tree, plus I got Bella to WWF slam me down and play with me whenever I need a romp. hehe I'm really excited about our new house, it's almost there! Even if we don't get it, we'll still end up getting our new home very soon. We heard its going to be bigger and better than our last home in Livermore. hehe I don't really care, as long as I have space to run, play with my faux mousies, and chase Bella down the hallway. More places to investigate would also be nice, as I love to get my nose into things and attract nose boogies. @_@ Meowmy takes them out for me, but I HATE it. I never bite or nothin', just try to push her away with my paw (no claws of course).

Today, Meowmy called me the "golden child." She says she and Dad protect me like the "golden child,"- the perfect child that they want to protect furrever. They wish I'd live forever, as I have so much to offer, and so much love to give (not to mention, I'm really sweet and never get upset about any of the loud barking that happens DAILY in Grandpawrents house). Daddy has never had a kitty before, so Mom told him not to expect the other kitties to be as docile and gentle as me- not using claws is an abnormality, not the norm. haha

Anyways, life's been good. I've been hanging out with Grandpa alot. I like to sit on the white chair next to him while he types away doing his work-related matters late into the night. Sometimes, when nobody is looking, he sneaks me tiny pieces of potato chips and dog kibble. I know, I know, he's not supposed to, but Dad caught him and asked him not to, but he does it anyways. He's a real sucka for the kitties (and doggies too). Mom says that's where she inherited her love of all things furry from-- from Grandpaw. See, it's all genetic.

Yesterday was Fathers' Day! We celebrated by opening Grandpaw's gift, and it was fun b/c I got to sneak into the big' ol box that came out of the pillows. hehe I like boxes and containers for jumping into. Auntie T was playing around, and decided to make me dance w/my paws- she made me do the cabbage Patch, the snoopy, the Hey what's up, and all sorts of hip hop I'd never tried before! She did such a great job, that Meowmy was cracking up so hard and laughing her butt off...hahaha I never mind being used as Auntie T or Meowmy's puppet- I'm REALLY good at "I'm a little Teapot" which Meowmy has customized its lyrics for a kitty like me...I"m a little kitty short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout, when I get all steamed up then I shout, tip me over and pour me out!" hehehe


Not One Feral....but 15!

June 12th 2008 1:05 am
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I just discovered today, that there is not one kitten, but more than 15 CATS!?! This evening, my Dad followed the stray kitten, and came across the wherehouses across t/rrd tracks from his own office.

He brought dry food to them in a box, and he saw at least 15 cats ranging in size from young kitten to young adults, all different colors. He said I wouldn't believe it, so he took my husband and I late this evening to prove it to me.

When we arrived, we saw random cats, just laying, curled up on various areas of the parking lot. It was dark, so we brought the flashlight, and could see that none of them were starving. Some of them emerged from the locked gates, where there are old metal parts, and in one section, tarped, covered areas where the kitties can stay for shade or to run from rain. As we stood there, we brought out more food, and we saw more cats of different ages, sizes, and colors. We looked into the fence belonging to one of the wherehouse owners, and we saw bowls for food and water.

The cats have definitely been fed on a regular basis. We even tried approaching a number of them, and instead of hissing as we'd expect, they just ran away a bit, then stopped in their tracks, and decided to move away. But at some points, they were less than 1 ft away from us and not that scared.

The owner of this warehouse is probably feeding them. He could've called the animal shelter, but probably has chosen not to, as he must know that there are tons of cats running around his and adjacent properties.

To be perfectly honest, the thought of trapping 15 cats is beyond what I can do alone. I will try to contact the person feeding the one kitten, but he/she may not be interested in dealing with the others. I also don't have the means financially to provide low/cost vaccines for ALL of these cats, much less find the time to spay/neuter all of them on my own. I am also considering contacting the warehouse owner who feeds these 15 kitties, but they may not understand the whole trap, release, or even trap, and rehoming prospect of it. They may believe that spay/neuter is not cool, then what will I do...

Because these cats are tame, I don't see why they would have to be released back into the wild.


Milo, sweet Milo...

June 6th 2008 12:49 am
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Mom's been thinking a lot about cats lately, ever since she found the feral kitty with Grandpaw, and then found the feral colony yesterday...

She's read about these feral cat colonies existing, but had never seen one up close and personal. The whole thing made her really sad, even though she knew these cats had it better off than most ferals-- shelter from the cold from large, tarp-covered tents, regular supplies of food and water, no natural predators such as dogs, no people at night (its an industrial area), and lots of space to run, sleep, and hide...

Mumsie thinks maybe its wrong of her to assume these cats would be happier in homes...Maybe these cats can have a decent life living outside, and would be just as unhappy if confined indoors...Maybe its wrong to assume that what works for humans, always works for our kitties...sigh

She wishes she could rehome all those cats, but the feral cat ppl said that the adults should not be rehomed, as they are probably feral even though they are not really scared of people from what Maw can tell...Maw doesn't really believe that most feral adults can't be rehomed...She believes former ferals can get used to living indoors, just not all...

She hates to think of them getting clawed up, fighting, and dying early deaths...the average outside cat lives 2 years, if that even. We didn't see any cats that were even that large...most were the size of Milo, who is not even a year old yet...Sleeping on that hard pavement...

It hits home for Maw, as Grandpaw used to bring home kittens and cats that were feral...If they let him get close, he'd bring them home and they'd become ours...Ahh the good ol' days...hehe One of Maw's earliest memories, is as a child, no taller than 3 feet or so, peering into a large box with a Mumma cat and her babies that had found my Dad at the first business he'd ever owned...She still remembers the faces of those grey-coated kittens...She inherited her soft heart for furbies from Grandpaw (he's a real lover and a sweetheart)...All the furbies including me, gravitate toward Grandpaw...He has the softest, kindest, gentlest energy...

She also knows I was a former feral, and have the nipped ear to prove it. How a former feral could be so sweet, trusting, and loving, is beyond her comprehension...

Maw sometimes has this irrational fear, that if I get outside for any reason, I might come down with FeLV or that I'll get lost, killed by a dog or by another cat (I'm such a softie and not very good at defending my turf, food, etc.), or starving to death...

Sometimes, Maw is good at remembering, other days, she is absentminded, and worries she has left the door slightly ajar where I may be able to sneak out. So she has to learn to be extra careful, as she would not be able to live with herself if anything happened to me!

Buddha once said, the less you yearn for things...the less you will be unhappy, i.e. the less you love, the less you will suffer hurt...

But I don't agree with that...Part of life, is about loving with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your might, with all the accompanying fears and risks of crashing down hard. She says she's given her heart and soul to Daddy, and she's let those walls come down-- it took time, but down they came. Same goes for us furbies-- yeah, she could learn not to love us so much, but she would never experience the true joy, the true essence of love that she has for us...

She has already prepared 2 different emergency bags for our family. They're in storage right now, and Mumsie forgot to take out the packaged food (so hopefully there are no roaches in there)! Maw hates roaches, but doesn't hate mice or rats (doesn't want them killed, just trapped humanely) so she'll probably replace the food just in case....hehe

I was extra cuddly with Maw today. I could tell she was really worried about those 15 homeless kitties. I sat extra on her chest and stomach, letting her know that I am thankful she has at least saved me, and to tell her thank you, for listening to Daddy and adopting me over the debatably cuter Himalayan kitten from that other rescue group at the fair. Moohaha But on a serious note, I wanted to let her know, that she can only do what she can do...she can do everything in her power to save furbie lives, but she cannot save everyone, and that's a fact. But the lives she does save, will always matter...

All it takes is one.

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