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Sex: Male   Weight: 18 lbs.

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James, James Meister, Master James, Cat ... James Cat, Manneke, Jimmy, Jimbo, Lummel, Grote lummel, Train, Big Boy, Boef, Boefie, Grote Lieverd, The Jamester, Mafkees, Gekkerd, Gekkie, Lazybut, Slaapkop, Luilak, Vreetzak, Mister Sleepyhead

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed

May 23rd 2000

Black and White

To sleep, to sleep some more, to wake up meowmie at most earliest time, chew plastic

My other kitten Nina, closed doors, being ignored, going to the vet

Favorite Toy:
Mice with catnip and sticks under the carpet

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere and everywhere mostly on the couch though

Favorite Food:
Goatcheese and icecream

No, in fact he lacks skills. Cat's should be able to open doors, he can't even when it's on ajar LOL!


Arrival Story:
My colleagues cat got kittens and even though at the time I wasn't planning to get a cat as I wasn't sure Sheila would accept another cat in the house, I could not resist this handsome baby-boy when he was 3 weeks old. I should have known better then to look at cute kittens ;-D 4 weeks later he came home with me. And 1 week later I awoke to the beautifull site of Sheila on bed with me washing the little kitten. She has been his mommy ever since. Jamie and I still miss her very much.

Jamie is a very laid-back cat. I swear this kit has no bones, he is always lying in the weirdest positions that when looking at him I constantly wonder how on earth it can be comfortable LOL! He had quite a nasty urinecrystals history, but luckily has been healthy for the past 4 years now. He's tolerate of my other kitten Nina who came to our home 4 months ago but knows very well all the chompings she gives him are really pay-back from over the Rainbow 'cause he did the same to Sheila. My late precious was 4 y/o already when he came to live with us and I'm possitive Sheila send me to Nina as a punishment for Jamie LOL! He's also quite a Casanova. He had flirting relationships with both neighbourkitties before they moved away and has a romantic penpal relation with a cute Texan kitty at the moment. At 22lbs he's a bit overweight, I know. But he also has a very bulky massive body. He has a wide nose, big head and massive strong paws. His paw is actually as big as 3 of my fingers.

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Chill! Relax man, life's rushed enough

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September 16th 2007 More than 9 years!

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Cat .. James Cat

PS Did you see what Bosslady made?

March 22nd 2008 7:56 am
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PS. I almost forgot. Did you see the painting Bosslady made of me? Ain't I a handsome devil? Meowmy called it "Jamie in the dark". Isn't it great? I love it!

The Jamester


That darn kitten!!

March 22nd 2008 7:52 am
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Bosslady aka meowmy (I'm used to calling my human bosslady because Sheila was meowmy but now that Sheila has been gone so long it's weird not to call bosslady meowmy, because she also is a mommy to me) has bought a pet/baby scale and weight me.

It's been a while since I had an accurate weighing at the vet. When meowmy weighs me by lifting me up and weighing us both on the human scale I wriggle so much she says it's not completly correct. So she got a special scale of a kind the vet has. But it must be broke. Has to be.

Because the stupid thing said I weigh 18.08 pounds. That's a whopping 4 pounds less then I used to *grrrr*

I blame that darn kitten Nina. She made me run around so much the past year (WOW hard to believe she just had her first birthday) I must have lost weight that way.

I was so proud of my massive 22.2 pounds big black body :( OK the last vet weighing was 20.3 and after that I was only weighed on the humans scale, so maybe I was only 21 or 21.5 but now I'm below 19!?! Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh.

Gotta go eat now. Need to put some mass on again. And I have to stop running after that darn kitten. But Bast! she challenges me constantly, chomps my head and jumps me each time she gets the chance. How can I let that slide??

The Jamester


Dutch for Cats

September 23rd 2007 1:18 pm
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Well Bosslady has finaly put me on Catster and what does she do? She put all my nicknames in Dutch on it. Now all you non-dutch don't get it. Meooow! *shakes head an sighs* Humans.

Ok I admit, that is what she calls me, but she could have at least translated it. So I will do it in stead.

Manneke (Mah-na-keh) -> Little Man
Lummel (Leh-mehl) -> Galoot
Grote (Grrohta) -> Big *put an effort on the r as in purrr
Lieverd (Lee-furt) -> Darling
Mafkees (mahf-case) -> Weirdo
Boef (Bouf) -> Rascal
Anything added with je (jah) is a dimiutive. In dutch it is also often used as an expression of affection or contempt. In my case obviously affection.
So boefje is little rascal, but said with tenderness.
Same goes for ie (ee), but then in the "Drents" dialect. Drenthe is a province of Holland where my Bosslady comes from.

Where was I? Oh yes ..
Gekkerd (Gehkkurt) -> Daffy
Gekkie (Gehkkee) -> Loon
Slaapkop (Slah-p-cop) - Sleepyhead
Vreetzak (Frayt-zahk) - Greedy-Guts
Luilak (?) -> Lazybut

I'm sorry I can't give the proper pronounciation voor "Luilak" 'cause there's no sound in english that is similar to the dutch sound the letters "ui" make. It's somewhere between "ou" and "oy".

I will also translate the nicknames Bosslady has for my forced-upon-me little sister Nina and my mommy Sheila. Actually Sheila is not my birthmommy, but when Bosslady took me home with her away from my birthmother, Sheila adopted me and became my new mommy.

Nienepien (neen-eh-peen) is not really a word just play on Nina's name, as is Nientje (neen-che).
Mon Petite is actualy French and I have no idea why Bosslady uses French. But being a Belgian cat I know a little French and it means "my little".
Madammeke (Mah-dahm-meh-keh) - Little woman. Why Bosslady preceeds it with Mon Petite, making My little little woman I have no clue. Must be a human thing.
Kleintje (Clayn-che) - Little one
Tuttebel (Tut-eh-bell) - Little Twit
Ukkepuk (Ehk-eh-pehk) - Tiny Tot
Do you see a pattern here? Nina is really small. MOL *grin*

Meisje (Mai-sjeh) -> Girl
Meissie -> Again ie (ee) is a dialect form of je (jah) so means the same
Sheilepiel (Sheel-eh-peel) -> also not a word just play
Shieltje (Sheel-cha) - Little Sheila
Zieltje (Zeel-cha) - Little soul
Slimpie (Slim-pee) - Smartass
Lieverd see above
Lievie (Leevee) - Little Darling
Schatje (Sgraht-cha) - Sweety

I have to add a little about the dutch "g"and "ch" sound. It is extremely gutteral and I translated it with gr, but actually it is more a deeper sound like a snore. Dutch is a strange language my cats, very strange indeed.

Well that concludes my dutch lessons for now. Hope you found it understandable and interesting. Gonna go take a nap now.

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