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Miskena The Stalker

TC hab new Name

March 29th 2008 7:44 am
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Wee and Kitty Grumbles hab decided to change TC'S name to Cat cuz she litter member now. She bee sew good to wee and let wee marl fur love at 3 am an knot ebber wail at wee to stop. Sometime she marl too but call it singing.

She call wee sunshine on rainy day butt wee like Miskena Marler best. Wee go now and purlay wiff toy.


snowy day

December 3rd 2007 8:55 pm
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Wee do not like cold and snow. Wee like to cuddle under softest blanket in wurld...TC says wee can't spell and wee keep telling she that wee not witch cats...wee nebber lerned spells.


I almost furgot

November 1st 2007 2:08 pm
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I caught a cricket outside and pounced and chewed it till it wasn't moving. I didn't like taste so TC kilt it for me. PUUURRRR it is so nice beeing here wiff her.


Hallowe'en Treat

November 1st 2007 2:06 pm
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TC sure sprised me wiff her gift. It was the day after Hallowe'en but it was worff the weight. My favorite squirrlie lying dead under my best tree. It was still warm and I had so much fun purrouncing on it. I heard TC say that it was old cuz its teeth were very yellow. She stayed out a long time watching me play wiff it, then she taked it home for Kitty Grumbles to play wiff.

It is now out in bag so I guess some other kitty will get it next...maybe one of the outside cats from next door. I go now....pppppuuuurrrrrlll murrrr


Walk in the Rain

October 10th 2007 8:30 am
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I really fooled TC. She thought that I wouldn't like the rain and I would stay in. Off I went ignoring it all. I did notice a few cat condos slowing down to admire me. I didn't care what happened...I needed my grass eating session.

It is cold now and we are sleeping on top of a cozy soft blanket and have another one which we sleep under when it really gets cold. Plus we always have TC's body heat. I heard TC telling a nonfur that she keeps it at 62 degrees in the winter...something to do with no money for heating oil. It all made no sense to me but I am super intelligent to have remembered it all.

Why did the lady with the unspayed cat have to go to court?
For kitty littering!
Mew Mew


Kitty Grumbles gets too spoiled

September 27th 2007 1:37 pm
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TC took Kitty Grumbles out to see a new boy cat. I didn't get to do that or even get to sniff a cat condo on wheels like KG did. Maybe next walk. ,Meooow


How I Wake up Talking Cat

September 17th 2007 1:15 pm
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Monday, Sept 17,2007

I found out my caregiver's weak spot. I do my kitty dance on her ribs!!!
I sit there and move my weight among my paws directly on her ribs. After a little, she realizes that no matter how often she moves me, I'll be back. She then gets up and feeds us.

Sometimes Talking Cat goes back to bed. If Kitty Grumbles and I feel like it we might let her sleep. I am now trying to show Grumbles how to Rib Dance.


I hid on my caregiver

September 16th 2007 11:28 am
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Sunday Sept.15
I hid on my caregiver, I am going to give her a name...let's see...Talker Cat. Yes, I like it. My best friend Kitty Grumbles likes it also. I don't know what breed she is but there are a lot of them around. I see them when I am walking Talker Cat. Some of them slow down their cat condo (which rolls on black rubber thingies) to look at me. TC doesn't have one so we have to walk everywhere. That is better as I get to chase crickets. Night...ZZZZ


Exciting day

September 15th 2007 7:25 pm
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Sat Sept 15/07

Being a silvery gray color should have gotten me a beautiful blue collar with rhinestones but, no, I have to share Kitty Grumbles black studly collar. But I love Kitty Grumbles and there is always Christmas coming up soon.

I beat Grumbles to the door and got to go out first. At last. After I had gnawed some grass down I found a cricket. What excitement. I kept putting my paw on him and making him stop. I really enjoyed stalking him. I tried to nibble on him but spit him out...I wasn't hungry enough to eat THAT!!

I am now keeping Grumbles company while we wait for the care giver to stop playing on her boring "live thing where I can't catch anything but I get to watch cats sometime" thingie. Cheerioooo

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