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Kitty Grumbles Adventures

Catmouse Day or in nonfur talk Christmas Day

December 29th 2007 3:09 pm
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Catmouse day wee had a long morning nap cuz TC was not turning in human basket bed or making funny noises in the night. Then she came home wiff real turkey gravy fur wee to eat...and Feline Greenies. Wee got a new toy mousie to play wiff and a new cat bed. TC was all obber us wiff love and kisses. Wee purred fur she. Hope all you kitties hab had good Catmouse Day and a Purrry New Year


Snowy Day

December 3rd 2007 8:53 pm
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Wee can't go out cuz it snowed and wee don't like cold and snow. Wee hab 2 kitty friends from Australia and 1 nonfur friend who is their caregiver. We hab bean writing emails fur them.


Excitement today

October 10th 2007 8:22 am
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I has so much fun today. I jumped up on a cat condo on wheels but TC quickly put me down. She doesn't understand that I am a Mensa member and need to check these things out from every angle.

We went to the corner store and went inside!!! There were so many smells but they made me leave.

I took TC for a good long run home as it was drizzling and I didn't want her to get does something funny to that weird stuff on top of her head.


I have new friends from Australia

October 6th 2007 4:21 pm
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I have new friends from Australia who are coming to Canada. They have a nonfur who is very kind to them...their comfort comes ahead of the condo on wheels. We were very impressed by that. We only had one star to give and we gave it to them.

We went out for a night walk last night about 11 p.m. It was so exciting!!! I was so happy that I ran most of the way, making TC trot to keep up to me. I was so happy. TC is always trying to get me to run, run, run when we cross the street so it makes her happy when I run.

I taught her Kitty talk during the winter. Now I get my lovely wet food whenever I ask for it...usually whenever she eats. She takes me out on our leash when I outstare her from the computer monitor and give her my best meowly sounds...she just can't resist that. It works every time. She really loves me.

Today I gave her lovely head nuggies and I even purred for her I was so happy. This is only the third time in 2 years that I have purred for her. I like to save my purrs for special occasions. She takes real good care of us though.

Miskena has the loveliest evil sound of a meow...I am so impressed. Wish I could make sounds like that.



September 27th 2007 1:35 pm
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i MET A NEW FRIEND. She stopped her cat condo on wheels and talked to TC. I quickly took advantage and jumped in to check out this odd condo. I checked everything out and settled into the reserve cat seat but TC made me get out before I could see where the cat condo on wheels went.

She made up for it by taking me for an hour long walk to places where I had never been to before. Shw wouldn't let me go and make friends with 2 woofies but I got to touch noses with a very beautiful boy cat. If I was still sexually active he could have put his paws on me anytime.

I hope that I get to see him again. Mew


I almost got a car ride today

September 24th 2007 5:56 pm
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Monday 22,2007
I almost got to go for a car ride. A very kind lady stopped her car to admire me and I jumped into her car and curled up on her passenger seat...all ready to roll...but TC made me get out.

I had a great time on my was so much fun. TC asked to see my wee tummy and I showed it to her. She ahhhed for a while but I was in a very frisky mood and grabbed her wrist in my teeth and clawed her with my back claws. She laughed and we did this a lot more. I purred and kneaded my front paws I was having such a good time. Tc never even complained when I made her arm bleed. Sometimes I forget that she doesn't have fur.


Event While Out Walking

September 17th 2007 12:32 pm
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I had a bit of a scare while out walking today. (First I must add that Miskena calls our nonfur "Talking Cat" or TC for short.) We went a whole block and a half when this woofie came after me making growlie woofie noises. TC calmly placed me on top of her head and started walking away from the woofie.

I stuck all of my beautiful long, sharp claws in TC's head so that I could keep my balance. All Hell was breaking out behind us as woofie's nonfur chased him and he chased us. After we turned the corner all the fun ended. I was quite comfortable by then as TC's head was quite warm. But She pried me off of her head and made me get down and walk. I must remember that nice warm spot when we are in bed!!!


New Ground Covered Today

September 16th 2007 11:35 am
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TC took me up the block and I met 3 new nonfur friends. Later on I found out that they have a large woofie. He looked friendly but I still don't like to get too close to woofies. They smell funny and have strange fur.

TC found me a new grazing spot in the nonfur's who live beside us yard. They have 2 cats outside and 2 cats inside. Missy kindof likes me but the orange one spits at me.


Sat Sept 15th

September 15th 2007 7:15 pm
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I went out bravely, as usually, and decided to try climbing my first tree. I knew that my odd unfurry tall care-giver wasn't paying attention. With no sign at all I took a beautiful leap and was up that tree before caregiver Connie could react. She was surprised but seemed happy to see me enjoying the view.
I must have looked awesome as people kept slowing down those cat condos on wheels to look at me.

The trouble came when the leash that I make her take with us on our walks got stuck on a piece of bark. I think that my attempt to climb too high might have caused this. She acted quickly and went and got another of those breed with no fur to get a ladder and he unsnagged the leash. I was quite glad to go home and rest up for tonights mouse chasing at 3 a.m class.
Night furry and nonfurry friends.

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