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it is a piper life and i love it

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purrr mewo....

November 4th 2010 3:38 pm
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well my fur momma said i am doing really good she said my eyes are still not so good and i am still sneezing just once in a while.... but she is happy to see me and lawson and dixie all runing and playing together .... purrrr she said the house sounds like its alive again .... and with time we will all be a hunderd percent .... i am getting to know dixie better and you know she is really fun she loves to play with me and we just run and hide and play all the time .. she even shares her food with me ... hee...hee..hee.. i love baby food .. and momma lets me eat in the living room with her ... it was very hard getting use to not having sammy around and him and dixie were very close but i will be there for her now .. and we know he is purrring and looking down at us from the bridge .... well its time to eat got to go ... i love food.... later purr everyone ...


oh my i have been a sick piper

October 22nd 2010 3:54 pm
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meow everyone ... i have been a sick piper i just got out of the hospital today ...and have been there for over a week but i was not alone my brother lawson was there with me and another fur baby had the same thing as we did was there too .. meow wow this is some bad stuff my fur momma said so she has been telling everyone she can to watch out for there fur babies too we started out just not feeling well and our 3rd eye lid was showing a little then we were sneezing and the next thing was we stopped eating and drinking ... now momma did not wast any time getting any of us to doctor ken and doctor lorrie but i guess it was just got to my fur brother sammy really bad he did not pull thru we lost him on 10/13/2010 .. my fur momma had him cremated so she can make him a garden for him to rest in and he will always be with us... now there is just 4 of us we are going to miss sammy he was so much fun .... and he really loved dixie he was like her daddy .... but momma has asked me to help her and play with her ..i just don't know about all that maybe when i get rested and feel up to it i will not to sure yet .... well just wanted to tell everyone its nice to be back home .....

love ... piper ...

P.S. if anyone gets sick please get your fur babies to the vet what ever this is it can be deadly
and it hits fast and hard .... we never let our fur kids go outside they are indoor cats only .... so dont let that trick you ........ it can happen .. we really thought we were safe too they have had all there shots and are very healthy fur babies but that did not seem to matter .. what ever this is its not nice ...... thank you fur momma debbie



July 21st 2009 5:19 pm
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Oh my meow my fur mommy has a NEW CAT in her bedroom MEOW WHAT was she thinking

dose she not know that is MY MEOW ROOM . and its not just a fur we already have to share 5 ways

now its got to go 6 ways i just dont know about all this . OH and did i tell you SHE SMELLS FUNNY

but mommy said that she has been at the vet for the last 2 week wow i sure am glad that was not me .

i wander what she had to do there and mommy said they had to make sure she did not have any

diseases and was safe to come home she said she was a kinda wild that she never had a mommy

before that she was around a lot of coons now i am not so sure what that is but mommy said

they are as big as me and they wash there food before they eat it and oh yea they wash there hands

too what a strange thing to do but i guess they must be like my brothers they like to play in there

water and i think they are kinda nuts if you ask me . well i guess i dont have any say in what go's on

around here but all i can say is she better leave my toys alone and stay out of my hiding places .

well i will let you all know how this go's just as soon as they let us around her right now

we can just peek under the door at her and get a good smell . wish me luck i am going to need it .



May 11th 2008 12:54 pm
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Well as you know we have a new furbrother Gizmo well let me tell you he has no claws and me the piper
who has claws i thought this would be furfantastic rite NO i have learned this is not so good . Well i do not have
to worry about being clawed BUT HE HAS TEETH and the Gizmo knows how to really hurt the piper who has
so much cat fur i could donate to locks of love for cats. Well you see the problem is Gizmo stands over the top of
me and chews on the back of my nice long fur and Now i have these mat's on my back . He think this is very funny
Because now there is talk about SHAVING MY BEAUTIFUL FUR .I HEAR THE WORD'S LION CUT OH MY . Now what that is i do not know but it dose not sound like SOMETHING the piper wants . AND so far my furmommy can't find someone brave enough to do this Thank the cat gods for that . But if i do there will be Gizmo fur to be had . You see he has long fur too and what furs around comes around and there will be fur to pay . Oh our fur mom's thought it would be good to try to give us a bath well for the fur friends that do not know what this is
may i just say one furword WATER OH MY. Now after this wet water they put on us our fur ears hear well that went very well NEXT TIME WE WILL USE SOAP . I am out of here HELP WOULD someone please tell them
we furbabys do that bath our self's . NO WATER AND NO SOAP NEEDED . But they do not understand this i guess oh my i just do not know what this fur world is coming to. bye fur now



new fur friend

February 29th 2008 7:50 pm
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Well we got a new fur brother and he is here now he got here last sat. . Well let me tell you this he thinks he is a DOG yep you heard meow right ..... A DOG ..... now what is up with that ???? Well after some hissing and a lot of noise and we all got so confused we did not know who was who what a mess that was I piper was hissing at sammy , sammy was hissing at doc.lawson .... the doc, was hissing at me and we all were hissing at poor little sissy and then came the Gizmo and he was hissing at all of us we were some messed up cats that is all i can say it was a sight you should have seen fur flying hissing some claws some not mixed up fur mess. but fur goodness that has calmed down and now we are playing the fast fast run run game and having fun. But trying to get Gizmo to understand he is not a dog has not been easy but i think we are getting though to his furbrain . i think he has just trying to bark a couple of times today Oh the poor fur guy i would say little guy BUT HE IS BIGGER THAN THE PIPER ....... and that is BIG . well here is to more Fur times in the house of cats .


oh boy we are getting a new fur-brother

February 21st 2008 10:28 am
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Meow Meow , we are getting a new fur-brother he is allmost a year old so he will be the baby of our family
He is coming from oklahoma he lives about 4 to 5 hours away and we are going to meet his fur-mom about half way . You see she is sick and needed to find a good home for her fur-baby . So we all talked it over and decided that we would be a great home for him . His name is Gizmo and he is black and white . And we can't wait to get to play and have lots of fun . We are going to have one big Furparty when he comes . And that will give us a family of 5 when Gizmo get's here . My fur-mom will have lot's of photos to put on catster for everyone to see. have a meow meow day and see you later!



January 28th 2008 4:48 pm
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MEOW MEOW ! What a grand day I have had so much fun . Today when i woke up my furmommy's
said HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PIPER . MeowWoW it's my birthday and i am 3 years old now. We had
a furparty with treats and games and of course the grand catnip bar was opened and we all enjoyed our self''s
Then my fur daddy called and was singing to me a really nice and funny birthday song .
then all my squirrel friends all came up to the window and told me happy birthday and they played run run
fast fast outside and i played inside and then my brother's and sister all played with us . Wow what a day
I love birthday's they are so much meow meow fur fun !


the Piper story.

January 23rd 2008 7:33 pm
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my fur mommy wrote this for me when she was away from me . She missed me so much and this is what she sent me and when my other fur mommy got the story she printed it out and i ran up and grabbed it . I knew it was for me
The sky is blue and it is a hot day. The Lizards
are running free in the sugar sand going up one
side and down the other looking for who ? Yep you
guessed it the Lizards were looking for there friend
Piper. Oh where could there friend be? They
searched way up high in the coconut palms behind each
coconut they peeked and searched with no Piper in
site . So the Lizards asked the Frogs to help and
they said , Why sure we will help our Lizard friends
we will help find Piper . So they leaped into action
jumping about they leaping high into the trees
checking each branch but there was no Piper in the
green leafy trees the Frogs said to the Lizard
friends. Who were on the sugar sand below and they
were sad . And they thought of other places he could
be, All of a sudden Mr and Mrs Red Bird flew down and
they were looking for twigs and leaves to make a nest
for the baby Red Birds that were soon to be .
The Frogs thought hey just maybe they had seen
there lost pal Piper and were he maybe. So the
and the frogs leaped and scurried to ask the happy
Red Bird family , Oh my have you seen our lost friend
Piper in any of the trees? Mr and Mrs. Red Bird said
why I think we may have seen your friend Piper just
down the lane were the sugar sand lay's under the
coconut trees.
The Lizards and the Frogs were so relived to know there,
pal Piper was just playing. His favorite run run
fast fast game that he loves so much. Right down
sugar sand lane. were the sugar sand grass grows as
tall as the trees . So the Lizards and the Frogs were
on there way because they too love to play the great
piper run run fast fast game . Now all is happy and no
one is sad in the land of sugar sand lane .
I Love you Piper and miss you very much.


meow catnip WOW!

January 16th 2008 9:01 pm
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Tonight my furmom broke out the catnip for all of us . She put's it on our scratcher so we will use it more
we love it ! A catnip night cap was just what we needed after that long day of playing and running we all had .
Well it is this fur-baby's bed time so meow night to all my fur friends. love piper


Love Dr. Dolittle

January 12th 2008 2:12 pm
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Wow this is a furlife and a great day . me and my furmom have been watching the move Dr. Dolittle i just love the part were the Dr. saves the big kat that is just to sweet . now we are watching the other Dr. Dolittle move part 3 well have to watch the move . have a great day .

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