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Hambone's Mewsings


April 6th 2009 11:10 am
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I was tagged a few months ago by my best furiend Phanto.

The rules:

Write 7 facts about myself and tag 7 friends by Paw Mail or by giving them a Rosette to let them know they’ve been tagged:

I have tagged:


Here are 7 Things About Me:

1. I’ll admit it; I just can’t get enough attention. When there is a lap, I sit it in it. When there is a human nearby, I force them to pat me. Sometimes I get kicked when they aren’t paying attention...but this is because I’m attacking them with my need for good lovin’ and they don’t see me underfoot. It doesn’t even bug me to get kicked. I remain persistent and double my efforts in such cases.

2. On that note, when I’m particularly excited about the lap I’m sitting on, or the attention I’m getting, I drool. It isn’t pretty. Don’t hate me for losing control.

3. Did I tell you that I’m banned from the bedroom? Yes, it’s sadly true. Granted, I know I’m a bit large and I do sprawl, but don’t we all like to be comfortable when we sleep? My human claims that my presence on the bed is like having a third, very warm person squeezed onto the mattress. And sometimes I snore.

4. In my constant pursuit of attention, I like to enter the bathroom when my human is taking a shower. I jump up onto the lip of the tub, and walk behind the shower curtain, hoping they’ll notice I’m there. I stick my head slightly into the shower and give a look-see. I don’t have species envy...honestly. I just want to be noticed.

5. While in the bathroom, when my human gets out of the shower, I jump up onto the toilet seat, stick out my paw, meow, and beg for a good pat on the head. It’s hard to resist me when I make this effort. Humans are vulnerable in their nakedness, and happily give me a good pat. My fur gets all reminds me of the wet licks I used to get from mama.

6. I’ve recently been getting wet food. Where has it been all my life? Why has it been kept from me for so long? My human used to think dry food cleaned my teeth...but we all know that’s a farce. Due to the extra water I’m getting with the wet food, my coat is healthier and I’m shedding less. I’d been trying to tell my human this for the last 10’s about time!

7. Now you may think my waddle/fat role hanging from my belly is from all the wet food I’m eating these days. No, no my furiends, I’m just special that way. It wags with dignity as I run about the house. There’s no shame in a waddle.

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