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Muppet's New Beginnings

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Success.... for a minute!

January 7th 2015 3:45 pm
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Dear Diary,

After being unable to add or rearrange any pictures in my room in 2014, meomy had success today! She was able to sneak in three of my photos to my basement before the icky PF's (Police Fleas) caught her and kicked her out. They keep telling meomy that I am not her cat and that she has no business trying to change things in my room! Ooh, ooh! Really? *giggles*

Meomy and I are so grateful for the three pictures hidden in my basement. So when we thought the PF's weren't looking, we tried to quickly rearrange some of my wall pics and discovered that they locked the basement door!! Aah, aah! *sighs* Maybe one day they will remember that I am meomy's kitty and let her freely romp around my room again. *winks*

Purring hard for Mr. D to recover, and for Dar on her loss of sweet Pie!:(

Ooh Ooh, Aah, aah!
Hugs & Love
Lil' Muppet


Bringing in the New Year!

December 21st 2014 9:31 pm
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Dear Diary,

My New Beginnings for the New Year 2015;

Meomy has a new job that pays well with full benefits and is THREE minutes away from our home! All of my 'backseat driving' must have paid off! Mol! No more commuting, no more long 12 hour shifts plus driving time away from us, no more 'zombie meomy!' Hurray!

Sampson has gained weight and has been grooming himself once again! Go Sam! Just when meomy was told to expect the worst, silly Sampson spun around and said, 'Say what? It's not my time!!' *happy purrs*

Queen Nakita has suddenly started eating 'wet food!' Meomy has forever been trying to convince her that is is much better for her than the dry stuff. Nakita doesn't always eat the wet stuff meomy offers us, but at least now she comes and gives it a good sniff and sometimes eats it.

Chico seems to have made his peace with Turbo passing on. *hugs for him* He keeps busy looking out for Grama's kitty, Whisper, and for the rest of us too.
Meomy is amazed at how intuitive he is and has saved us all many times from harm when we're in the outback! She says she could write a book on him!

Whisper is still with us for now. My Auntie M says that on her next vacation days that she will come take her to live with her in Cali. I will miss her as she is the only other kitty who loves to play. For awhile I stopped playing, but now I once again love to grab my mousie toys and tumble around with them, just like her! Gee, must be the ol' croud I dwell with that made me forget to play! MOL!!

As for me, I will miss 'working' with meomy! Meomy never made me go to work with her, when I wanted to I would be sitting at the door showing her I was wanting to go. So many times her co-workers would be begging her to bring me to work. She always said that it was up to me. I did hear meomy's new co-worker talking about the 'resident doggy.' Hmmmm..... Perhaps I could become the 'resident kitty?!' **winks** I am so grateful for my health and I'm forever grateful to the Muppetheads!!

I wish every fur and their family a Blessed Christmas & New Year!

Ooh ooh, Ahh, ahh!
Hugs & Love
Lil Muppet
** My Catster room will not allow me to add or switch around photos. That's ok, I'm so grateful that my friends are still around Catsterland. *hugs*


This Backseat Driver misses you.....

October 8th 2014 12:30 am
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Dear Diary,

I’ve missed you and all of my friends so much. I am so grateful that Catster HQ has worked so hard on all of the flea issues that plagued Catsterland for quite some time. After sitting desolate & growing cobwebs for almost 8 months, my room is now clean, bug free and is re-decorated once again! *Purrs* I chose my ‘Love Theme’ for now because I really do love Catster & all of my friends here. *hugs*

Naturally, after being absent for so long, there is a lot my family and I have missed and have to try and catch up on. First of all I want to say how much I missed my beau, Greystone, and was devastated to hear that his beautiful fur-sis, Stormy, had recently crossed to the Bridge. Catster has brought so many special kitties and their humans into our lives, and Bobbie and her kitties have become like family to us. RIP Storm cloud & prayers of comfort for your sweet mom’s heart.

A shout-out to the Muppetheads whom I adore, “I am doing very well these days! I wish my meomy could stay home more, but I have adjusted to her work schedule. She no longer works zombie nights, but days and I once again am able to cuddle with her at nights. ~purrs~ Now and then meomy takes me with her to her work. I ride on the console next to her and I try my best to not be a backseat driver! Mol! ~She hit a wild burro and totaled her sports car, she hit a bunny straight from Area 51 the size of a dog and it did $1300 damage to her new car, she then hit a big rock and damaged one of her wheels! Geez, it’s kind of hard not telling meomy to quit this job and get a new one closer to home!!! Mol! Now a fuel leak was discovered that could have caught the entire car, meomy and me on fire! Needless to say, the dealership is fixing the car for free and I am no longer able to go to work with meomy until it is fixed! Ooh ooh, that‘s fine with me! I do miss all of the attention I get there though. I feel like a therapy cat when I‘m there.“ ~

Promise I will romp around Catster more often now. My heart has missed and thought about you all!

Hugs & Love
Ooh ooh, Aah aah,
Lil' Muppet


Missed the Sticky Note.... humph!!

January 15th 2014 2:06 pm
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Dear Diary,

Since meomy ran off and joined the zombies working the graveyard shifts, we have not been romping around Catsterland. So, meomy missed the sticky note that warned NOT to try and change our rooms because it would let the icky fleas in. Needless to say, my room is now vacant! *hangs head & sighs*

Just in case we were not the only ones who were unaware of the lurking flea infestation, we wanted to put up a big sticky note to warn others.

I'm a cat and therefore I have patience. Hopefully the techs will fix this soon, and I can once again have my pretty room.

I send lots of hugs and love to all of my friends. I do miss being around here so much.

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Lil' Muppet


Zombies !!

June 2nd 2013 3:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

I hope everyone knows how grateful I am for helping to make my 7th birthday a fantastic one! I purr ‘thank you, thank you’ to all who stopped by with their best wishes, paw mails, gifts and pretty pictures. ~big hugs~ Meomy is going to leave my birthday room up until she has time to redecorate it. Did anyone notice my bottom banner? Mol!

There has been a major change in our routine at home, and mom says that I have to learn to adjust to it. Humph! Meomy has been disappearing at night and not coming home until morning! She says that she now has a graveyard job, so she must be gone all night and then sleep during the day. All I have known is for meomy to sleep with ME at night, and then spend lots of time with ME during the day. And those icky zombies at the graveyard are obviously having some sort of influence on her! No kidding!! If she is awake at any time during the day, she’s so tired that she stumbles around looking just like them! ~giggles~

We haven’t been able to romp around Catsterland much at all. I hope all of our friends know how much we miss them, and continue to purr for those who've fallen ill.

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Lots of Love & Hugs,
Lil’ Muppet


A vacation.... without me?

February 18th 2013 8:25 am
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Dear Diary

There are some fleas running amuck in our Catster rooms! They are playing silly tricks like hiding newly hung pictures, scrambling the order of our photo albums, and not allowing lots of photos to be displayed. Humph! Meomy and I just got done marking ’yes’ on the display option on over 125 of my pictures because those mischievous fleas went through and marked ‘no‘ on them. (Muppet adds ’flea spray’ to the shopping list)

Things have been settling down around here. Sissy C and Baby T are back at their home in California, and the doc is pretty confident that he got all of the icky ’C-word’ removed this time from Sissy C. My furmates are content that our home is now baby free, but I have to admit that I kind of miss that little guy.

Unfortunately there’s a new taller guy that’s been hanging around! He keeps taking meomy away for hours at a time and when he visits he sits in MY spot on the sofa! I jump up and paw at his shoulder and meow, “Ooh, ooh! Hey mister, that’s MY spot!! Can you please move over?” But he doesn’t budge an inch, he just pets me and tells me how cute I am! Really?! Humph!

Now this new guy has talked meomy to going on something called a ‘vacation.’ Huh? *Jumps on the Cat-net & looks up the meaning* Mol! I had to giggle, you see my meomy can’t go anywhere overnight without me, let alone be gone for several days. I thought, ’she has to be dreaming!’

But then I spotted it! Ooh ooh! …luggage!! aah! The last time I saw that luggage out was when Doc Forbes & meomy drug me to UC Davis! All signs were seriously pointing to meomy is going on vacation….. and without this little Muppet!

Well, if that’s the case I decided that I better start preparing to fend for myself around here. The Big Bully Nakita is not going to get the better of me! I’ve been on a search for new, secret hiding spots! Yep! Meomy now keeps finding me in the most peculiar places and I make her promise to not show Nakita. Finally meomy explained something to me, she told me that I was going on a vacation too, but just not with her. Huh?

It turns out that I get to go stay with the lovely ‘M’ Crew in Las Vegas while meomy is away! Wow! That means that I get to meet the entire ‘M’ Crew including the two little dream boats in training, Mokka & Makana! How cool is that? And I’ll have the whole upstairs an entire suite all to myself! It is so kind of them to allow me to vacation with them. *purrs of gratitude* I better get busy and help meomy pack my bags now. Look out Las Vegas, here I come again and this time it is to have fun! *hee hee*

~Purring & Praying for the ill kitties and doggies & for those who have had their beloved furry ones journey to the Bridge.~

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Grateful Hugs & Love
Lil’ Muppet


The GOOD the SAD and the D..O..G?

June 26th 2012 12:51 am
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Dear Diary,

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote a diary entry. My last entry was about the beautiful, former furmate of mine from flock, known as Wild Child. I’m ecstatic that Wild Child did find her forever home…. at last! Also another beautiful kitty from flock, who sadly slipped through the cracks for many years, has recently landed on all four paws in her perfect new home! Yeah, sweet Midori!

I really hope that everyone who sent me kind birthday wishes knows how much that I appreciated them! I thank them all so VERY much! I have not been around to keep up with other’s birthdays and special days, although I think about all of my great friends here quite often. (hugs & love)

Meomy has been gone a lot lately as first Sissy C’s newborn baby, at almost 4 little weeks old, had to have emergency surgery. And then as soon as he recovered, my Sissy C herself had to have emergency surgery also. Both are now doing very well, and meomy and I are so, so grateful! She spends lots of time at their home.

I’m sure that lots of wonderful news has happened here that I’ve missed since I’ve been gone, and I’m aware that some very sad news has been delivered also. 'Meatball', that precious little girl and good friend to Armani and I and so many others, has made her journey Home! My sweet and special lil’ orange love bugs, 'Ollie' and 'Mouser', and the most kindest & handsome kitty ever, 'Violet', and one of my most bestest furbuds here, the pool paddlin’ sweetheart, Alfie, have had the Bridge whisper upon their sweet names also. The Bridge always calls in 3’s, doesn‘t she? This time it was FIVE+! My sincere condolences to each of their families. (lots of love, sad purrs & many tears & prayers of comfort)

I have a new furmate, if that is what you can call her. She’s a …. D..O…G! She’s much smaller than I am, (imagine that) an elderly gal and rescued from an abusive home. She has a sponsor for her food, she just needs a quiet & loving home …which they convinced my meomy is just perfect for the dog’s needs. Oh, I forgot to tell about my recent ‘over the fence adventure’ that involved the new neighbors two little dogs and me! **I'll have to save that story for another diary entry** Not sure about this new doggie in my house! Humph!

Thanks again for my lovely Birthday wishes, (big hugs) and I send thoughts of wellness and love to all of my friends. I sure do miss my Greystone and family!!

Ooh ooh, Aah aah,
Hugs & Lots of Love
Lil’ Muppet


~Bless Wally & Wild Child~

December 15th 2011 5:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

I’ve had many kind people write to me over the years and tell me that they are now sponsoring a kitty from Best Friends in my honor. (grateful purrs) I also know of many that sponsor kitties from there that are not because of me. Mol! (more grateful purrs) Bless all who sponsor a kitty/animal at Best Friends, a rescue or shelter and all who volunteer and help out any homeless pet!

Recently WALLY‘s family kindly began sponsoring one of my fellow furmates from the Great Kitty Rescue. Wally’s diary entry about the beautiful and sweet Wild Child has been chosen twice as a DDP, and we hope his message travels far and wide. Let’s all see Miss WC in her loving and forever home by this Christmas! That gorgeous girl has been patiently waiting at Best Friends for her perfect home to come along for 4 years now.

I’ve read some comments regarding her name and I just giggle. Back when meomy called Best Friends to see if they could come rescue my fellow furmates, she estimated that there were approximately 250 of them still alive. Imagine the surprise as around 800 cats were recovered, all needing immediate medical care, one by one quickly having to go through the intake process…. and each be given a name! That's a ton of names to speedily think up. A lot of the kitties that appeared feral/wild at the beginning, in reality turned out to be sweethearts as such the case with Wild Child. Best Friends states that she is now very loving and playful and would do wonderful in a home of her own with one or two other kitties.

I know a lot of us have as many pets as we can handle, so I’m not asking that one of my Catster friends adopt her. But, if I may, I would like to ask one thing….. Please take a moment to picture in your mind Wild Child being in her perfect home, surrounded by love and comfort. I believe if we all do this, feel the love and the joy of her being adopted, then it will come to be. And if you could in any way, pass along her story and info on how to adopt her that would be so appreciated.

This is what WILD CHILD looked like when meomy first arrived to help, and this is her NOW. (Pic thanks to Wally’s mom.)

Dreams do come true, let's all dream of Wild Child being in her own home for Christmas!

Congrats on your DDP honors, Sweet Wally!

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Hugs & Love
Lil' Muppet


~overflowing with love & gratitude~

November 24th 2011 1:09 pm
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Dear Diary,

Meomy told me this morning ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ and then she picked me up, showered me with kisses, told me how grateful she was to have me in her life, told me ‘I love you, I love you, I love you right down to every single piece of fur on you!’ I purred out loud to show her that I love and am grateful for her too.

Thanksgiving, ooh ooh! For me, I believe it’s all about love. It reminds me to keep focused and count all of my blessings that I have right now in my life no matter how big or small. Blessings all originate from love. Like the love from above that moved kind people, circumstances and events to:

* bring my meomy and me together *

* guide us to this wonderful and loving community of like minds, known as Catster, where we have met so, so many pawsome friends *

* bring to a reality Muppet’s Bucket Fundraiser that truly saved my life *

* bring the knowledgeable Doc Forbes into my life at a time when I needed her the most *

I had my annual check-up yesterday. I weighed in at 9 pounds and my doc and meomy were thrilled with the results of my blood work. Other than my kidney disease, which showed no worse than last year’s exam, I am one healthy kitty!

I am so blessed in so many ways, and I am overflowing with love and gratitude for everyone and for every great thing in my life! Thank You!!

I wish everyone a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! And I send each of you kind thoughts of Love and Health!

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Grateful Purrs & Hugs
Lil’ Muppet
*The most thankful Muppethead ever!*


~ camping out ~

November 21st 2011 10:39 am
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Dear Diary,

I’m camping! I wish that I could say I was camping out with my beau, Grey, at a nice place where there’s lots of critters and birdies. Or camping out in a comfy place in our home staying cozy and warm. But the truth is that I have taken up camping right next to our bowls that usually contain our crunchy dry food. Notice the term ‘usually contain’. Yep, for some odd reason they are all empty! Humph! And for some other odd reason meomy has been aware of this for several days and hasn’t filled them back up. *scratches head*

Sampson is loving this because he gets to eat as much yummy wet food as he wants, whenever he wants it. Meomy is not so happy about that because he tends to eat too quickly and sometimes re-deposits the food right back on the carpet.

Nakita, who normally throws her nose up in the air and refuses to eat wet food, finally became very hungry and is now eating whatever meomy gives her. Meomy is liking this because she has always preferred that all of us kitties eat more wet than dry food.

Chico is just flat out confused and non-stop screams to be let outside. He tells me that he likes the wet food, but then wants outside because he can hunt down his own crunchy food. This is driving meomy crazy, because he follows her around the house rudely screaming at her that he wants to be let outside right ‘NEEOOOOW!’ *giggles*

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I kind of get the feeling that our feed store messed up meomy’s order again. This happened to our neighbor’s kitty, Justice, not too long ago. His mom bought a different brand of dry food and it almost sent sweet Justice to the Bridge. After witnessing that, meomy refuses to risk that with any of us, so our only option is eating the wet food until our brand of dry food arrives. Our neighbor felt so bad when he saw me pathetically camping out next to the empty bowls, that he told meomy that he will go to Las Vegas tomorrow and pick up our NB dry for both Justice’s family and ours. *grateful purrs*

Until then, you can be sure to find me diligently sleeping next to our dry food bowls which meomy finds quite odd because…. I don’t eat dry food! Mol!

Purrs and prayers for all of the ill kitties & doggies. And gentle hugs & prayers of comfort for those who have had to say their sad goodbyes for now to their beloved furry family members. There have been so many recently. *sad purrs*

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Hugs & Love
Lil’ Muppet

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