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Just One Breath by Nakita

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Gratitude, Grrrrzzzz & Sad Goodbyes

November 7th 2014 9:08 pm
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My beautiful friend Anna made me a pretty picture to hang in my room! *purrs of thanks* I was so excited I asked mom if she could help me hang it on my wall. We picked out the perfect spot, but some fleas decided to be tricksters. They are telling me that I have reached my limit of 10 pictures and I should throw away one of my other pics to make room for my new one!! Limit?? I have a big limit, and mom pays for that! I'm wondering which flea spray takes care of them limiting my pictures?

Thank you to those who took the time to stop by my room with birthday wishes!! So much appreciated. **big grateful hugs** We had a loss of a furry-family member today and my special day kind of got put on hold here. Samantha Marie, Sissy C's loving doggie, was helped to the Bridge today. She will be incredibly missed by the humans, not so much by us kitties. She was big and scary if you get my drift! *winks*

Purrs & Trills


~ b-day thanks & puppets ~

November 9th 2010 9:53 pm
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Dear Diary and Catster Friends,

I’ve been trying to send out my thanks for my lovely birthday wishes, but I can’t seem to wrangle my personal assistant long enough to do so. That little one I refer to as 'puppet', aka Muppet, has been running mom ragged for several days now. Mupp’s going to be just fine, she just needs a few more days of R&R and is requiring a lot of mom’s time. Whispers...."I personally think it's mostly because mom is such a worrier and Mupp is really taking advantage of that. Who's the puppet attached to the strings now, mom?" Humph! *giggles*

So, for now, let me express my gratitude to every fur who stopped by to wish me a happy 6th birthday. I appreciate you all and I had a wonderful day. ~hugs~ Mom bought us all some sardine Tiki food to celebrate with and snuck me some tuna fish later in the evening. Yum!

I will trot around when mom has some free time to help me meow my personal thanks.

Purrs & Trills


~DOTD thanks, and furmates...... who needs them?~

August 17th 2010 8:33 pm
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Dear Diary,

OMC! I was so happy when I discovered that my diary was randomly selected by the diary robot carefully hand picked as the DOTD! *MOL -giggles*

I’ve had a very special day thanks to all of my friends helping me to celebrate. ~big hugs~ I love all of the kind and silly comments, p-mails & gifties with notes that kitties sent my way! So much appreciated. ~purrs~

Now as for my furmates that I live with, that’s another story. I think they each purposely set out to ruin my day by nonstop trying to attract mom’s attention! Humph! All the way from Sampson leaving mom two messes on the carpet to shampoo up, to Krikit having some weird asthma-like attack this afternoon, to Muppet going on an over-the-fence adventure that just about gave mom a heart attack….. do you get my drift?

Oh! And Mystique, the outside kitty mom’s been trying to catch, when mom went running after Muppet she left the back slider cracked open a bit. None of us could fit through it but Mystique is so skinny that she did. So when mom finally caught Muppet and came back through the front door and went into the dining room, there sat Mystique inside! OMC! She was in-between mom and the back slider and mom tried to lead her with food away from the door so mom could get it closed, but Mystique caught on to that and slipped back outside. Arrgh! All this on MY special day! Welcome to my crazy Palace! Mol!

My beau George is so funny, he dropped by this morning just to chat and say hello and gave me a beautiful rainbow star. Then when he got back home, his furmates teased him because he had no idea that I was a diary pick! Mol! I sure do love my sweet George! *blows him kisses* And thanks George for the diary you wrote about me and your furmates today!

I’m not sure about this evening, but for sure by tomorrow mom and I will trot around Catsterland and pass out my grateful meows to the kitties who kindly stopped by my room today.

Purring & praying for the ill kitties & doggies, and also special prayers for those who’ve lost a beloved fur baby. Charlie & Gleek need some extra purrs that their struvite crystals go away for good. And Miss Meatball, who had cancer removed from her face, could use lots of purrs too.

Grateful Trills & Love


What a cool ride! :)

August 16th 2010 9:58 pm
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Dear Diary,

I almost made it up on the top bunk this evening! Mom blocked it off long ago when I took a tumble off of it and sprained my front wrist. She says that my eye condition has taken away my judgment of distance so I am no longer able to jump up on high places.

But today I came up with a plan to conquer my limitations of sight. Mom was sitting in the spare bedroom at Sissy C’s computer desk, which is located right next to the bunk beds, and the light bulb popped on in my head. I ran and jumped up on mom’s back, held on with all of my claws for a second, then repositioned and launched myself at the top bunk. I thought for a split second that I had made it, but the pillow that I was clinging on to fell forward and we both came down!

No worries, as the pillow and I came down we bounced off of mom and both landed on the soft bottom bunk! It was a miracle! I was uninjured and right when I started meowing what a cool ride that was, I saw the look on mom’s face. She unfortunately was injured by my claws on my way up and way back down. That must have been why she screamed so loud. Sorry mom, I just really want back up on that fun top bunk. *giggles*

Off to think of another plan on how to get up there. I better leave mom out of my next attempt. Mol!

Trills & Love,


~ scaredy cats ~

January 10th 2010 5:08 pm
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Dear Diary,

Sissy C tells me that some fur got the poop scared out of them at some late hour last night! *giggles* She heard a quick cat scrap bust out by her bedroom door, but that tiff was over as quickly as it had begun. Then, right when she was drifting back to sleep, another kitty fight busted out and this time she got up to see what was going on. She didn’t see any kitties, but near her bedroom door she discovered a lot of white fur and some poop-logs next to it!

Armani, Chico and Sampson were the only furs not locked up last night, so I have asked each of them to tell me the scoop on which scaredy cat did the poop! Chico confided in me that it was Sampson & Armani that had a brief battle, but that he was sworn to secrecy as to which one of them lost his logs! Humph, I really would like to know the answer to this so I can have a ‘one-up‘ on them the next time they try to tease me about something! *giggles*

Sampson is a wimpy sort of guy when it comes to battles, and yet Armani is a scared boy when it comes to them too. That’s why we rarely have any battles bust out in our home, everyfur almost always gets along. I guess that I’ll just have to keep on searching for clues to solve this mystery! This inquiring mind wants to know, “What sissy boy got the poop scared out of them?” *stares at Armani & then at Sampson*

Purrs & Prayers for all of our ill friends & gentle hugs for the families of those that have been called to the Bridge. (Congrats precious Little Eve on being Diary of the Day today! *smiles with a tear*)

Purrs & Trills,
*blows a kiss to “G’*


~ DDP thanks ~

January 4th 2010 8:35 pm
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Dear Diary,

I couldn’t believe it today when mom told me that I was a DDP! Lil’ Eve’s passing was so sad and we hope that some, who perhaps hadn’t heard about her story, stopped by her page to see her precious little face and say a prayer for the kind one’s hurting hearts who were involved in her rescue.

Mom had just hung the prayer picture of Eve in my room when I was chosen as a DDP. She hasn’t had a chance to find out who made the beautiful picture & she will give credit to them when she finds out. * whispers….. mom swiped that pic out of Isis’s room….. Shhhh! giggles.... perhaps she made it?

Thank you to every fur who kindly stopped by my room to leave me notes, comments & gifts for my DDP pick. *hugs* I really appreciate them all & I will trot around soon to say my thank yous! And now that mom finally has some free time this evening, she can help me go leave congrats to the other kitties honored today also. *purrs*

And just for the record, I do not ‘beat up Muppet’ as she states in her diary! Mol! She knows that I can’t see too well and she picks on me until I get upset and then I chase her! Then she races over to mom with me right on her tail & makes it appear like I’m the mean one! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! *giggles*

Trills & Luv,

And thank you Teddy Bearz for going sledding with me!! That was so much fun! George is my love, but I’m glad to have you as a such a great friend! *blushes & giggles from your cute flirts - hugs*


~Goodbye to Beautiful Lil' Eve~

January 3rd 2010 1:32 pm
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Dear Diary,

Despite all of the efforts & prayers from so many, the Bridge has called upon Precious Lil‘ Eve to fly Home. We know that she‘s at last free from that crippled body, but our tears flow none the less for my sweet Beau GEORGE & his wonderful Family who were waiting to give Eve the loving home that she so deserved.

We love you George & Family, and are purring our special prayers of comfort for you all.

Bless you , Jody & all who were involved in showing that beautiful little girl that there is love, kindness and Families with huge hearts willing to open their doors for God’s special little kitties.

We will never forget Beautiful Little Eve!!

Tears & Sad Purrs,


~ awake, playful & 2010 wishes and purrs ~

December 31st 2009 10:32 pm
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Dear Diary,

It’s New Years Eve & my Family & I want to trill out that we wish everyfur and their Families a very healthy & most Blessed New Year!

Reading MISS SAMOA‘S diary today, it sunk in just how many cheers, tears, & memorable moments that we’ve all had this past year in Catsterland.
May this next year bring more cheers than tears to all!

Cheers Mom had a happy grin on her face today as I, the cat known for sleeping 22 out of 24 hours a day, was up and in a playful mood in broad daylight! She attempted to get some photos of these notable moments but her new camera made her growl and hiss! *giggles* Something about the shutter button always being delayed and her missing several great shots of me? She says that the camera’s colors are vibrant, but the lack of speed is intolerable! Perhaps we will all gladly escape the curse of the flash in our face for awhile until she figures this dilemma out! *winks* In all, she was just joyful to see me awake & playing! (I’m healthy, my silly eyes really wear me out easily & I sleep a lot.)

TEARS As we bring in the New Year, we are not forgetting our special purrs for our ill friends. My sweet beau GEORGE & his family adopted a special needs blind kitty, and although we might not know the exact details, we do know that it turns out that the shelter she was at had kept her for months in a severe state of neglect and malnutrition! Sweet little Eve, please hang in there and know that you are going to a home full of love & will never be hungry or mistreated again! *gentle hugs* And to the wonderful Texas Wild Bunch, we are very sorry for yet another loss in your Family, SWEET HARRY! *loss of words, but many tears* Purrs & Prayers for all of the ill kitties & doggies!



~wanted - a car of my own ~

December 5th 2009 12:17 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom says that I have become obsessed with her car! I wouldn’t go as far, like her, to call it an obsession but I would like to be able to hang out inside of it all day and night. *giggles* I’ve always liked to lay on the top of it and take naps which drives mom nuts! She says that she doesn’t appreciate my paw prints all over her car nor my slide marks down her windshield. Also she doesn’t like me hanging out in the garage all of the time. But lately it’s not enough to sneak out in the garage and lay on her car, now I want inside of it too!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the sunroof to open because perhaps I can slip inside that way. Mom usually leaves it open about two inches, so I reach my arm in and paw around, but so far I’ve had no luck finding the button to make it open up any further. *humph*

I also now stand on my hind legs and paw around at the door handle, but haven’t had any luck with that either. My latest thing is to see if I can perhaps get inside through one of the side windows. I stand on the door mirror and paw at the window but the silly window will not budge! Mom says that all of this behavior is driving her crazy and she does not want me scratching up her car.

So now I have a new plan of action. I hide in the garage and wait until mom comes out and opens up her car door. Then I come out of nowhere and leap inside! Hurray! Mom always has the backseat folded down so I dive onto it, run into the trunk area and plop down where mom can’t reach me! No paw prints on her car and I’m a happy camper, but mom still throws a fit until she catches me and puts me back inside! *humph*

Mom says that I need to go find a car of my own, so I’ve been pawing through the classifieds but can’t find one just like hers. I’ll have to be patient, and just keep dreaming of a car of my very own. Maybe Santa will drop one by this year! *giggles*

Happy Holidays!!

Purrs & Trills,
~ Mom still cannot figure out why my page is so messed up! It won't show the side frames and the profile area is too wide!?? Strange! ~ UPDATE: Miss Kittanna helped me solve my page's mystery! Thank you Kittanna!! *hugs*


~ tagged by Eddy ~

November 14th 2009 2:23 pm
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Dear Diary,

I have been tagged by pretty Eddy (Edwina) twice *giggles* to play the Thanksgiving Game! Thanks for thinking of me my fellow tuxedo pal! I am to list five things that I am thankful for.

1) I am thankful that I have my health. I may not see too well these days, but I feel great and I am still the queen of my palace!

2) I am thankful for my human Sissy C. Her and her beau dote on me, let me hang out on their laps and watch TV, and sometimes Sissy C allows me to sleep with her. I don’t like it when she shuts her bedroom door though, so I usually become a pest and out I go. *giggles*

3) I am thankful for my indoor palace and also thankful that mom sometimes lets me roam around in the yard with her.

4) I am thankful that mom still sneaks me in a room alone and then pops open a can of Fancy Feast just for me! Yummy! She says that it’s our secret, she doesn’t want the ‘boys’ to know because then that’s all they’ll want to eat.

5) I’m thankful for my Catster friends! I enjoy trotting around Catsterland and playing fun games like these! Thanks Eddy! *hugs* I must think of some friends to go tag.


Purrs & Trills,

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