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Zander's Diary.. with occasional notes from his mommy

My Life -- By Zander Cage

November 2nd 2004 5:30 pm
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This is about my life.. my name is Zander Cage. I was born on September 2nd, 2002. Sadly, a few months after I was born my mommy found out I had something called leukemia.. The doctor told her that it wasn't too bad, so they put me on a really icky medicine. They kept testing me for it, I was about 5 months when they figured that the leukemia wasn't the kind that would go away. I had to stay on the icky medicine for a long time. There were some times when I got colds, and ended up pretty sick, so I would have to get another icky medicine to take for a week or so. This went on for about 18 months from when my mommy found out about the leukemia. When I was about 20 or 21 months old my mommy decided to stop giving me the icky medicine. She said that I was getting worse as time went by, and I felt worse too.. There were times I would be really playful, and times when I was just really lazy. On July 12th or 13th, 2004 my mommy had a talk with her mommy about me, and my mommy cried and cried after the talk.. so I did my best to comfort her, and she almost seemed to cry more. The next day my mommy and her daddy took me to my doctor. Her mommy called her, and the vet said something about stronger medicine, but her mommy said no that was crazy. All I wanted to do was comfort my mommy because she was crying really bad. The next thing that happened was I was taken to the back room where they did my tests back when my mommy first found out about the leukemia. They shaved my paw and tried to put something in it, I didn't let them, so they had to do it in my other paw. They took me back to my mommy and she was crying even more. She held me close to her and petted me, I fought back some, so my mommy had to hold me a little tighter, so I calmed down. That's all I remember because I was in a new place, with pretty clouds. I have wings now, and I don't suffer anymore. That was July 14th, 2004. Now I watch over my mommy from Heaven.


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