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Murphy's Law

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May 22nd 2010 3:02 pm
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Hey all!

Mommy is tutoring a German lady in English at the moment.
While they were looking up a word (mommy loves her dictionary), Mommy read that apparently taters are also called "Murphy" in Ireland. (I am kinda skeptical about that. Is this true? Mom believes it)

And guess what?

Now she calls me her "Little Tater Tot" and Spuds!!

Could anyone please keep her away from any more books?

Pretty Please?

With spuds on top?

Luv, Murf


Stupid Cute

March 28th 2010 10:33 am
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Hey all!
Just got done watchin Mommy watch a video of the Wildheart Ranch.
They had a babyracoon and Mommy got all Ooooo-ey and Aaaaaa-ey about it.
**rolls eyes**
The lady in the video said, that is stupid cute.
Something being so cute, that a person gets all stupid about it.
That's Mommy and I.
I'm the cute and she's the stupid.

Glad I finally have a name for it.

Luv, Murf


A Blustery Day

March 1st 2010 8:37 am
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Hey all!

Yesterday we had a big storm named Cynthia move through here but Mommy, Piper and I were safe.
I sat on the windowsill, watching dry leaves fly around. That was interesting to watch!
Tried to catch a few, but of course, there was the window between them and me......
Still, I had fun.

Was a good day in general, coz Mommy didn't have to go to work.
And I'm glad I'm an Indoor Kitty, would have really hated to be out there.....

Luv, Murf


Miss me?

January 29th 2010 5:56 am
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Hey all!

Mommy always tells us, just how much she is missing us when she is at work.

Now, how could that be?
Because Piper and I make sure to leave as much of our hair on her clothes as possible, so she can have us near while she's gone.


I guess we will have to double our efforts.

I would go bald for my mommy!!

Luv, Murf


Good girl! :D

January 4th 2010 10:28 am
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Hey all!

Thought I'd let you know that I'm teaching Mommy a new trick:

When I bang with the door of the hanging cabinet in the kitchen, she gives me a treat. She gets a KittyKiss.

Today is the first time she got it right.

Good girl!

Luv, Murf



December 12th 2009 4:09 pm
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Hey all!

Sometimes I'm just not sure what exactly humans think about what we're thinking...

Just the other night I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toiletlid, when Mommy stumbled in, as it was oh-dark-hundred in the morning, she was still half asleep. She rubbed my head and asked me "contemplating the meaning of life, sweety?"
No, actually I was watching a spider crawl up the wall......




October 9th 2009 10:42 am
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Hey all!

It's amazing how easily Mommy is amused. I don't have to do much.

Like the other day, I got one of those rings from the milk, picked it up in my mouth, wiggled it a bit and spit it out, every time she handed it to me, because I was "looking" for it.
Mommy got the giggles and kept saying how cute I am.

For just two minutes work, I made her happy.

I love being a cat!

Have a blessed weekend!

Luv, Murf



June 16th 2009 4:24 pm
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Hey all,
I'm sorry for not updating in so long!! Mommy and I will post an entry sometime soon, promised!! So you all can catch up with us. We miss catster and will do our best to become regulars again.
We love and miss you all.

Murf, Piper & Mommy

PS: A very special headbonk and lots of kitty-kisses to Margo, R.K.N. and her Mommy Laura-Lynne, who is not feeling so hot right now. Go on over to their profile and give them plenty of prayers and love!!



November 6th 2008 3:33 am
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Mommy is a stinker!
She sat down and had some nice Cheddarwurst for lunch and did NOT give me a TASTE!!
What kind of manners is that, to eat something so wonderful smelling and leave the kitty nothing but the bag, making one watch that Cheddarwurst disappear. That is SO CRUEL!!
And then, adding Insult to Injury, Mommy looked at me me and says:
"What?? You spit it out last time, didn't like it. Scoot."
Point is, I am THE CAT and it's an unwritten, Millenia-old law, that of all the food consumed in the house, THE CAT gets to have a taste. Wether I like the food or not.
**Moping and pouting**
You just come on later, wanting a cuddle.

Go away, human.

No earscratches!!

And don't scratch my chin, either.

And I don't want no stupid trea...... wut??


Don't give that to Piper, that s my FAVORIIIIIIIIITEEEEE!!!!!

Luv, Murf


Not Happy

October 28th 2008 9:56 am
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Today came that man by, that gave Mommy our place to live in, without letting us know in advance. Demanding to be let in.
No way!!
Even I know thats not right, and I'm just a cat. And besides. Last time he was here, he was very, very rude to us and had not let us know he was coming either. And Mommy has a person helping her, that takes care of things she can't anymore and that I can't either, because I'm small, they said no way, he's not allowed to come in anymore. They has to be there.
Hiss on that old meany, Pfffffrrrrrrrcccchhhhhhhhh!! Because today he was even more mean. After all the many years we live there (Mommy even longer than Piper and I), suddenly he says, Piper and I are not allowed anymore, nobody can have pets. But he told the people across the hall, they can have their smelly dog, that makes noise and scares us. Heard it with my own two ears!
I am not leaving my Mommy!!
She needs Piper and me to take care of her, because Piper is a Kitty-Nurse now and I'm da Man.
Every pet knows, we can't leave our Mommies and Daddies, they can't take care of themselves.
I asked Piper, how can he tell half of the people in the house no pets (not just us, there are others, too) and say OK to others?? Because that stinky dog is just the same age as Piper and I!!
So now Mommy and I are House Hunting for a nicer place that will have us. Piper will be happier, too, because here it was very noisy and she scares easily.
Wish me luck!!
Because I want a place for Mommy that has a balcony, so she can grow grass and stuff for Piper and me.

Luv, Murf

Ps: And the mice coming up from the basement here taste really icky. Mommy always worries we will get sick. As if Piper and I would ever eat something thats so gross. I'd rather eat dogfood......

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