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More about bunnys...

July 17th 2009 8:18 pm
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I like the new bunny. It was on the floor today and I stayed right by it. It was taking a bath. I was going to help, but I decided not to so I went in my usual hiding, I mean sleeping place.

Then later when my human-mom put it back into the cage I decided to sit on the footstool and watch it. It was so cute playing with a paper towel roll. My Aunt Pumpkin watches it too.

Meeooowww...Is that food I smell.............


Sad and Lonely -- Not really

July 17th 2009 8:09 pm
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Well sad news. My cat mom, Patches, no longer lives with us. My human mom said she had to get rid of some of us cats because we are eating her out of house and home. I don't know what she is talking about, we don't eat the house just our cat food. Oh well anyway, when my mom was first born my human-mom's neice said she wanted her but being 16 she couldn't take her. Now that she is 19 and living at a different house she was able to take my real mom with her. She could only have one cat, not that I want to leave my human-mom as I love her, purrrrr.

So my human-mom brought my cat-mom to her new home and do you want to know what she brought back...a grey long earred thing. I think she called it a bunny. I don't know if it will hurt me or not so I'm a little scared of it, but I can't help but look at it and try to smell it.

Well I got to go, short attention span. MEOW!!

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