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Thank you

November 20th 2013 5:34 am
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Thank you my catster Furends for all thie gifts. I am stuffed.
It was a beautiful spring like day now to day is a different day . It is cold and it snowed over night. Mom and Charlie could tell where I went this morning by following my tracks.
Thank you again furends I have to go hunt now meow at you later.


Just stoppin by to thank you

November 21st 2012 5:06 am
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Thank you all that gave me gifts and Birthday wishes. Yes Gleek you are the first kitty that I know that has the same birthday as me. Hope you celebrated in fine style. I just laid around the yard in the sun and hunted Mom gave me extra canned food and some pets and smooches but I don't like all that mushy stuff. that's for sissies like Mikey,
I found a new bed on Dad's winter Jacket he laid it on the kitchen table and I went to sleep on it. well I had better go for anap before I go hunting again.
take care furends and thank you again for making my day special.


Cat of the day results

November 4th 2012 3:54 am
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You knows Paddy and Mikey have been Diary picks but nedder of dem have been Cat of the day. Paddy is soo jealous he won't let me in the house . I have to have a body guard to get in. I had to sit beside Dad all night sohe wouldn't pounce on me. Mom keeps telling me I am bigger than him give him what he deserves. But I do get a couple of pokes in now and again. Mom wishes we would just get along we have been living together for 5 years now and we still fight like cats and dogs. What do you mean ?? me and my dog get along just fine we play and wrestle and I wins most of the time, then we clean each other. I loves my dog.
well I must go for a nap. hope you turned your clocks back.
Loves Spotty.


Cat of the Day!!!!!!

November 3rd 2012 4:51 am
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We did not know I was cat of the day til late in the afternoon when Mom got home from work and I got home from hunting. Which was a fury good day it was mild and warm for a NOvember day. I hunted brought my kills home and basked in the sun on the patio. when I got hungery I ate them then went off to get more.
Thank you all for you presents and comments it means the world to me. We gets all excited when we gets mail. hehehe.
thank you judges for making my your choice and making me feel special.


scarey birds

May 22nd 2012 6:50 am
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I was out hunting and came home. Dad put up a shelf type thing under the window I uses as my door . I sits there til someone tells Mom to let me in (usually tatletale Micheal) . I was sitting ther minding my own business when the pair of what MoM says are a "nesting pair of crows".dive bombed me and one sat on the arbour and hissed and growled. I was soo close to the window I was almost part of it thank goodness Mom was home and came to my rescue those darn things are nasty. I came in like a flash with my eyes on them and sighed a big sigh of relief. Mom picked me up and hugged me and kissed me then I squirmmed to get down "MOm thats enough eww!" I'm a big boy I don't need this I need a nap so that is were I am now on the bed snoozing.


Tank's for the gifts

November 21st 2011 4:13 am
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I wants to thank my furends for thier gifts and well wishes for my bithday it was so nice of you.
Midnight, Popeye and Samantha sent me pumkin pie YUMMY!
Elsa sent me a heart
Callie Rose and her brofur Herbie wished me a Happy Birthday
Liliana wished me happy birhtday wishes as well.
I haven't been home alot lately it is mouse season so I have been hunting lots. Mom had to get me to sit and do my thank you's so now I can go back out and hunt. Well with that said and done I am out of here. Lovs you all


Happy Canada Day

July 2nd 2011 5:21 am
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I was having a fine Canada Day until it started to get dark I was out side with Mom and Dad and all of a sudden there was boom ,boom ,boom and flashes I ran to the house screaming so Dad let me in. I guess it is something called fireworks it is loud and hard on the ears. OUUUUUU! it wasn't as bad in the house so I calmed down had a little lunch and curled up on my favorite place Dad's dresser and went to sleep.
Hope your Canada Day didn't hurt your ears.


Home from vets

February 26th 2011 11:17 am
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I had a long day in the car. Mom and Dad took me to town and we went shopping at Wal-mart and the grocery store, Then we went to Grampies to drop some papers off. Then I had my appointment at the vets we were not long in the waiting room. I am a big kitty I weighs 15lbs now. I am not over weight but a heavey cat.
The vet says I have a virus that will take it's course but gave me an antibiotic shot to help it not be sumfin else. She figures since I get this every Feb. It is due to stress. Mom and Dad looked at each other and they both said "Paddy" at the same time. Paddy stalks me and beats me up all the time. When Mom & Dad go to work I have no protection. When the spring and summer comes I stay out side no Paddy. So Mom and Dad would like some info on how to Keep Paddy from picking on me.PLEASE! I needs help.
Got to got to the litter pan now.Bye!



February 25th 2011 2:29 am
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I sounds like a train. Tank you for the purrs and well wisshes.
I hab a code in my head and I not peeling berry good. Mom says I hab to go to the doc. I hope she makes me peel better. I go back to my blankie by da fire now. Bye. sniff, sniff choo, choo, choo.


I got the mouse, now heres the problem

November 25th 2010 1:17 pm
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I caught the mouse for the diary Lady but how do I gets it to her??? Mom says it is too far to send and it will spoil but she is so nice to me I gots to gib her sumpfin. Think, think, think, think,this hurts. Can you kits help please. Good thing it is cold out and it is frozen to the door step. Might have to chizel it off witht he snow shovel.

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