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All in the life of Paddy cat.

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Good bye Catster and catster family

July 15th 2016 4:59 am
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We would like to thank Caster first of all for introducing us to all the wonderful cats and their families. This little group has helped Meowy through a lot in the past years.
It is with tears in our eyes and broken hearts that we say our final good byes to our extended family. Some of which are our friends on face book. Oxoxox


Thank you

April 10th 2014 7:31 am
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Thank you for your presents and birthday wishes . It is so nice of you I really look forward to your pmails to.
purrs and head butts



October 27th 2012 3:20 am
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I is the DDp today thank you diary lady. I know she can see I am a great hunter and enjoys a good hunting story. Spotty will be green with envy cause he has never been a DDP but my bro Mikey has several times.
hehehe! I don't like him cause he gets to go out side and I don'ts but I showed him I can hunt mouses just like him.


I caught a mouse

October 17th 2012 9:46 am
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Mom is late putting this in my diary. But one night she took a head count before bed. Micheal - couch , Spotty and Charlie - bed with Dad, Paddy computor room on chair. About an hour after that as mom just gets to sleep she hears a thump in the computor room , thinking I rolled over and fell off the chair. Until the growling and hissing started. Then she thinks I am in a fight with spotty til she clued in and saw Spotty at the end of the bed all confused. So she gets up figuring me and Micheal was in to it, but Micheal was at the end of the hall. OK what gives thats all the cats in here unless we have as Captain would say a stowaway. She turns the light on and here I am with my head stuck between the dresser and craft cabinet so she pulls some stuff out and "I GOTTCHA" I caught it I had it in my mouth I ran down the hall to the living room while Mom looked for something to put it in to get it in to get it out of hte house. mean while I was having a grand time pawing and batting it. then here comes the party pooper Mom with and old tobacco can left from days gone by. and I looked up at her dropped it and she swooped down and captured it took it out across the street to the hay field and let it go . Dang I was having fun just like Spotty does out side. You know we could make a Chharlies Bronson Movie here about the mice and us three cat we will call it" Death wish 4".


V-E-T visit

June 4th 2012 4:15 am
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I had my yearly vet visit on Saturday. I am in fury good health for a senior citizen . efury thing is purrfect even my teeth. And why shouldn't it be I am soo purrfectin efury way. No needles til 2014 which is great for me. just some proding and temp. taking and looking in eyes and ears. They think I am a handsome boy. While I waiting in that little room with Mom and Dad I layed down on the floor and was peeking under the door. I would reach out and try and play with the doggie, the peeps in the waiting room were laughing.
well that is all for now must go pounce on Spotty.


Birthday song I think???/

April 9th 2012 7:33 am
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Mommy came in the bathrooma nd sang a bithday song to me . I didn't likeit that much casue I got up and hid in the linen closet to get away from her. Mom next time could you sing solo, so low I can't hear you, Please.


Thank you Furends

April 16th 2011 3:35 am
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Thank you toa ll my furends who sent me concats messages. It made Mom feel really good.
Thank you Tate for the egg
Aedan for the rosette
Wally , Alfie and furmily for the crown I wear it proudly
Wyatt for the trophy
Kaci for the bunny
Toki for the cuppycake
Piper and her fumily for the bug that I squiched and ate. It was yummy
It was a glorous week of being spoiled from my furends to my furmily.

Oh Mom has a note to all the ladies out there. We had a scare My grandmother and great grandmother both had colon cancer so I was having trouble so I got screened. All biopsies and scopes came back perfect. my problem was gabapentin a drug used for siezures they are giving it to menopauseal woman to help with hot flashes. i have since talked to other women takein it and they all have had the same problems with the drug. if the Doctor gives it to you take the perscription and tell him where to stuff it or maybe he would take it for you. i probably spelled it wrong. I am manageing them my self no coffee or caffene works wonders. I am going to tough it out naturealy.
Thank you for all you concern.


More good news

April 13th 2011 7:40 am
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Mom just got home from the surgen she got the results of the stomach scope, colonoscopy and biopcies. efury thing is perfect she is perfectly healthy. So MOM is wondering what the heck is the lump she feels. Dr figures where she is so small she can feel her bowls and the gas build up ect. so she has nothing to worry about. She is mad now she had the runs for nothing. Mom worries too much and gets herself all worked up and then she has to run to the litter. MOl Mol one for Newman.


OMC I am DDP today

April 13th 2011 2:22 am
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Mommy got up and was reading emails and it said I was Daily Diary Pick and look at that hansome face, I am the first one on the page. I suppose it was about to happen some time as some one hogs the secretary and I get to write once efury six months.
Secretary says i don't do much except stock spotty and make his life miserable. Now we have a dog that referees so I can't get a good swipe at him.
Thank you H Q for this honour.


Birthday Thank you's

April 10th 2011 6:18 am
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I would like to thank all my furends for the gifts and kind Birthday wishes. I got furminated and massaged and treats. I am relaxed and shiney now.
Thank you Tate, Simone , River and Rex and his furmily for the bunnies.
Thank you Whatt for the cuppycake it was yummy!
Thank you Sparkman for the tulips Mom's are almost in bloom.
Thank you to Callie Rose, Herbie, &Giget for the birthday wishes
Lilieana for the gift basket and Brithday Greetings . Mom laughed cause I emptied the basket then had a nap in it. It was fury comfy.
meow at ya later.

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