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We are sooooo sad!

Mom's feeling better

April 16th 2008 9:03 pm
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Well, it's been a while since Meowmie has been on the Catster site. She was so upset about loosing Ziggie, she just couldn't seem to open the page and look at all you great kitties out there! She has been very busy lately, Pawpa and Meowmie go on a trip every spring in the very noisey little red car! I'm afraid of the little red car cause it's so loud and it doesn't have a top on it, so it's very windy to ride in too! The silly dogs looooove it but I don't. The two of them are going away for a long weekend starting tomorrow, and our two legged brofur, Mike, will come stay with all of us! We will all do our best to help him not miss his Ziggie quite so much. We love it when he comes to stay, because he sits on the couch alot and we get to snuggle up with him and watch movies! Meowmie promised to spend more time on the computer when she gets home and update all of our pages! Yippeeee, new pictures and some very interesting goings on at our house! I'll tell her what to share with you all when she gets home!

Luv and plenty of Head Butts to all of you!


We are sooooooo sad!

March 23rd 2008 4:50 pm
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Our family is in deep mourning! Our fur cousin Ziggie Marley passed away last week :( He had kidney stones, and when they did surgery to get the stones out, he was just too sick to get better. Meowmie has been crying all week long, and she is just now able to write about it. He was the reason I was able to come and live here! Pawpa thought he was allergic to cats and wouldn
't let Meowmie have one. Then Pawpa agreed to house sit for Ziggie, and found out he wasn't allergic after all, so he let Meowmie get me from the rescue! He was my bestest furiend ever! I will miss him very much. He used to play chase with me, but when he caught me he would just want to wrestle, not fight! He was soooo soft and fluffy, he was a great cuddler. Brother Mike had a cofin made and he brought Ziggie over and buried him in our back yard! Meowmie says he is on the other side of the "Bridge" playing with all the other kitties and doggies there! We will miss him, but know we will see him again some day!

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