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Memorial Day

May 31st 2010 10:45 pm
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me mom and our family hope that every kitty and their families had a nice and safe Memorial Day weekend. so me mom, me dad and me autistic brother Adrian came back from the state special olympics competition. mom said that it was very hot in Arlington:( me mom and Adrian did the 1k on the bike. it is a unified ride, which means, their score is added together. so mom tries very hard to help Adrian get a better score. well they got a silver medal, again. but mom says we will try again next year and see if we can do better. mom says she goes as fast as she can and Adrian.....well, ever seen anything in slow motion? well that's Adrian. mom just wonders how he manages to stay upright on that bike going so slow! no he really tried harder this time but it was some 95 degrees and it was very hard to focus because it was so hot. Adrian did do better on his 500m race. he was alone and got a gold medal. Yeah for Adrian! mom says, that when one goes to the special olympics, it is so much fun. there is a torch that is brought in by police men, sheriffs, transit police, highway patrol and special olympics athletes. they have an opening ceremony where the athletes walk into the field:) they also have a closing ceremony and a victory dance! me brother likes to dance the chicken dance and mom helps him dance to that YMCA song. my brother does not talk but mom knows what he likes and he likes being with his friends:) mom says everyone had a good time.

now we don't know if any of you kitties know that we live in a military town. many days we see this group of veterans that ride on motorcycles. me mom finds this very interesting because these veterans go to many funerals of fallen soldiers or sometimes to very important veterans funerals. they come with different flags and follow behind the funeral procession. we live very close to a national cemetery and cars still pull over to the side to allow these procession to go by, honoring these soldiers as they pass by. one usually can tell if it is a soldier from the current war by seeing the men on motorcycles with their flags and the news still announces when a hometown soldier has sometimes Memorial Day here is not just one day out of the year because mom always passes by the cemetery and sees the headstones all in a row:( mom says, that when me dad left the military, the cemetery was not so big as it is now:( one day, maybe for 4th of July, me mom will take a picture of the cemetery and post it on my page.

we have exciting news! we have a visitor in our house. it is a black kitty named Indy. he has been hissing and growling at us:( don't know why, we have never done anything to him. he came over because mom had to give him some medicine for fleas>: he should be ok soon. mom calls him her i guess i am his uncle:)

once again i hope everyone had a grand time and now to things being what could be considered normal:/ meow all!


ohh nooooooo, not again!

May 15th 2010 3:07 am
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*dusty miller singing his diary*

owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat? meow what's up with dat?
owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat? meow what's up with dat?

me mom and my dad, they left us alone again,
they left us with my human sister again,
we gonna end up hungry and mad,
we gonna eat at 7 instead of 6:30!

owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat,? meow what's up with dat?
owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat? a what's up with dat?

i am gonna poke that sister in the head,
that sister is a heeeaaaaavy sleeper,
ok, i am gonna have to poke two or three more times!
gonna make sure i get my soft cat food twice today!

owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeeee,
what's up with that? meow what's up with dat?
owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat? meow what's up with dat?

gonna mess with that girl,
gonna make her pay,
for not giving me enough gravy,
hey that's senior food?

owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat? meow what's up with dat?
owwwwwwwwwe weeeeeeeeee,
what's up with dat? meow what's up with dat?

From mom:
This is one of our cycling competitions for Special Olympics. Instead of an area game, we had to drive some 200 miles for this competition. We decided to stay an extra day to visit the big city of Houston. Houston is the city where we got Dusty Miller, who really makes us pay when we get back. He does not like it when we travel away from him. He will make us pay by complaining to us when we get back. Then he will ignore you after scolding you for being gone! Bad news for him, we have another cycling state competition in two weeks! Where we will be gone for 4 days! Yeah his human sister is taking care of the kitties again:( She is not mean to them, she just isn't mom or dad:)


Ode to the Outside Kitty and the squirrel

May 11th 2010 12:59 pm
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while my mom is sitting on the couch, watching tv, she likes to look outside. sometimes we like to look out the door too. the Ode to the Outside Kitty sometimes rolls around on the concrete. she rolls back and forth. she looks like she is having fun. sometimes she hides behind one of mommies planters. she hides from the squirrel. the squirrel likes to go back and forth from the tree to the Ode to the Outside Kitties food bowl. he like to eat her cat food. we have seen him lots of times, standing on his hind legs, munching on the food. yesterday the Ode to the Outside Kitty was hiding then ran after the squirrel! the squirrel ran fast up the tree! today, the Ode to the Outside Kitty ran toward the squirrel and chased the squirrel all over the place. the squirrel was not afraid of the kitty.they were going in circles. then the squirrel stopped to eat some food and the Ode to the Outside kitty just sat down and watched the squirrel eat. after a while the squirrel went on his merry way and the Ode to the Outside Kitty just watched him scoot away back up the tree. after a while the Ode to the Outside Kitty was back to rolling around. after that she fell asleep.


OMG did they think that they could get away with not feeding- us soft cat food?

April 24th 2010 9:22 pm
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so my mom, dad and human brother left early for the parade. my brother who is in Special Olympics was in the parade along with my mom and dad! mom said they had lots of fun. people were hooting and hollering, (that is how they say, making noise in Texas talk:) ) when the group was passing by the stands and seats. my human brother was excited to see all the lights, on people, because the parade was at night! anyways they gave Curly some soft cat food, so he would not be so hungry. this is only because this cat acts like he can't eat the hard cat food. when they came back later, they only fed Curly some more soft cat food! well that did not go over so well with all of us other kitties>: so when mom and dad sat down to rest, we all went over to look at them, like what the meow? then mom says, there is a revolt here! feed them the soft cat food before they cover our face with their paws, while we are sleeping! * MOL* mom is sooo wise!


ok, so this is not bunnyster

April 20th 2010 12:24 pm
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but we would like to tell you a story about our bunny, Bunny Too. she was a little over six years old. she was brought into the family as a companion for our sweet boy Bunny. he soon passed and she became very close to the little chocolate bunny. the little chocolate bunny, who we thought was a boy, was not! they were very very close. a couple of months later a beautiful boy was brought into our home. Joshua. Joshua was the sweetest bunny ever. he was so happy all of the time! he ran circles around our mommies feet and my human sisters feet. it was funny to watch him. we often sat together for he really liked me:) i would often try to go into his igloo but i was way to big:( but i would try anyways. but because Joshua was too small, he got sick and passed. my family was very heartbroken. mom said no more boy bunnies because something always happens to our boys:( then came the Christmas present Jack. Jack was a little older and already neutered. Bunny Girl was very very very jealous of her bother Jack. Jack bunny is the baby and he likes people so she would chase him all over the place. sometimes you would see them running in circles, under the bed. she could never catch Jack. after she pulled his fur out when he was a baby, mom stopped letting them be out at the same time. but once Jack got old enough, she had let, all three of the all out at the same time. Jack is fast fast fast! now Jack thinks he is a kitty. he likes to play with the little stinky cheese. stinky cheese, of course, is the brat baby girl kitty. she likes to chase Jack and when Jack has had enough, he stops running. he also likes to jump into all three kitty beds. kinda like it is an obstacle course! he hops and hops and sometimes jumps on the kitties while they are sleeping. he has jumped on me several times! i don't mind, he is not very big. Jack and the chocolate bunny have become very close. the Bunny Girl became sick when her kidneys started giving out. the doctor said, "well she is 6 years old:(" the Bunny girl just keep getting worse and i tried my best to take care of her. she passed away on Sunday. very quietly.i still sleep on her pillow. anyways my mom took her to be cremated yesterday. mom said that they took the scenic route. there were lots yellow flowers on the side of the road. she said it was beautiful and the water, in the river, was high. the people at the crematorium are very very nice. they even allowed our bird, who had died a month ago, to be cremated with the Bunny Girl. in stead of getting another urn, she will be put with her true love, Bunny. now mom hopes not to have to go to that crematorium any time soon because it is just too sad.

that's my story about my sister the bunny. i hope you liked it:)


i just couldn't resist!

March 31st 2010 8:40 pm
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ok so the main picture is not of me. Happy April Fools Day:) the squirrel was at the park, eating a nut. he saw mom and then he saw that she was taking his picture. what a silly squirrel, he turned and posed for mom. any kitty that knows me, knows that i am a clown. sooooo Happy April Fools Day!


Spring is Here!

March 26th 2010 9:16 am
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i always know it's spring when those birds start coming by. there is a bird house right outside the door. the boy bird comes back and forth. now we can hear the babies chirp, chirp, chirp. they are really loud! the daddy comes by and chirp, chirp, chirp they go. the younger kitties like to sit there and watch the daddy bird. he works really hard going back and forth, that i bet he is tired! they have about 3 sets of babies. these babies are kinda ugly. they look like they are smiling every time the daddy comes to feed them.

mom says the cattle egrets are back at the park! they make a big mess on the trees that they make nest in. they also smell kinda funny. me mom walks at the park and she sees them all of the time. when they have the babies, they have to be careful. see the trees are by the water. these birds don't belong in the water. once mom had to save a baby because it had fallen in the water and was stuck in a pipe. mom took it out and put it by the tree. cattle egrets are those white birds that you see following cattle.

wow! those mountain laurels have flowers that bloom. they have a very strong smell. they are also very pretty trees. they have a pretty purple flower.

there are also baby ducks at the park! mom thinks they are sooo cute but i bet they would be fun to chase:)

happy day! happy spring!


MY St. Patty's Day pics

March 15th 2010 1:29 pm
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you should have seen it! i found the pot of treats! so while mom was trying to take MY picture, all of my brothers and sisters were trying to get to them! if you look really close, you can see the small mugs in front of the pot of treats. well they went everywhere! there were mugs all over the place! usually mom takes my pictures on the bed, in her bedroom. this way, we can close the door! well she made a mistake! so when The Dark Knight got up there, she put a hat on him too. Sasha, well she took her hat off. then after a couple of pics, things went downhill for mom. the set was a mess and all of my brothers and sister got to the bags of treats:) we ALL got to have treats. i got to take my hat off and joined in the fun. Happy St. Patrick's Day all:)


human special needs individuals

March 9th 2010 4:07 pm
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there is a new park that is opening soon. it is called Morgan's Wonderland. it is the 1st park specifically designed for individuals with special needs! this park is also for soldiers who were wounded. it has a swing where you can be in a wheelchair! if you are in a wheelchair, you can also ride a carousel! how cool is that! i think my human autistic brother will like Morgan's Wonderland:)


the good, the bad and the ugly

March 9th 2010 3:30 pm
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the good news is......* drum roll* wow it was great to see my friend Alfie(694536) got COTD on Saturday! he is a great kitty and really deserved it! we were jumping for joy when we some him on the front page! we were so excited!

the bad sweet friend Tallulah(947825). she got that bad news that the cancer spread on into her lungs:( she is a great kitty friend. i wish for a miracle for her. would it be possible for you guys to purr for her? maybe a little power of the paw? thanks:)

the ugly is......that horrible kitty that keeps coming by. he is the daddy to three of our younger kitty clan. he is black and white and boy is he mean! he even goes after my mom if she tell him to get. mom does not like for him to bother the two momma's in the back yard. she does not mind if he tries to eat the food that is put out. he is really skinny so mom does not chase him away, just as long as he leaves the pretty girls alone. the other day mom saw him chasing this little kitty! i guess she was in heat and he was trying to get her. if you tell him to go, he will charge at you! he has these funny short ears. mom says she thinks he is a Scottish Fold. Scottish Fold or not he is just plain ugly!

well i gotta go sit in the sun! it is like 78! yes! nice and warm:)

p.s. Ishtar: i hope you feel better! ((((((((big hug))))))))

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