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i love to go outside

January 12th 2008 9:32 pm
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today i got to go dad always let's me go outside. my mom scolds my dad because he let's me out. she says that she is going to give me many shots because i go outside. i don't like shots. i hate to go in the car! i scream real loud! one time i went to the doctor, when i was small and i left something there. it hurt and i screamed and i screamed. when my mom picked me up i heard her say " i hope that is not dusty miller". what did she expect ! i was just a baby. so since she took me in the car i screamed all the way home! i am the loudest cat in my home. i can say many different meows. today when i went outside there was this dog outside. me , sasha and jennifer (jennifer is a cat who walked in our house one day and never left) were walking in the yard, just minding our own business. when out of the blue the dog came and scared all of us. he lives next door, outside. my mom gets mad because they leave the dog outside ,even when it is cold. we had to stay out of his way. sasha goes after the dog but the dog never catches her. he scared those kittens that are staying at our house so much their tails were really fluffy. they always get in trouble when they go outside. hopefully they will be gone soon. i do not like them. they are getting bigger all the time. they still like to play with my tail. sometimes they think i am their mother and they go under me. so i just scream and run away! today was a nice day. i always have fun with my dad. i love to be with my dad!


my tummy hurts

January 10th 2008 11:28 am
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last summer i had to spend a couple of nights in a hospital. of course this is not the first night . once in band camp, no that is another story. once this kitty named yugi hit my face. when he hit me , he cut the eye and i had to get surgery. but this last time i had to stay a few days because i must of eaten something that didn't agree with my tummy. i cried and cried when i was in the hospital but i felt better once i got home. i had a lot of iv's and they shaved my paw(i did not like that!) .my mom still has my band aid. it is blue with paw prints. i hope i never have to to the hospital again. that is only because my dad calls me the million dollar kitty. just because it cost them over $700.00! they say that it is a bunch of money. the eye surgery cost them over$300.00 but that doesn't add up to a million ? my dad calls me doppy miller. sometimes he calls me p diddy. my mom calls me the d-man. my name was just dusty until this doctor told my mom that there is a plant called "dusty miller." then they just kept calling me dusty miller. my mom keeps telling my dad not to let me out. sometimes i like to go into the other yards. i like to hang out with my dad. we clean the yard. the other day my dad cleaned the gutters and i was under the gutters but forgot to move. they kept telling me to move but i like getting dirty. some of the other things i like to do is make the bed. i can roll under the blanket and bring all 4 paws up and pull the blankets off of the bed. but my mom just pulls them back over me? it is a bunch of fun.when my mom finishes making the bed i have to find a way out. i must be pretty smart because i get out all of the time! i have pictures i will show you what i can do.


they are still here.....

January 9th 2008 8:08 pm
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if anyone has a dollar i have a kitten you can have.i can buy some treats! i love treats but i also like to get outside. i love to roll in the dirt until i get in trouble for going to far. most times it's dusty miller get inside. first they let me out then they make me come inside. there is a little girl kitty that likes to stay outside the door. she is cute. sometimes i see a lot of kitties come buy. there used to be a black and white kitty but he doesn't come by anymore. then there is the gray and white kitty but now he looks sick. he is hardly moving. i used to like to go from window to window to see them. the next door neighbors like to bring home animals. that is where the momma kitty came from. they also have a boy kitty. his name is sammy but my owners call him nermal. they used to let him in the house until he got too big. he liked to jump me. so i would cry out really hard, really they stopped letting him in the house. it was great for a while until the momma kitten had kitties. i will not try not to think of them. after all i am still smarter and better looking than them. i like plastic lizards. i can throw them in the air and i can catch it with my paws. sometimes my owner throws it and i can bring it back to them. i can also climb to the highest place in the house. i get to go into the garage. there are a bunch of things to do there. i can even hide in many places. most times i hide so well that my owners cannot find me. they yell all the time "dusty miller . dusty miller'. hah i just stay where i am because i can see them, so why move? they go back and forth but i only come out if i feel like it. next time i will tell you how i had to spend the night at a kitty hospital.


3 little kittens

January 6th 2008 6:55 pm
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it's been many weeks since the gray cat, sasha, has brought her kittens to my home. i know that it was really cold but she knows that my owners are suckers for any animal that comes our way. just come to the front door and they will feed you. they still feed that skunk when he is outside. anyways first it was one kitten. she was cute. then it was two more. then the next day there was another. how many more?? well at least we got rid of one .but the three boys are still here. whenever i walk by there is always at least one hitting my tail when i walk by. i try to eat and there they are. oh well i can always eat their food.sometimes i have a hard time eating from their bowls. they put the food in some small bowls. ah i just tip it over. i have five house mates. now three and the mama that makes ah too many! i think i will go find some quiet time in the bathroom. yugi will not let them go into my owners room, so i will be fine there. yugi is the youngest of all of us. he is the same color as me but we are opposites. i am always happy. yugi is always mad. he doesn't like anyone but dad. he only comes out to eat and.......then he goes back to the bedroom. sleeps on the bed. he growls at the kittens. sometimes he hits them and they just turn over on their backs. i hope they get a new home soon. anyone want a new brother?

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