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A While Back..........

November 19th 2008 11:29 am
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i was tagged by miss Margo:) she was kind enough not to make me tag anyone else if i did not want too! but i have this friend that i will tag just to be mean!!!!! ok i will not be mean i will ask nicely:)

Five fabulous facts about me:

1.i am a master conversationalist. just ask mom every time she makes a
a bed, i can tell her how to make the bed! i can also push open the
bathroom door and meow my mommies ear off.

2. i am a star. my picture is in the local pet paper! the picture of me
dressed as a sailor is the one that was printed:)

3.i am the alpha cat in my family. no one messes with the miller!

4.i can find the highest place in the house and not get in trouble for being

5. i am mom and dads favorite. i don't want to brag but it is a fact:) to tell
you the truth no one can resist me. not even Adrian and he is autistic!

i will tag miss Ishtar. lets see if she will tell us 5 fabulous facts about herself!


OMC There is a Santa

November 12th 2008 8:13 pm
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yeah! today i got a pair of cool glasses! then it says from anymonous, no anonomous , oops one more time, anonymous. there i finally got it right.i am not sure what anonymous means but it did say that it is from the Secret Santa! umm does it count against me if i got in trouble again today? i went under the fence into the neighbors yard:) it was fun until dad said "Dusty Miller, get over here." dad never means what he says so i kept going. did i tell you they have a big dog? that's okay Brandy , that is her name, was inside. then i heard a really loud voice and the hair on my head went straight up! oh no, it's the warden, mom! all she had to say was " DUSTY MILLER!!!!!! GET OVER HERE!" and guess what? i got over here real fast! i don't see why mom gets mad, dad lets me do whatever i want! but sometimes it gets me in trouble. have i already told you? well this is for all of those kitties that have not heard. one day i went outside and the next day i went to the vet:( the vet had to sew my third eyelid back to the way it was before. i am fine now but mom said "huh remember what happened that other time? after that one, yeah you had to stay in the kitty hospital for 3 days. mom was really upset because dad had let me out............anyways there were these three raccoons on the porch. they come and eat. feeds the kitties outside, so these raccoons sometimes don't let the kitties eat. mom had to go and chase the raccoons away from the food. guess what? they came back,again and again and again! mom could not get them to leave. mom gave up and let them eat. they ate a bunch of food! do you know after all of that food they went after moms Plumerias. oh this is a no no. now mom is mad at the raccoons for digging in the big pots. looks like they are looking for grubs, yuck, or the nuts the squirrel put in the planters. mom thinks they are awfully cute but the grouchy neighbor hates all of the animals. he said quit feeding the cats and the others won't come around. he also said that he is going to get a trap and get rid of them all! he is not a nice man:( hehe he hates the raccoons cause they get his Koi. but mom says no one says anything about the mosquitos his fish pond brings. umm but the mosquitoes are free, mom. oh well i can not wait until Christmas:)



September 18th 2008 11:08 am
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there are so many pirates! it seems that friday is pirates day! do you think they will take over my ship? after all i am Capitan Miller. maybe i should become a pirate so now one takes my ship! let me see ..........aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggg is that the language they use?


i thought i was tagged already....

September 8th 2008 8:46 pm
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i've been tagged by this cool kat, Dennisport to play the Olympics tag game! sooooo lets get ready to rumble.....

1. your favorite Olympic Event?
it has to be the opening of any Olympic game. that's an event, isn't it? especially this years with all those cheerleaders and pompoms. do you think they got tired going back and forth with those pompoms? if i would have been there i would have jumped to try to get those pompoms so i could play with them:)

2. Do you prefer Summer or winter Olympics?
ah i could care less which one is on. they are both good! although it is great when the skiers are slamming into the snow. i can do that when i am running after Gabby! i crash into all kinds of things!

3. What is the quirkiest thing you do? well... everything i do is quirky! just look at my pictures! i live for quirky:)

4. Do you have a crush on another kitty? What? and break every other kitties hearts, no can do! although i have no idea what this has to do with the Olympics.

5. What is your favorite rosie or zealie? oh anyone will do....just show the Rustmeister some luv. it doesn't matter what it is. they all show you how much you luv someone!

tagging: no one! i will be compassionate and not tag anyone since the Olympics is over. besides that every time we tag someone they turn around and tag one of my family! we have 11 cats+2 more kittens! do you know how many times one family can get tagged. uh for us 13 times! i will tag someone again in 2 more years when the winter Olympics is on!


i am famous!

September 5th 2008 8:43 am
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last night my mom submitted my sailor picture to the website. my mom was going to try to submit another one when she saw my picture on it already! they had my sailor picture on there! i wonder if anyone will actually notice that i am not really on a ship?


the new box

August 31st 2008 4:32 pm
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yesterday was good day for me. we got this box from this man that rang the door bell. it was not the biggest box i have seen. my dad brings home boxes for the bunnies. sometimes i like to get into those boxes but the big bunny always chases me out. which is not really fair because i was here way before she was! anyways this box was big enough for me to get my big body in it. now you wouldn't believe who all thought they could get into the box too. those nasty little kittens! way..... not this time....... this box is mine! every time that little girl tried to get in ,well i just went ffffttt and that scared her away........ for a little while. mom knows how important it is to let me have the box first, so she shooooed away the other kitties. i bet she did that so i wouldn't hurt no one... well i am so cute mom took lots of pictures of me. of course anyone that knows me knows that i can pose for these pictures for a long time! ....well after a while i got tired of it and the two pest got to play with it...... the end


my friends on the other side

August 11th 2008 9:12 pm
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i told this story to my friends in the rock and roll cats but i thought you would like to hear it too:) we have this deck that is in bad shape. it will be replaced by the owners soon. well this deck has this hole in it. it is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. those 4 baby skunks have gotten bigger and they are still hanging around. still eating the cat food and now they are so comfortable that they do not run when we open the door to the back deck. they are funny skunks but the funniest thing they have done is go through this tiny hole. i am not sure how they do it .they are not really big but they are not really is such a small hole, i can't believe they can do that. the deck is also close to the ground. maybe 6 inches to the ground. i wonder if these skunks have been watching Houdini.


the other dark knight

August 1st 2008 9:19 am
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oh no the new other kitten is black. my mom calls him dracula cause he likes to suck on her face. he must think she is his momma. louie and jinx spend a bunch of time running back and forth and back and forth! they make too much noise so i like to spend a some quiet time in the garage. now..... they found the garage. what's a cat to do? except try to leave! i run out of the house every chance i get! ahh they just bring me right back in! except for saturdays or sundays. dad stays outside with me. of course sometimes i sneak away to the neighbors house and .....i get in trouble. the neighbor doesn't seem to get mad. maybe that is cause his cat stays in our front yard since he threw him out of his house. i didn't like him at first either but i don't mind him now. he stays out of my way:) wow i can't believe its been almost a month since my birthday and i don't really feel any older but i do feel a little grouchier! maybe i should be the grinch for christmas!



June 4th 2008 7:15 pm
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okay last time we had a new kitten in the house mom and dad kept it and his momma. by the way i still don't like curly, hehehe. now there is a new kitten in the house do you think they will keep this one too. you know that they spend a bunch of time with it. i don't know why they are spending so much time with it. could it be that she is soooo cute? but i am cute and i am talented. watch...i ran real fast! did you see me run? do you know that i am the only one that licks her on her head? ok i don't mind her because i think it is a girl. ok and she is really cute. well she better not play too much with my dad or i will bop him on his head while he is asleep!


dusty millers photo sessions

March 14th 2008 10:17 pm
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dusty miller is such an easy going cat. he really likes it when you take his picture. all i have to do is get some props and away we go. for the st. patricks day pictures he had two different sets of props. the hat was too big but he didn't seem to mind. the second session, the hat didn't even have a sting on it too keep it in place. i told him " you have to stay still dusty miller or the hat will fall off" and he did. i couldn't get the pipe to stay just right and you can hardly see it! but he did well considering the hat would slant and i would fix it. " stay still dusty miller" and it was like he said "ok". sometimes he is very vocal, almost like he is holding a conversation. he is a good sport and he is a lot of fun to be with. for the easter picture it seemed like everyone wanted to get in on the act. if you look closely you will see curly in the background. then of course sasha tried to get in there and so did ernie. so they kind of tried to distract dusty miller, i think they didn't want the pictures to come out well! curly and dusty miller are currently in a duel to see who can be the alfa cat. dusty miller will always be the alfa cat in my eyes. he is really easy going and he is so funny. he really does things that my other cats don't. like if you throw the plastic lizard, he will go get it and sometimes brings it back. he likes to push open doors, especially the bathroom door. ..i am glad that i can take these picture of dusty miller, he is good company and a good boy. except when he tries to wake us up in the morning. after he pushes the clock radio off of the night stand. meows really loud in your ear. goes back on top of the dresser to knock down the pictures one by one. if that doesn't work he goes on the floor and meows like he is a jack in the box because he thinks i am going to throw my pillow at him. he's a funny kitty and thats why i like him the most but please don't tell the others. they will get jealous!

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