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February 19th 2009 8:22 am
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i am so sad. my friend Sammy is so sick, it makes me cry. i really hope he gets to feeling better. yesterday me mom went to the grotto to light a candle for Sammy......and Ishtar..........and Sissy and his brother CK. she also brought some more St. Francis medals. a little protection couldn't hurt:) FEEL BETTER SAMMY!


do they ever stop?

February 14th 2009 8:30 pm
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there i was.......minding my own business, lying comfortably on the living room floor. i think i was asleep, when all of the sudden ........................... wwhhhoooosssshhh!!! some kitty just flew by me! which one of you did it? there goes bubbles! there goes eli! there's my girlfriend! hey and there goes the dark knight! don't you kitties ever stop? look you turned over the toys! again! hey stop running on the couch! hey what ya got there? that bubbles, what does she have in her mouth? uh don't they all know that there are no more treats in that bag? there they go again! i am going to see what is going on. what wrong with me? now i am chasing them too! hey you guys give me that bag! well you know what they say if you can't beat 'em, join them. that is until you hear "DUSTY MILLER! what are you teaching those kittens?" ah, i always get in trouble! just cause i am older? what's up with that? i think they show preferential treatment in this house. don't they know this is the d-man's house?


What More Kitties!!!

February 2nd 2009 8:43 pm
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i kid you not! me mom went to the store today, she went to go buy us some food. she came back with two big bags of food! she wanted to make sure she had enough food for everyone here. sure the little ones eat a bunch but we now have more kitties that are showing up at our back door.while me mom caught the momma, ode to the outside kitty,she is now inside. last year at this time ,she was the only one mom was feeding. then the neighbor put his cat outside. now he is not the only one in the front. there is a little calico girl there also. in the back we have some new kitties that are hungry. two new orange kitties, that are not as cute as me:) a gray/white boy kitty. one big kitty that is real fluffy that is black and white. that mean white and /black kitty still tries to come here to eat. but mom does not like him because he chases all of the cats is sad that it looks like these kitties had homes once. they don't seem to be scared of mom. but even if mom has to give up some perks , she hopes to keep having enough food to feed all of these and dad are big softies when it comes to these outside kitties. especially when they look through the glass door:( she will not be able to take all of these kitties in but she can at least be nice to them. now if only i can make mom get up at 2am when i hit her in her face with my paw!!!! then this kitty will be the happiest kitty:)



January 29th 2009 7:14 pm
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today is a great day! me mom was going to feed the momma kitty outside. she is a very scared kitty. she runs off all of the time! but lately she has been hiding in this tent mom brought her. it is not far from where mom puts the food. hehe she was in the tent and mom scooped it up!!! at first mom thought that the momma kitty went threw the bottom but then realized that she was still in the tent!!! mom put her in a room all by herself. there she can have some quiet time and smell all of the kitties in the house. mom wonders if she will remember her three babies. at fist she had 3 babies but they died. second time, we only found the Jinx girl. the next time she had these two spoiled brats that are in the house now. mom thinks she is still very young. like sasha was when she had her babies.the kittens see their momma outside the door all of the time but we wonder if she recognizes them. we hope to get her spayed and tested. we will keep her in the other room for now. at least she will not be cold anymore. hopefully she will be fine. she really has a sweet face and seems like a nice kitty. i like her and i stare at her from the big door.


OK Patches, OK Sammy and OK Vesper, I will play:)

January 24th 2009 8:58 pm
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3 that's 3 kitties that tagged me! oh woe is me i have to use brain:( think think think ummmm one tagged for 5 things about me and the other two kitties tagged me for 7 things about me. do i add them together? that would be 19 things about me! well let's see if i can come up with 19 things.

1. i was born in a barn
2. i was first called Rusty
3. then they changed my name to Dusty
4. then they changed it again to Dusty Miller
5. i do not chase the birds or the bunnies that live with us.i am a good
boy:) not!
6. i still try real hard to run outside so i can roll in the dirt
7. i can jump to my brother in heaven's alter to throw down the small
wood kitties and flowers even though it is on a high bookcase:) of
course i get yelled at every time i do it but it makes dad get up from
the bed to feed us!
8. i have a stalker, still. she always wants me to lick her head.
9 . i love to spend time in the garage. it is quiet there.
10. i love my dad more than my mom. i like to follow dad around the
11. does everybody know that i am the Alfa cat in my home? well
will someone please tell those horrible kittens.
12. i have the loudest meow in my house.
13. i am the fastest runner in my house and no longer run into the wall.
14. i do not like people food even if they put it down for me to eat i don't
like people food, really!
15. i don't like soft cat food either!
16. my daddy's nickname for me is piggy. sometimes he calls me nasty
piggy! i am not a pig, i don't even look like one. dad needs glasses!
oops he wears glasses!
17. i hate car rides. when dad takes me for a ride i cry all the way home:(
18. my favorite toy is my scratching boxes. i also like to sleep on them.
19. i still hate water but i love to drink water from the bathtub.

ahhh i still had more to tell you:( oh well i guess i will save them until i get tagged again!! once again i will be nice and not tag anyone one. but if you read this could you tell us 100 interesting things about yourself? hahaha just kidding:) dusty miller


my brother's friend Shadow

January 23rd 2009 8:40 pm
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my brother Erni has some really big paws! he has many toes on his front paws and an extra toe in his back paws. he belongs to this group they call M.I.D.E. Mittsonian Institute fur the Digitally Enhanced. that is a funny name for a group. i get the fur part but mom says never mind, i would never understand:( he has this friend named Shadow. they play all kinds of games. they don't let me play because they say i don't have enough toes. that is ok because my mom says i am special in other ways:) anyways this kitty, Shadow and i have one thing in common. we like the vet. ok, so i don't like to go to the vet, i just happen to end up there sometimes. dad and mom are not letting me go outside because the Silver Tiger Kitty has AIDS. although i am not sure why he needs help. he can eat and drink by himself. anyways poor Shadow had to get his leg fixed and it cost his mommy a lot of money. if anyone can help his mommy, Shadow 852784 has a link to an account, that is HQ approved. his mommy has the whole story on his diary.

now let me tell you another story. my mom calls me a storyteller because i always have something to say. i am not sure if anyone knows that i have a sister named Jinx. well my mom and dad call her girlfriend. she is like stalking me. i go in the garage and she follows me. i sleep on the bed and she tries to hold my paw! my mom is not very happy about this because she says i am too old for her. although i am not sure that mom is right because i am still very handsome( even though my friend Ishtar says i am not!) mom should know this because i sit right in front of her when she sleeps. i hit her on the nose when i am hungry in the middle of the night. hehehehe anyways would anyone like a little sister? cause she bugs me and i am the Dusty Miller she should find someone else to play with cause i just like to lie around and look good!



January 3rd 2009 10:37 am
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it had been a wonderful holiday! we got so much toys and treats! we hope mom's and dad's had a good couple of days off! thank you to the kitties that sent us card and gifts. i just have one favor to ask..... could you please click on the animal rescue site? everyday:) they need so much help and they help so many kitties and doggies! and spread the word!t Please:) Thanks, dusty miller

let's make the wold a better place for all kitties and doggies


Meow! I am Cat of the Day!

December 19th 2008 10:45 am
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wow what an honor! can you believe that? me speechless! sniff sniff THANK YOU CATSTER!


miss pepper tagged me!

December 5th 2008 6:43 pm
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miss pepper tagged me:) i get to tell you what kind of vegetable, fruit and flower i am and why.

vegetable: carrot. i am orange like a carrot and i am skinny at one end and bigger on the other end! i also almost always have a cap on my head like a carrot!

fruit: star fruit! i had my picture in the paper therefore i am a star! just like a star fruit i am also very sweet, kind of. but it can also be tart just like mood sometimes.

flower: well my name is the name of a plant that has a flower. so i don't think i could be anything but a dusty miller!

well i guess i am suppose to tag someone else? so i will mail them a letter to see if they will go for it! or better yet if you read this TAG YOU ARE IT!


OMC"S i have beem tagged.............again:)

November 28th 2008 7:48 pm
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i was tagged by my almost twin Rusty. can you believe that? this one is easy! so here it goes.

here are 5 things I am grateful for on Thanksgiving.........

!. my dad-who always feels sorry for me and lets me get away with
everything! like the other day i scratched him on the face while trying to wake him up. oops sorry dad!

2. the litter box- where else would i be able of dispose of such things!

3. the garage- where i can get away from the everyday life of living with

4.the bathroom- where i can get fresh water from the tub. i don't even get wet when i am in there. that is the best!

5. ok i will say it..........the warden also known as mom! she does let me
tell her my problems . she does worry too much sometimes, so
i guess i will let let her be in my 5 things i am grateful for!

6 . catster!- i would not have been able to make as many friends if it
wasn't for being in catster.

to those of you who do not know me, i cannot count. sorry but i am just a cat:) i will not tag anyone ................this is my gift to all of the kitties i know. for it always gets me in trouble:) so Happy Thanksgiving and may the Holidays begin........... yes! does anyone see a resemblance to me and the face that the grinch makes in The Grinch who stole Christmas? hehe

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