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hope you guys don't mind!

October 8th 2009 4:59 pm
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me mom put up last years halloween picks. i heard her say that i have a photo shoot on sunday. hummm i wonder what i will be this time?


OH MY CATS!!!!!!

October 7th 2009 10:41 am
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me was one of the DDP's of the day!!!! OH HAPPY DAYS!!! THANK YOU HQ!!
guess what? i am loosing in the poll! it's looking like more kitties like Friskie's. what to do? maybe i can get my brother's to say that they like Greenies!


Poll: what is your favorite treat?

October 6th 2009 9:27 pm
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me mom was wondering which treat you guys like. i like greenies but i also like friskie's party mix. all of the younger cats like the friskie's but not the greenies? don't know which one is better. got an opinion, let me know. i got a bag friskies or greenies riding on this:)


Yeah mommies home!

October 5th 2009 8:11 pm
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so me mom was in the hospital for 3 days, almost 4! she said that they starved her for 72+ hours! every time she watched tv, she saw food! i was very happy to see her. i did complain to her that i was not feed on time! yeah that human sister of mine... she short changed me . i know cause i looked in the mirror and i was looking a little thin! me mom tried to make it up to me by buying me a new collar:) it is green with stars!!!! she picked green, again. she says that green is my signature color. then she told dad that i look like a pumpkin! orange with a green stem*lol* me mom is funny and i am glad that she is back:)


meow meow meow meow?

October 3rd 2009 7:31 am
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it's a bummer!! my mom is gone, again. she has never been away for so many days:( she is my favorite person to pick on at night. i sit on her nightstand. just like a vulture.....then i poke her on her face and say meow. if she covers her head i poke her with my paw, with the claw out of course! then i poke her back or whatever part of her body is exposed:) she always says MILLER STOP IT! but i don't stop unless she gives me a special treat or a special food like that kitten chow. i don't think she hates getting up at 3 in the morning. she does it all the time:) oh i just love being special:)


What the?????

September 24th 2009 9:10 pm
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me mom is going out of town, again!!! the girl who does not like to wake up early will be feeding us:( i guess i will be doing some exercising this weekend. jumping on her head and some sprints up and down her back. see my human sister can sleep through a tornado! so i hope i don't have to beg....hey i am the dusty miller! alpha cat!


the swine flu

August 25th 2009 8:13 pm
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so if my daddy calls me piggy, does that mean i will get the swine flu?



August 22nd 2009 3:50 pm
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so i took the poll:When you are away for the day, what do you think your cat REALLY does?

these were the results after i took the poll.
1. has friends over (18.10%)
2.sleeps (59.05%)
3. writes romance novels (5.00%) tv (7.62)
5. other (10.24%)

well i picked writes romance novels. if you look at my picture you can see where i am half asleep with the pen in my paws! who would have known that only 5% of Catster kitties write romance novels? i being the romeo that i am, i write some pretty juicy stories. maybe i will write them in my diary one day, but i would hate to embarrass any kitty in Catster! LUV YA Ishtar!



August 21st 2009 1:17 pm
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yesterday mom came in with a box yelling "Dusty Miller, "Dusty Miller!"" i came around the corner and there was this red box on the floor! mom says " Dusty Miller, YOU HAVE A PACKAGE!" well i was right there and she did not have to yell. btw she was calling me, Dusty Miller, not saying here kitty kitty! now every other kitty in the house was surrounding us! MOM said "look it's from Alfie! it came all the way from England!" so the gift had all kinds of good stuff:) a box of yummy grass! mousies! balls! a pretty blanket! some toys that mom can play with us! one looks like a spider and one just is fun to play with! lol one is a moving snail! my mom opened the card and it says belated birthday Dusty Miller! that is soo nice !! and so cool!! later on in the day after playing inside the red box,mom caught me throwing one of the mousies in the air, over and over again. i had a fun day:) i just love my friend Alfie and his mom too! thank you soooo much!



August 13th 2009 12:44 pm
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so i sat much longer will she be? purr, purr.....".miller what do you want?"......rarrrr... yeah whenever you are ready!.......purr,purr..............i know she can see the sheets, i am laying on them! "miller", "miller".......ahhhh now i am falling asleep...can you believe that she is going to make me wait until the soap is over?...........i am so sleepy and my paw is twitching........rarrrrr.........i am running in a meadow being the head of a group of lions is hard work. gotta find some food for my family...RARRR....gonna go after that zebra......boy is he big."miller, miller! wake up! let's go make the bed." huh, where am i? oh coming!

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