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please say goodbye to Harry

December 31st 2009 9:20 am
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what a sad day it is. i got some mail and now i have to say goodbye:( i know every kitty has to go but sometimes it just so hard. i have a thread that you can also say goodbye to Harry also. i know he will be fine..... Rusty is there in Paw Heaven. there are so many nice kitties to take care of Harry. so many sweet kitties have left this year. anyways here is a thread that is set up for Harry. may he rest in peace sweet Harry. _Goodbye/thread/655497


me has a couple of stories to tell

December 31st 2009 12:23 am
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first off.... well me mom was eating on the coffee table this morning. she had one of those round tortilla. some of us kitties are like beggars, wanting some human food. she always tell us to get cause she don't want to give us any except if it is like chicken or fish. it has to be without any spices. well that dumb little orange kitty, they call her Cheese sometimes stinky Cheese*lol* boy am i glad that is not my name! anyways when mom did not give her any human food, she helped herself! she took that whole tortilla! that tortilla was way bigger than her! she kept going back and forth with this whole tortilla! that is until mom finally caught up to her. mom says she is a bad kitty. there is all kinds of different foods in the kitty bowls, she should not be hungry. dad says Cheese is spoiled:0

then this when me mom went to go walk and feed the ducks. she said the ducks were so hungry! she had like 5 different bags of breads to give them and they ate it all!!! all kinds of ducks came up to them. even my human brother was feeding them cause there was so many. so after they were finished feeding the ducks, they took a short walk. when they were walking they spotted this kitty in the park who looked like a skinny version of my kitty sister Sasha. she was not a wild kitty like some of the other kitties in the park. mom sometimes carries food in her car just for these park kitties. but this time she didn't have any:( so she went to the store and brought this great big bag. this way she could have some when she goes to the park tomorrow. well she was going to feed the kitties but there was a man feeding them so she went to the other side of the park to feed those kitties and later would go to the other side. well she was only going to feed that one kitty but when she put some food out, it was like 10 kitties! then more kitties came and more kitties came! there had to be like 40 kitties. now there is a group of people that take care and feed these kitties. they also trap and release these same kitties. but every time they go to the park there are more and more kitties being dumped. this time me mom and my human sister tried to catch this little black and white kitten because it kept crying. but they couldn't and the kitten kept meowing and meowing. i wish this kitty and all of those kitties could have nice homes:( me mom knows she could never have enough room for all of those kitties but she will continue to feed them when she goes to the park.

i know it's late but i had to smack mom with my paw cause i felt like a little snack. mom said "hopefully this will keep you from smacking me in my face!" she was not happy when that Cheese bit her inner thigh this a.m.! i can now try to paw my dad in his face if mom does not get up. yup i now got them both trained! anyways they have a 4 day vacation! they can sleep when i let them!!!!


hey wait a minute!

December 24th 2009 5:32 pm
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i thought that the biggest box was my secret santa gift but it wasn't!!!! me mom came home and there was a package on our doorstep! i wonder what that mailman thinks of me? i wonder if he knows that Dusty Miller is just a Cat! me package came from all the from PA. i bet they got snow. me dad said to open it up cause dusty miller shouldn't have to wait! so all us kitties were there to see what came out of the box! i got some toys! except the Dark Knight took my bird:( he spent about 2 hours carrying that bird everywhere. that's ok i saw some mice on the floor so i will just go and play with them. that is nice that we got a new bird. one of our sweet birds, who we do not bother, passed away. it was sad cause her boyfriend cried all day. we will miss her. Merry Christmas everybody!



December 23rd 2009 11:52 pm
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i love Christmas and i love me friends! i got this box from ups and boy was it ever a big box! really there was 2 boxes from ups and my human sister says, "there is something wrong with this picture!" why is my box smaller than dusty miller's! why does dusty miller have more mail than anyone in this house! i couldn't wait, i was so excited! i couldn't breath! let me see, come on open it!..... i smell catnip!!! i love catnip!!!.......ok......what's guys leave my box alone! someone get that little kitty out of MY box:)) out of the way! what's this? is this a bed? for me? just little old me? ok let me see......oops this is going to take some time getting used to. oh i really need to lose some weight.......cause i keep falling off. don't worry i can do this! see i did it. how comfy is this bed? THANKS ALFIE!!!

Ishtar....what a sweet girl. her mom is so talented. how did she ever make a magnet with our pictures on it! and those tasty treats! boy are they delicious! don't know what they are made of. the package is in German. i can't read in German but i can tell you, they are good! it's nice to have some foreign food.

We Hope all of the Catster's kitties have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



December 6th 2009 11:09 pm
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soooo me mom was a little disappointed that we did not get any snow:( plus me dad almost had a heart attack watching the Longhorns play! me mom and dad are so excited that they will be playing in the big game! dad said that if we went to the game we could wear our matching clown wigs! i think dad likes the longhorns cause i am the same color as the school color!

did mom tell you guys about the new white kitty in our home? she has been here almost two weeks. she is very pretty. mom has her in my playroom:( first week, the door was closed. now the door is open. she just stays in her room. she likes to lay on the desk or the chair that is in her room. mom says to leave her alone. she likes mom and dad. but she hisses at us kitties. she used to be a single kitty in her other home. she sometimes gets scared. luckily she is not afraid of the vacuum. mom says she can not hear and that is why she is not scared of the vacuum! cause when us other kitties hear the vacuum, we run for our dear lives! all of us hate that ugly green vacuum!

it's a bummer that it is cold. it's been really cool for a couple of days. guess i will try to lay next to the small heater.



November 28th 2009 7:10 pm
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wow what a long weekend! so me mom was gone all night!. thanksgiving night, she spent the night in front of the store Best Buy:( her computer died and she needed a new one. so she got very lucky and was the 5th person in line! so hello to the new Sony computer! i could not be in the worlds coolest dog and cat contest because her pics were in a small external box:(

anyways i still don't know who sent me the anonymous beautiful picture of myself! you love me that much and don't want me to know about it? you know i just love it!

well we all hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

ha,y has anyone seen the commercial with the cows that are doing the wave? ok see that third cow? ha, would you believe my mom said that i look like that cow just because i am wearing clown wig and so is the cow! just wait until bed and i will poke her with my paw! sometimes i even stick my nail in her back. that was until she cut my nails:( mean mom!



November 9th 2009 8:46 pm
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a surprise came in the mail today:) it was a really pretty red box. i tried to open it myself. then my mom said "wait miller, i will open it for you." one by one the toys came!! the other kitties just had to come around and see what i got. oh my......... toys and treats!! my favorites:) ALFIE!!!!!! you shouldn't have!!! BUT I LOVE THEM TREAT AND TOYS SOOOOO MUCH!!! UMMM you know that kitty named Eli, he keeps trying to be the alpha cat. well we had fight because he tried to take my box=^^=. so mom had to take the box away from that mean Eli. he is only 1 year old and he is a pest! so is that little girl kitty. her name is stinky cheese because she has a fowl temper. you pick her up and she growls! anyways today was a great day and i can't wait until mom lets us have a chicken stick !!!



November 2nd 2009 7:13 pm
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some kitty gave me a forever world gift!!! is confused as to which kitty sent it to me *blush.* see it says WORLD'S GREATEST MR MILLER this comes with as super big KITTY KISS!!!!! and it's for being my friend!!! well, well, i am so intrigued in finding out who sent this gift! see no one has ever wanted to give the miller any kinds of kisses! except for my mom! this picture on this gifty is just so pretty:) the likeness is just so me!:) I LOVE IT!!! me mom loves it so much that she copied it and is going to make a small poster and hang it on the wall. she will put it right next to Skeezix's picture in the kitty room. she donated some money cause she liked his picture soo much! since my human sis is staying with her boyfriend, my mom, is making the 4th bedroom a kitty playroom!!!! can't wait for the kitty room and to find out which kitty sent me kitty kisses!!!! THANK YOU ANONYMOUS KITTY!!!!!!


Trick Or Treat!!!

October 24th 2009 1:58 pm
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i see that some of my friends have gotten a gift i sent them. see i took a poll to see what kind of treat they liked and then i sent them a scary gift! most kitties like Friskies Party Mix. i like them too! so for Halloween i sent them a treat and then put bugs and some got a mouse in the envelope! so when the mom's opened the package it would scare them when the bugs came out!! i am such a trickster! only one kitty, other than me, likes Greenies:( that's okay cause when mom brought home a bag of Greenies, i stuck my teeth in them and mom had to buy a couple more bags of Greenies! i hope they have a good time munchin' on the treats!

me mom went to Petsmart for their Halloween party. she took the youngest kitty. you know that one that is orange too. her name is stinky cheese! she hated being there because she hated the dogs that barked. me human sister took her kitty. his name is Indy. he has a hat and a bandana like Indiana Jones but they left the hat at home. mom had a witches hat and he wore that. can you believe that dumb cat, Indy, got 2nd place! i would have gotten first place, had i gone. anyways he got this big bag with lots of toys. mom says he is a well behave kitty. so what i am better looking!

me mom would like to send a big thank you to Alfie's mom and Tallulah's mom for the nice get well cards:) mom does not have friends close by. she has made many friends on Catster, so thank you Catster:)



October 13th 2009 11:45 pm
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so this past saturday me mom went on a walk. it was a walk that the company SAS puts on. San Antonio Shoes are what my mom calls comfy. anyways she was recruited to work a station where they hand out bananas, oranges and water. this walk was way out in the country. about 1 and 1/2 hours from home. in this way big ranch of one of the owners of SAS. there was a bunch of DOGS at this walk!! so me mom would talk to these people about their dogs. me mom would mention that she had cats on catster. guess what ???? some of the people had their dogs on dogster!!!!!! mom says next time she is going to wear a catster shirt so that those people who have dogs on dogster can know she has cats on catster!! sorry doggies........CATS RULE at our house!!!!!!!

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