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The Evil Kitty!

July 21st 2010 7:36 am
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we have lived in this house for like 8 years now. we will be moving up the street with in the next three weeks. we have had some kitties that come and go. there are two girls that live in the back yard. they sit on the patio chairs and they make themselves comfortable. mom has had these two girls spayed. at first these two did not get along but now they are friends:) the calico momma now lets mom pet her but sometimes she still runs away when mom feeds them. she is quite moody! when the first momma had kittens, 3, we took them in. when the momma had her first litter, she was very tiny and the babies were not alive when they were born:( the second litter was a litter of one, her name is girlfriend. mom was going to get her spayed but it turned out that she got pregnant before mom could catch her. then she had bubbles and eli. they are not on catster. the next year the calico momma had 1 kitten, stinky cheese, who is also not on catster. mom thought the calico was spayed because the year before, she did not have any babies. mom thinks, that the father to these babies is....the Evil White Kitty! this kitty is white with a little black. girlfriend, eli and bubbles are also black and white. stinky cheese is a very light orange. mom thinks that The Evil White kitty is the dad because he used to come by and the girls were like star struck when he came by. mom says The Evil White kitty is the ugliest cat around! he is dirty, he is skinny and he has a bad personality! how does mom know? well mom feeds all kitties and if there is food left over the skunks, squirrels, raccoons, birds and possums come by to eat. well sometimes when mom goes out to feed this kitty, he goes after mom! he chases her and she has to have broom by her if he is outside! he charges at her and he is mean! mom used to run him off when she would see him. lately mom has let him hang around without giving The Evil White kitty a hard time. see he has gotten really skinny and she knows he has been drooling and it looks like his teeth are bad. well, those two girls swoon over him like he was a rock star! they go push themselves and rub all over that ugly white kitty! it makes mom all mad like, cause he is so mean! she says he does not treat them right cause he goes from girl kitty to girl kitty! now he has a harem! he has been spending more time with the girls and mom just hates him but will just let him be. we will try to relocate the girls when we move and mom is sure The Evil White kitty will find them. just look at him, he has a picture on my page, he is sooo ugly but those girls just live him so!


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Purred by: Kerstin K

July 21st 2010 at 8:58 am

he seems to be an "experienced" street guy! i wonder what happened to his ears? are you sure the girls like him - couldn't it be they're afraid of his anger? human says she once met a boy who even bashed a kitten (my sister in mind dotty)...
i'd guess he just "learnt" that humans are no good. how should he know your mommy wouldn't hurt him when other humans did?
Purred by: Dusty Miller (Catster Member)

July 21st 2010 at 11:15 am

not sure where he came from Ishtar:( just know he roams the street. he is a scottish fold kitty, that's why his ears are like that. so me mom went out to put food for the girls and he stood between the girls and mom and was growling at mom! those girl are always rubbing themselves on him like he is Elvis!
Purred by: Violet - Forever Loved (Catster Member)

July 21st 2010 at 11:24 am

I'm sorry that white kitty is so mean. It does make you sad because I'm sure he hasn't always been that way. The stray situation is something that makes us very sad. I'm glad your Mommy is doing what she can to feed them, and get them spayed. Good luck with your move!
Purred by: Munky (Catster Member)

July 21st 2010 at 7:49 pm

Dude, maybe the girl kitties dig him because he's a bad boy! And since he's a scottish fold, maybe he meows in an accent. You know how chicks dig guys with accents.

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