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catster goes off to the wild blue yander

July 28th 2016 10:48 pm
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well Hello kitty cats! can you believe i made it to my 15th Birthday? my raggedy old body, is hanging in there. i suffer from IBS and i require a special diet. no more treats and that sucks!so my dad had to get my mom a computer so that she could save all of our pages.Catster sure did not like ipads. my mom could not log in, change pictures, give condolences, give gifts or enter new diaries. that just bites. and now Catster is going to the rainbow bridge because some company says they cant fix catster and there is not enough people logging in blah blah blah. to that i say f u! mom does not cuss but i am an elderly kitty and am allowed to be senile enough to do it! if you are offended well, sorry. but to all my kitty friends, it was my pleasure getting to know all of you. it was great to be on Catster when the site worked. im guessing the new people are too stupid to fix the site. plain and simple. oh and they hate cats and dogs. if you wish to keep in touch with my mom, she is on facebook @ Suzanne Quiroz.
while i was away, a couple of my brothers and sisters went to the rainbow bridge. Erni, Gabby, Noah and one named Sassy.

always know. i love you all, as long as i live. goodbye Catster you fucking rocked(again oops) and mr Ted was not a dick.(sorry oops) remember i was once in the Navy, lol


Oh woe is me:(

March 8th 2014 8:23 pm
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First of all, I say hi! Second of all, I hope that Chadwick's parents are doing ok, after his passing. Now my quirks. Catster does not like iPads! I cannot changer or add any of my beautiful pictures! I am so dapper in some of them. My mom does not have a windows computer. Don't forget my mom is computer illiterate, so she uses an iPad because it's easier, for her. But all in all I am so glad that Catster is not shutting down or is it? Ummm a lot of you know that I can't count past two


The outside kitties.

December 12th 2012 8:35 pm
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There is a black and white, big male kitty, who started bringing his family around. There's a momma and two girl kitties. The little ones hang around the house. These 2 are about 6 months now. The parents come and go. The momma hisses and stays back, when mom feeds them. When mom opened the door today, she saw these two orange kittens run towards her car and they were with the momma kitty. They are about 8 week old kittens. Well mom was going to the store and thought she should check her car, just to make sure those little ones had left. Mom opened the hood and the little kitten was sitting on her battery! She was going to try to catch it but the kitten was too fast. Now the kitten has moved to underneath her car. Now moms car is pretty low and she could not get to the kitties. At first mom saw the one and then noticed that the other kitten was besides the other kitten! It took mom an hour to get the 2 kittens out from under the car with the help of the momma kitty. First kitty came out after mom made some noise and the kitty got scared. The other kitten just went from the front of the car to the back of the car:( The momma heard the kitten meow. The two had a conversation. The momma reassured the kitten, that it was ok to come out from under the car. Next the two were walking towards a truck and mom was saying.....oh no!!! But they just walked across the street and the other kitten joined them. Now mom has seen the momma go to ths house but she did not know that there was any kittens there. Now mom has to catch the mom, dad and 4 kittens to be spayed and neutered. We will keep you informed because it looks like the momma is gonna have another litter!:(


Once upon a time part 2

November 30th 2012 8:14 pm
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So my dad really loves holidays! When there is a holiday, we have a bunch of decorations in the front yard and sometimes inside. Now mom is smart, she says I don't think we should put up a tree this year. Dad he says why not. The kitties are older, they have no reason to play with the decorations;) the first day the tree was up. It was really nice. Decorated by my sister and her boyfriend and boy were they so proud of the great job they did. The tree was put up on a coffee table because it s not a huge tree. But the next day and a couple of days later, the tree kept ending up on the floor. Now my dad said that we would have a tree up for Christmas but he did not mean that the tree, would be on the floor most of the time! So like dad thinks he is smarter than us. So he took the tree off of the coffee table and put the table besides the tree, so that the tree would not fall. Well the tree no longer falls! My dad was right, the tree only leans to the left but it has not fallen. For the past couple of days, no one has even bothered to straighten up the tree. Guess it looks better, the way we want it. Does this mean I will get coal cause I did not do it. It was the bunny! Sandy Cheeks jumped on the tree! Mom saw it. Now I was playing with an ornament but I am a good boy, I did not break it!


Once upon a time

November 15th 2012 2:22 pm
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There was a bunny named Jack. He was my competition, as far a being photogenic. My mom took pictures of him all of the time! Sometimes mom put his picture, on my page. A few months ago, Jack passed away. It was a very sad time for our family. Now Jack had a companion named Jake. Jake got very depressed. He lost a lot of weight:( So mom got Jake a companion. Her name is Britta. Sandy Cheeks the bunny, also came to live with us. Sandy Cheeks lives in a different place than Jake and Britta. Just like a new kitty members have to be kept separate. Well miss Cheeks hangs around us kitties and she thinks she is a cat! She loves to play with Diego. She loves the cat toys and the crackle tunnel. Mom had to watch her, when she was young. Now she is big enough and can take care of herself. The other day, mom found Sandy in the garage with some of us cats. Now mom does not have to worry about her getting beat up by us cats because Sandy goes ruff. Then she gets on her hind legs and she jumps at you if you bother her! And so now, I am confused because I don't know, if Sandy thinks she is a cat than can she be put on Catster as a bunnywhothinkssheisacat?


Why am I getting fed at night?

November 12th 2012 9:51 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, my mom and dad had been feeding us in the morning and in the evening. Now it's in the morning and at night! I asked mom, why??? Cause we never get fed at night. It used to be light, outside, both times! So mom said that there was a time change? What? Don't people know we want to be fed at the same time, all of the time! If you kitties think the same, as me, we should start a petition! SAY NO to TIME CHANGE! Cause we are very important to our families and they want us to be happy right?


Happy Birthday Gabby!

July 1st 2012 8:06 pm
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Today is my girl Gabby's Birthday. Gosh I miss her! We were very close, probably because we were so close in age. If she were here, I'd sing her a song . Take on a romantic walk. How is miss her silly ways. The only headbutt kitty, we had in the house. She loved to turn her body a wiggle off of the couch. Being ever so not graceful! Her passing was so unexpected:( her big heart is greatly missed. Happy Birthday my only love. My life is not the same without you. Now you go be a good girl and take care of Alfie, Ollie, Violet, Prince and Big Harry, ok?


I'll be seeing you.........

May 3rd 2012 7:53 pm
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My sweet girl, Gabby has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. Anyone who knew her, knows what a great kitty, she was. Found in a trash can, so skinny and with no hair, my mom thought she was a hairless cat! She had no teeth and well my mom said she was still cute. After much help, from a vet, her hair grew out and she was a beautiful spunky calico! I was not with the family yet? Wait, oh yeah, I came after Gabby! Anyways, she was my girl:) I likes her so much, I would pull her hair out:( She would scream and I got in trouble>: Even after 12 years, mom said she still looked and acted like a kitten:) just one more thing, in the words of Bogart......

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns,in all the world, she walks into's looking at you kid

Thank you god, for bringing Gabby into our lives:)



December 9th 2011 8:25 pm
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what is a woofer? Is it like a cookie?mol! Dear secret Santa, no doggies, in our house. Last time a doggie came into our house, we all hissed and scattered all over the place! But I gotta tell you we gots some bunnies and birds too. One bunny chases us off the bed! Bad jack! Hope this helps!


The litter box is suppose to be for us cats!

December 5th 2011 7:01 am
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dad put a kitty litter box by the bunny corral:( now they think it's theirs because they have been leaving tiny pebbles in it! Yesterday, dad was cleaning out the litter boxes and he found a TARANTULA! He said that he was just cleaning, the litter box and did not notice it at first. Then when he tried to get it, the tarantula got up on it's hind legs, it showed it's ugly claws and teeth! Now my dad is sooooo afraid of spiders, mom was surprised to learn that he put the tarantula outside, in the front yard! My sister, who hates bugs also said that she was hoping it would stick by the house so that it would eat those big water roaches. Well mom seemed to be the only one who did not want the tarantula around the house because it could come back in the house! mom found the exoskeleton, of the tarantula, in the kitty patio and thought that it was the dead tarantula. But it wasn't:( you know all I could have done was step on the tarantula and I would have killed it because the tarantula was, after all, smaller than my paw! I just wonder if the tarantula had to use the littler box?

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