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I was lost but now I'm found

I got stuck in a bag last night

February 22nd 2011 3:18 am
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My daddy left a paper bag by the front door last night. It was one of those paper shopping bags with the loop handles... the kind you get at the mall. He was going to put his "stuff" in it when he went to work this morning.

Anyway, the bag looked interesting to me, so I poked my head into it, and got stuck!

I dashed up the stairs, but I couldn't shake off the bag. Then, I ran under mommy's bed. The bag was still stuck. It made such a racket it woke mommy and daddy up. I think mommy was really scared by the noise too. She said she thought the house was falling down or something. Finally, I dashed out from under the bed into the bathroom, with the bag still on my head. Oh, I was so scared!

Daddy went into the bathroom and freed me from the bag. At this point, nothing is hurt but my pride. But please, tell your humans not to leave those things lying around where we cats can find them. We are CURIOUS critters!



Embarassing confession

February 13th 2011 7:08 am
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All right, it's true. I have a trash can habit.

You all know I'm a girly girl, right? I love to show off my beautiful calico fur and pouffy tail. But there's one other thing I like to do... I like to knock over trash cans.

My mommy tried to tempt me with a trash can full of cat toys and Q-tips, but I saw through that maneuver right away. There's nothing like a trash can full of wadded-up tissues to paw through. My mommy doesn't like it, but there's nothing she can do to stop me!

I'm sorry, but that's just the way I see it.



A special day

December 20th 2009 8:11 pm
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OMC, when I woke up this morning, I learned that I was named Catster's Cat of the Day. Then, this evening, my sweet Julius asked me to marry him! I can't imagine any day being this special... that is, until our wedding day! We haven't set a date yet. I am purring with happiness!

Love to all, and to all a good night!
Little Emma


WooHoo, I'm Cat of the Day!

December 20th 2009 3:40 am
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OMC, I can't believe it! Catster picked me as Cat of the Day today!

I'm purring up a storm!

Little Emma


I have a new boyfriend!!

September 26th 2009 5:25 pm
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Big brofurs are good for one thing at least.... they have furriends! My big brofur Beckham is friends with this really cute cat named Julius. Julius... the name sounds so sweet to my ears!

Well, the other night, Beckham and I (and our other fursibs) went to this big pawty with the Welcome Waggin group. And who was there?? My brofur's furriend Julius, that's who! My goodness, he's so handsome! And so galant too! He remembered that my favorite drink is Bailey's Eskimo Mist, and he brought me one!

I think I'm in love! Sigh!

Little Emma


Thank you, Purrsscilla!!!

June 16th 2009 5:08 pm
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My good furriend Purrscilla redesigned my page for me! Doesn't it look purrty??!!! My catness, I really think it captures my purrsonality! She also told me how to update the style sheet for myself when I want to make a change.

Three cheers for Purrscilla! A true Catster cat!



A diamond!

June 11th 2009 6:27 pm
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Thank you, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, for leaving a beautiful, sparkly diamond on my page!!! Do I have a secret admirer?

Little Emma


I wanna take you higher!

April 24th 2009 3:48 am
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Our basement is kinda torn up. There were some guys there with hammers and saws last weekend, making such a ruckus! But the cool thing is that they've moved efurrything around down there. Daddy's workbench is now next to the porch swing that daddy and mommy store in the basement all winter. The porch swing has a cool canopy on top. And the coolest thing of all is that the porch swing is right under the ductwork and the rafters.

Why is that cool? Well, first, I can jump up on the workbench. Piece of cake; it's pretty low. From there, I figured I could jump up on the canopy of the porch swing. It looked hard, but I figured out how to do that yesterday. Now, this morning, mommy saw me on top of the canopy, eying the ductwork. She went upstairs to clean a litter box, came back down to the basement, and looked around. No Emma! Mwahhaaa! Then she looked up.

Hi mommy! I'm so proud of myself! Well, I had a little trouble figuring out how to get down from there. It's a tight space, and I couldn't turn around. I figured it out though, and mommy didn't need to call the fire department to get me down.

Let's see.... where can I go tomorrow?

Meow atcha later!
Little Emma


I did not like it!

April 2nd 2008 7:04 pm
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Oh Hai!

I went to the vet today, and I did not like it. First, I had to ride and ride and ride in the car to get there. Then, a BIG doggie charged at my little cage. I would have jumped a mile if it weren't for the top of my cage. Next, they pulled me out of my safe little cage and stuck something up my butt. Can you believe it!?!? Then the made me really sleepy and they took some pictures of the insides of my front paws. One of my paws is very sore and I do not know why. When I woke up, the vet told mommy that my paw is swollen but no bones are broken! Whew! But now I have to take something called Clavamox. What's that? I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Tonight, I did something new! I wrapped myself around my daddy's shoulders like a fur stole! He really liked that!

Anyway, always something new!



Found my pawrents

August 21st 2007 3:11 pm
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These nice people (humans) found me walking around across the street in the rain last night. They felt sorry for me and took me home with them. What a nice house! There were four other kitties there, and lots of food. Even milk! Well, I had a good time spending the night there... playing, purring, sleeping. You name it. It was fun! I even used the litter box!

In the morning those humans printed out signs and walked around the neighborhood stuffing them in mailboxes. The humans even took me to the v-e-t to make sure I'm not sick or anything. Silly humans!

Anyway, while they were at the vet, my real daddy called them. He sounded so worried! He said, "I think you have my cat." My meowmie and human sister came over that afternoon to get me. They were really happy to see me! I was glad to see them too, but you know, that other house had really good food and toys.

Anyway, I'm home now. The vet says I'm around nine weeks old, not six. So that nice other human is going to change my page on Catster to show my true age. She says she'll never forget me. Imagine that!


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