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Hello Furryiends.

September 10th 2007 2:36 pm
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Hello everyone.......whew! I can't believe it, Mommie is actually getting around to writing down MY thoughts. I thought she forgot me. Actually she is so busy with Looie....spoiled brat, that she has only a small amount of time. I think he does it on purpose....what do you think?
Anyway, back to me. I am so big that most people don't really hold me. I really don't like it anyway because I don't feel that safe. Not like a small kitty that is easy to handle. But boy do I love to be petted. My feet are big too you see, so when I "make bread" on my Mommie's leg, she says OW! I try so hard to be a little kitty, I just can't, so I am satisfied to lay on her lap and be petted.
There is nothing I love more than to catch a good mouse. I like to see Tommy get sick too when I eat it......MOL!! I guess I have pretty well cleaned them all out though, or they have warned all the other mice that I live here, cuz I don't see them in the house anymore. I can't go outside because I lived in a house since I was a baby and Mommie said I won't know how to handle myself. I really don't want to anyway cuz it scares me. So unless the mice come in here, I won't get any. Pooh!


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