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The Secrets of A MaineCoon...As told by Fredrick

The Day I got my spot in Heaven

July 4th 2008 12:30 am
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I died back in April. I finally got my wings, but at a young age. Mom says I was too young to die. I wonder if she was right? I think she was. But somehow, it was my time to leave. She loved me so much.

A lot of Catsters don't know I have gone to rainbow bridge, but that is because mom never got around to writing my story. She has only know begun to accept that I am gone and not coming back. She often mistakes her new kitten for me. I am proud to call this kitten Brock, my nephew.

I am proud of my mommy for trying to be strong. She couldn't cope with my loss. She still thinks about me and cries. I wish I could tell her not to cry. I am happy never to hurt again.

My mommy blames herself on what happened to me. I wish she wouldn't. It wasn't her fault.

You see, when I was a young kitten, around my nephew Brock's age, I had litter pan troubles. I learned to use it, but didn't find it as appealing as carpet. I know it wasn't right, but I don't know what came over me.

Well my mom's mommy told Amber to throw me out of the house for good. Amber protested, but in the end, this is what happened. I wasn't lonely, my dear sister Fluffy was an outside cat. So we often played together.

A few months went by and me and my sister stayed on the property with our mother, but when I reached 6 months old, I became more adventurous. I often saw my mother cross the big black path, as I called it. So I decided I would cross it too.

Fluffy begged me not to, but I wanted to. I stepped out onto the sunbaked path and felt the whoosh of air. I saw this big red machine spar at me. I panicked, and I ran for the other side of the path. But as I rushed forward, I felt a striken moment of pain, then darkness.

When I awoke, I found myself in a soft nest of clouds. I knew what had happened. My grandmother Basil was there. She told me all that had happened. She took me back to a earth viewing space in the clouds and showed me my grieving mother trying to get to my tattered body. My sister was yowling in grief. I felt so bad for not listening to my sister.

Then I saw my owner, my mommy, my amber...She cried so hard those nights. They buried my body close to home, but she was so heartbroken.

After a while I continued to watch my family. I even watch over my niece, who died when my sister gave birth to her. I have named her Ambrielle, in honor of my owner who still grieves for me.

We watch now all the members of my family...

Especially young Brock. I am proud to call him nephew.

Something in the clouds tells me he will close the rift of heartbreak my Amber still feels for me.


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