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I am gifted

I've been tagged again

July 19th 2008 3:48 pm
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The sad thing is I don't have anything to add to this!
I'm a simple boy, with lots of things that make me happy.With that said, I will give thank for the following things:

1. Canned food most especially Fancy Feasts Medleys
2. My brothers and sisters who play with me, clean my face and just let me be me
3. My bestie, Finney
4. All of my wonderful friends on Catster!
5. My mommy, daddy and human sister, Tori


Apparently, I've been tagged!

February 17th 2008 3:16 pm
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Okay here goes:

1. I'm EXCELLENT at playing with toys or chasing things.
2. I like sitting on the post at the end of the bannister (but that makes Mommy really nervous b/c she's afraid I'll fall)
3. I once scared Mommy and Daddy to bits because they couldnt find me and I didn't answer them either. I was lying on the shelf in the coffee table for hours while they searched for me inside and outside!!
4. I was born with anophthalmia, which is pretty rare.
5. It took me less than a week to learn the layout of my home.
6. My nickname "Squint" was given to me by Philadelphia Phillies 2nd Baseman, Chase Utley
7. My best friend on Catster is Alex Finnegan bka Finney!


A minor setback

November 14th 2007 6:30 am
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I had some swelling after the stitches were removed. Then, yesterday, I managed to get my hind leg up and scratch the corner of the eye. IT WAS ITCHING!!! Well, that wasn't so good, let me tell you. I opened up the lid and the eye was oozing. Daddy was VERY good about cleaning me up before he and Mommy and Tori took me to the hospital. (Daddy thought Mommy would get worked up if she saw me looking a mess like I was)
So, 2 docs saw me and 2 nurses and they all thought it best if they DIDN'T stitch me back up and allowed the fluid to leave. So, that's what we did.
No one knew what happened to me, so Mommy was still upset. But then...she SAW me get my leg up there. She quick picked me up and took me across the hall to the hospital and got me a bigger e-collar. I don't like it but now I get to have it off to eat and drink, etc. Then afterwards, Mommy and I lounge around, listen to music or the TV and we cuddle.
I was sneezing yesterday, so they switched me to zithromax and lysine paste. That medicine is SO MUCH better tasting!! Thank goodness.
I'd like to thank every kitty for the lovely pmails and rosettes and well wishes. All those purrs are helping me heal!!


Day 2 in recovery

November 2nd 2007 10:02 am
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Mommy brought me home last night. I was so happy to be in my own home, I purred non-stop for the first 90 mins or so. I hate this collar around my head, but I am getting used to it. I've learned how to eat and drink with it.
I slept in my Tori's room, which is very comfy but I was lonesome and wanted to be around my brothers and sisters. M&D say not yet. I have to be extra careful with all my stitches.
I came back to work with Mommy and will have to for a total of one week. That way the doctors can examine me, put the drops in my eyes and give me meds.
Mommy's boss is the former clinic manager and she said she's never seen eyes look so good after a surgery. She is impressed with the lack of swelling and the general good health.
I am eating well again, drinking and using my box like a champ.
I am resting as much as I want and that's good. Resting is healing.
I will update my diary as I go along. I only have 2 weeks to wait for the stitches to be removed and along with them, the collar.
Until later,


My day in surgery

October 31st 2007 11:55 am
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Well, I went in to be neutured and have my eye sockets cleaned out and my lids sewn shut.
The doctors said I had NO EYE in the right socket and barely one in the left.
In addition (to make matters worse) I was monorchid, meaning only one testicle came down. So...they had to go in and 'look for it'. They found it, undeveloped, in a tube that it comes through (and didn't!) when I was a fetus.
I not only have sutures on both eyes, but I now have what is similiar to a spaying scar, as well as the scar for the neuturing.
The dr said I've had quite alot of surgery in one fell swoop.
Mommy has been in to see me, but I am still so groggy from the meds and my head is bobbing and I don't know how to move quite right.
Mommy put one of my towels in with me and I stuck my little nose through the cage door and she kissed me on it.
I will stay in the hospital overnight and then its recovery time at home.

I am doing well and I am grateful for such good treatment.


My first few days in the new home

August 21st 2007 6:09 am
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It's a pretty scary thing to be taken from the only home you've known and learned so well. It's even scarier to be with a new family and new animals. I cried a little my first day, until I explored the room in which Mommy placed me. Once I familiarized myself with the layout, I was better.
My new Mommy stayed with me for a long time and we napped together.
Last night, I explored the master bedroom while Mommy ironed. Some of the other kitties were in there but they let me do my thing. Mommy put me on the bed with her and Nico and I explored that as well.
Mommy said she notices that I put my paw out in front of me if I am not sure.
I did walk all around the bed and even went to the one nightstand and back to the bed.
Mommy led me (by voice) to the top of the small landing. She helped me determine the step below. Then she did it again and then one more time until I was on the next landing. But then she carried me because the steps are big to the first floor.
She is being careful to talk to me before she pets me so I don't get startled.
This morning, my sister Tocca spent some time in my 'safe room' and Mommy called to remind Daddy to take Tocca out but by then we were curled up together, napping!
I just need to get used to the dogs in the house since I didn't know what they were and sometimes they are loud.
But so far, so good!

I am so pleased to have met such wonderful kitties on Catster! I am glad to be here.

Until later....

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