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Spring Tag game !

April 11th 2013 4:52 pm
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My furiend Nermal tagged me. She had to run purrty fast too :)
I am supposed to list 5 things I love about spring.

1) Laying in the nip field or birthday meadow soaking up the sun
2) all the flowers and grasses smell so good.
3)Every one is so happy it is spring :)
4) The bugs come out to play
5)on Earth I loved my catio sooo much :)

Heheheee, I tag all the Olde Furts who haven't played yet! Come on furts, let's play tag :)


One month gone

March 12th 2013 5:00 pm
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I have been gone for 1 month now. My angel wings and rainbow rosies are disappearing from my page. Mom doesn't come home and automatically run to check on me anymore.
That's because I am ok now.
Mom still has a long way to go but all of us angels are helping.
After Misha died, mom was going to get another kitty but Molly changed her mind. After years of sitting next to mom or behind mom, she started climbing in her lap! That's because with Misha gone, there was more space for her to give loves to mom. Then when Molly died, mom started to look at kitties again. Then I changed her mind. It was MY turn to have mom. I had her all to myself and I loved it. I followed her around and we focused on each other. But when I died, there was no one. Then a funny thing happened. The barn kitty Uboo started sneaking inside. Soon, he decided to move inside and be a good boy. No spraying ! Then, us angels found Lily. Lily is a little girl cat that was living outside in the cold and needed a home. She got fixed and cleaned up at the vet and mom adopted her. Lily is scared of mom half the time and purry half the time. Mom really misses my love and our familiar,sweet way together but I am watching over her and Lily. I just know Lily will be mom's little princess girl in time :)


My beautiful Macy

February 8th 2013 1:51 pm
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I loved my little Macy since the day I first saw him. He was only a few minutes old just born under the big pine tree. He was the cutest kitten! I brought him and his family in the house.
I picked him up and held him, pet him and talked to him and adored him almost every day for the next 4530 days. Now he is gone. His heated bed is empty,he is not here to greet me when I come home, tuck me in at night,purr me to sleep or wake me in the morning. I can close the bathroom door now..but I still leave it open a crack. I have not emptied his water bowl or litter pan. I sleep holding his blanket. I miss him so.

Thank you for being my beautiful,funny,sweet Macy. Thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for not holding a grudge when I had to pill you,wash you and take you to the vet.Thank you for napping with me,sitting with me and being my shoulder to cry on. I loved to play with you,pet you and brush and snuggle you. You lit up for me and I for you. I will never forget you or stop loving you. I promise to look for you as soon as my feet hit the rainbow.


Wintery Hello and an update on me

December 28th 2012 8:31 am
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We have lots of snow here now and I am not going out on the catio for more then a few minutes to check on the bird/squirrel tree. There are a lot of feeders out there and it is a busy tree. But--it is COLD out there !! shiver...
I have not been feeling well for a while now again. I don't want to eat. Mom fixes me about 8 meals a day and warms them up and feeds me with a spoon. I slurp up a few bites. Sometimes, I eat a bit off the plate but if mom gets up to go..I stop eating. I hate getting food in the syringe so we are trying to get by without it. I am still getting my prednisolone and Lasix and a supplement for digestion. I still purr when mom pets me :) And cuddle with her for a little bit at bed time. But mostly, I sleep in my heated bed or in the closet hideaway. When you say your purrs at night please purr for me too. Thanks :)


I feel good!!!

November 11th 2012 7:00 am
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I am so happy to say I FEEL GOOD !!!
Every day I am acting more like "my old self" Yesterday, I could lay on my side and then even rolled over for mom to pet my tummy. Just last week, I couldn't breath on my side or back. I am sleeping on the catio in the sun today and I am not hiding any more :) I am eating and drinking pretty well without mom having to help me too. I still have my medical problems and will take meds for my CHF for life but I am stable again and enjoying life. Mom is sooo happy. Thanks to all of my furends for supporting me and mom.
Yays and hugs!!!


My nose is pink again!

November 3rd 2012 7:55 am
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As my friends know, I crashed last week and ended up in the hospital. I am making very small improvements but I Am moving forward. The good news is my nose is pink again! Not as pink as in the new photos mom posted. (She took those a couple weeks ago) but it is more pink then blue now.
I have poor circulation now due to my CHF. My nose and paw pad were bluish. I am getting more lasix and am slowly improving. I am getting a very tiny dose (.5 ml) of prednizolone to help my pancreas and help me eat. If I get a normal dose it could make it harder for me to breath and I don't need that. Please keep purring for me. I still feel lousy.
Mom posted some cute pictures she took of me before I slid downhill. They are super cute and we hope I am looking and feeling that good again soon.
Thanks for the purrs everyone. I love my furiends!


Update on me

October 31st 2012 12:08 pm
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According to my diary the first time I needed purrs was in May. I've had a pretty good run so far. A few bad days but not enough to really worry about. That all ended on Monday. I started throwing up and throwing up. I didn't eat all day. Mom gave me a pill the vet had prescribed for nausea and appetite. In 15 min. I felt good and ate all by breakfast and lunch. But soon I was really having problems. I had trouble walking. I meowed and meowed and was very anxious. Pretty soon one leg wasn't working at all. Mom rushed me to my vet . We were afraid I threw a clot and that's why my legs weren't working.The vet could not find a pulse in my legs. My B/P was very low so I was put on IV fluids and the vet kept me. He was to start me on Heparin soon.But after an hour on fluids he could find the pulse in my legs and I could move them! So no Heparin. We decided it was my appetite pill that caused my low B/P. I stayed overnight and got dosed with charcoal to be sure the pill would stop working. The next morning I came home. Mom was excited but... I am still not doing well. I hide a lot. My body feels cold and my pink parts aren't pink enough.Mom called the vet. Could my B/P be dropping again? The vet thinks not. He thinks because of all my trauma, my CHF is no longer under control. I am breathing a bit fast and I am so tired I just walk short distances. Mom is hand feeding me to get me to eat a few bites. If I go back to the vet tonight, I might just have too much stress. Since I Can walk and use the litterbox we are just going to let me rest tonight. I am still getting my Lasix 2x a day to help my heart and breathing. The fact that I have chronic pancreatitis makes it harder to treat my CHF. I feel lousy. I still purr when mom cuddles me though.
Please keep sending purrs that I can get back on track. Mom feels lousy too.


Ahoy Mateys!!!

September 22nd 2012 8:09 am
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I had such a fun Talk Like a Pirate day!! I hope you all did too. My furt furiends and I sailed our ship and found buried treasure in a cave!!I got me a fancy jewel and some Tiki Cat. Woweee. Then, I went to Pen Paws and had some spicy pirate mouse stew with my pal Mietzi!! Yummy. THEN, when I came home, my page was filled with Jolly Rogers. Thanks so much furiends for making my day. And thanks to Smudge's mommy for putting up my Pirate music.I am leaving my page up over the weekend so we can talk about Pirate day!
What did all of you do to celebrate ?


I need purrs

May 24th 2012 1:45 pm
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Last week my mom noticed my breathing was a little rough. She thought it might be allergies or I was getting a cold. The next day it was a little worse so mom called for a vet appointment that afternoon. She thought she was over reacting. When she got home, I was much worse! My sides were working hard to push air and even my little pink nose was opening hard to suck air in. Mom was happy she had called for sure. We got to the vet, and he said my heart sounded fine, no temp and he didn't feel any lumps. Whew! He took xrays and all we saw were bones and fluid. He took me in the back and tapped my chest with needles and got a cup of fluid out of me.That's a lot guys. I got a shot of lasix and mom took me home.I lost a lot more fluid that night in the litter box..let me tell you heeheee. The lab said I have lymph in my fluid. That is called Chylothorax. There were no cancer cells.
But why do I have this fluid?? There are 3 regular diagnosis. The best one is congestive heart failure. So we are going with that for now cuz I am an optimistic cat :) I am on lasix at home now and will go in for more xrays and a check up Tuesday. So far, I feel great now!! So please purr that the lasix is all I need and the vet doesn't find anything else wrong in me.
Thanks dear furiends.


I was tagged !

August 4th 2010 6:59 am
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I was tagged by my young furriend Milo. Now I am IT !

1) Do you ever wake up your parents at night?

You betcha I do! I wake mum up so she can help me get under the covers. And I wake her up if she has her back to me too long. And I wake her up for breakfast Every morning. Gee, she would sleep in past 6 if it wasn't for me.

2) Do you ever tear things up?

Not really anymore. I am 10 and all growed up now. But once a in a while, I pee on stuff! Hehe, that's even naughtier isn't it?

3) What is your favorite treat?

I like them all! Little pieces of meat or cheese are my favorites though. Yummy in my tummy!

4)Can you fetch something when asked to?

I love to play fetch with my toys. But I ask. Mum throw the toy will ya?

5) Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Yup, I have been around the block a few times. I was born under a tree. Then I lived in a basement with my litter mates. Then mum decided to adopt me so I moved upstairs. Then we moved into our condo (My favorite place) Then to the house we are in now.

Any one who wants to play tag can copy my diary, delete my answers and add their own. Let me know if you play so I will read your diaries for sure.

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