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Pearls Of Wisdom

It's My Birthday!

July 19th 2012 9:25 pm
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Wow, today marks another year in this house with these crazy boys and that crazy Cindy Lou. Mom and Dad are home with us tomorrow so I plan on asking for lots of snickey-snacks all day. How can they say no to the Birthday Girl? I will just woo them with my pretty green eyes.


Flying Newmies!

March 13th 2011 6:27 pm
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The boys in this house sure are gross. The other day Dad was cleaning our boxes and he found a newmie behind the box on the little rug that's under our box. Then the next day, he found another one. He moved the box to vacuum and there was a THIRD newmie! Yuck! You know it's one of those stinky boys or maybe even that crazy new girl because I am much too ladylike to do such a disgusting thing. Dad thinks they may be Willie's or Cindy Lou's because Murray's newmies look like dinosaur poops (they are HUGE), and these were just normal newmies. This place is getting unfit for a delicate flower such as myself.


Just Wonderin'....

November 9th 2010 5:31 pm
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Dad usually buys us Fresh Step litter and cuts those silly squares out of the boxes to get us Paw Points in the online "Paw Points Club". We were just a wonderin' if anyone else has trouble reading - or trying to decipher - those silly codes on the inside of the boxes. What is up with that? Dad can barely tell the F from the E and the 6 from the S. Is he losing his marbles (and his sight) or do other pawrents have this problem too?

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