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Hi, Guys!

October 28th 2007 11:50 am
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Milagrito included me in a game of tag, but to be honest, I'm not sure how to play, exactly, so I'm writing this so anybody who clicks my link on his page can check me out.

In addition to the sweet things Milagrito said about me -- well...I'm a spoiled rotten queen, is what I am. There are three young cats in our house nowadays. I call them the "Gang of Three" -- Eli, Sebastian and Prissy, or Genghis, Attila and the Hun-y (like...honey, you know?) They are at that age of being catteens and they make me crazy. Genghis...I mean Eli (mom calls him pooter head...he hates it, so I call him that to his face) is a nightmare, particularly.

I stay outside a lot these days. Maybe that will change when it gets cold, but right now the weather is temperate and there are lots of outside buildings in our neighborhood where I can find shelter for the night and be reasonably snug and safe. It's better than being jumped on by the Gang. The bean brings me inside, and I try to lay in her lap, because I know she likes it so much, but then Eli will jump up and swipe me out of nowhere and I get too nervous to relax, so I have to go back outside. I hope the three of them grow up before it gets tail-freezing cold outside, but to be honest, I don't hold out much hope. Mom hasn't gotten pages done for them yet. It's no surprise, really -- they keep her so busy cleaning up the broken glass and chewed books and stuff she has no time for Catster.

Well, I hope to make some new friends, so don't hesitate to drop me a pawmail just to say hello.


Missing the outdoors

November 11th 2005 10:39 am
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Since there have been several LARGE stray dogs hanging around the vicinity of our house, our human bean has stopped letting us go outside. I miss it. Sometimes I sit in one of the uncovered windows (our human bean has plastic over most of the windows in the house -- she says it helps with the utility bill, whatever that is). It keeps the cool air inside in the summer and outside in the winter. So really there aren't but three windows in our house you can look out of. One is over the kitchen sink, another is in the boarder, Lily's, room, and the third is in the "guest bedroom" which mom keeps closed off all the time because there's a canopy bed in there and Sauda thinks the canopy is a hammock. She climbs up there the SECOND she catches that door open. For some reason mom doesn't like her doing that. So that window is almost never available, thanks to the Brat.

I often sit in the window over the kitchen sink and I love watching the leaves falling. I'd like to go out there and play in them and chase them and roll around in the dirt, but I don't get to anymore. Mom says it's too bad she loves me so much. If she didn't care what happened to me, she'd let me go outside whenever I wanted, but since I'm her "heart kitty" I have even less chance than the others of ever having success with a wistful look when the door opens. She tells me, quite gently, that losing me would break her heart clean in two. I'm thinking that would hurt a lot, and I don't want her to be hurt.

Sometimes the Brat gets to go outside, and every now and again Raven will "escape" (though mom gets her back inside as quick as she can). Charlie Chan gets to go out whenever he or night. Mom says that's because she knows exactly where he's going to go. He either lays on top of her car, or he climbs the ladder she keeps leaning up against our metal storage building in the back yard, just for him, and sleeps on the roof. He pretty much never leaves the yard.

Well, I suppose it's about time for a nap. Only a few hours and mom will be home from her working place. She will be home for two days for the weekend and I'll get lots of extra lap time. I like that almost as much (and more on cold nights) than going outside!


Just for the record

October 28th 2005 11:49 am
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Regarding the house plant caper: Mom's "Oh my GOD" was NOT an expression of pleasure. Those two dumb kittens have no idea how lucky they are that mom doesn't believe in punishing her kitties. Most human beans would've beaten their little butts for such an escapade!


The Kittens...

August 19th 2005 1:40 pm
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Well...I will grudgingly concede that the kittens aren't *too* bad. At least not YET. They're still quite young. When they hit those difficult "teenage years" about the time they turn one, it may be a different story. That's about the time when Sauda became possessed by Satan. I keep hoping she will settle down sometime soon -- but to be honest, I'm losing faith. She's nearly two and she's still the meanest, wildest little... I won't say what, because a ladycat minds her language, but I'll bet you can imagine what I'm thinking!

Sirius and Zoe both seem to be unusually calm for kittens. Yes, they play (but usually not TOO exuberantly unless Sauda gets involved) and they romp -- and they've even broken a few things, but mostly they play with each other and with Sauda. They don't push themselves on us older, more dignified members of the family. I hope Zoe is getting LOTS of tips from Winston on how to be a calm, kind and gentle soul.

Recently I even let Zoe curl up beside me on my newest favorite sleeping spot (those times when mom's lap isn't available) next to the bean's recliner. It's a wrought iron tea cart I like to nap on. She was close enough to *touch* me -- but I just kept quiet and didn't make a fuss. She didn't bother me or try to play with my tail or anything. I can be civil if they can.

Well, it's almost time for my mom to get home, so I'd better go get ready to watch a lot of teevee with her. Later, gang!


Life is hell

June 23rd 2005 11:27 am
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Well, two times last night I snuck over in mom's arms to get myself a little "armpit," even though the kittens were both in her lap. I guess I should explain that. See, when I make biscuits, I like to bury my face in my mom's left armpit (just the left -- the right won't do) and think back on my kittenhood when I was still with my catmom. I don't actually try to *nurse* -- I don't suck on her clothes or make sucky noises, I just kneed her arm and I guess the smell of my human bean is a comfort, too. I haven't had any armpit since those two little invaders arrived. But last night, I'd finally been deprived long enough! Mom was reading a book, so she kept it propped up between me and the kittens, so I couldn't see 'em, and I spent a little time in her arms. I want them to go away so I can have my lap back. Even if mom puts them down so I can take their place, they just get right back up there, and that upsets me, and I get down.

I miss having mom to myself. It's just not fair.


Stupid kittens

June 15th 2005 1:21 pm
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StupidkittensstupidkittensstupidkittensstupidkittensIhate kittensIhatekittensIhateSiriusIhateAmarnastupidkittensIHATES iriusstupidkittenWHYCAN'TTHEYGOBACKTOWHEREVER THEYCAMEFROM???



A second little intruder

June 10th 2005 9:11 am
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She did it. Mom brought home another kitten. She says it's because all us grown cats were so ugly to little Sirius (I would "siriusly" like to kill him) that he needed a companion. This new one is a female, and she's just your garden variety silver striped tabby, but she's deformed, too. She has normal back paws, but she has six toes on each front foot. Her name is Amarna, but mom calls her Marney.

I did have one bright thought. Since these little aliens have so many darned toes, maybe they'll be able to open the doors for themselves when they're a little bigger -- maybe they'll go outside and get lost or devoured by a wild barker.

It's my only hope.



June 6th 2005 12:10 pm
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I can't believe it. I mean, I just really can NOT believe what my beloved bean has gone and done. You won't believe it, either, I bet. Last Thursday (I've been in shock all weekend) she brought home a KITTEN!! Yes, *another one*...and I heard her talking on the fellyfone last night with one of her bean friends, and she said she's going back today to get a second one! mmmmnnnsss (kitty sigh).

The one she's already got is black, has no tail, and has too many toes. Everybody knows a *normal* cat has 18 toes...four on each back foot and five on each front foot...but not THIS little freak. He (his name is Sirius Black) has five toes on each back foot, six on one front foot and seven on the other. And do you know what? That's what mom likes best about him! He's *deformed* and she thinks it's so *CUTE*. In fact, that's why she's considering getting another one...because they're freaks of nature.

Well, I let her know exactly how *I* feel about this foolishness. I haven't sat in her lap not ONCE since she brought that little intruder into the house. In fact, her friend Donna came to visit Friday night, and I sat in HER lap all evening. Believe me, mom noticed. I haven't ever picked Donna's lap over mom's, though she visits quite a lot.

I wonder what would happen if somebody "accidentally" smothered that little black rat?


Ding Dong the 'Dillio Is Dead!

May 24th 2005 8:25 am
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Mom found the body of the nasty armadillio in the woods near our house yesterday. Neither I nor any of my kitty family members had *anything* to do with its untimely demise, but on behalf of all concerned, we're glad it's gone!

Mom was sorta sad. Go figure.

The NEWEST mews on our homefront though...did I tell you she brought home a lizard? It's a crevice spiny lizard...and she named it Spike. Well, last night when she got hom, "Spike" had given birth to eight baby lizards!! Spike is now Medusa. Mom is kinda frantic. Medusa is the first lizard she's ever owned, and now she's expected to chop up crickets for those little tiny beasts? mmmrrrhehehe (cat chuckle) That's funny, isn't it? Me and all the other cats *desperately* want her to let 'em out of that 'quarium so we can play with them! She won't, of course, because she just doesn't know how to have any fun!


I am humbled

May 20th 2005 9:11 am
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...well, not really. Humility doesn't come easy to cats, you know.

My last diary entry was chosen as one of the best of the day this week, and I just wanted to thank all the nice folks at Catster for recognizing my brilliant writing skills mmrrhehehe (cat laugh)

For the record, the armadillio is still out there...we can smell him...but we don't see him since we have to come inside at night and the 'dillio only comes out after dark...but we still don't like him being here and wish he'd go away, 'cause he stinks. Our human bean can't smell him because she can't smell ANYTHING...she lost her sense of smell years ago, which she says is a lucky thing when she has to clean out the litter boxes (a remark I find somewhat insulting). Must be perfectly *awful* not to be able to smell! Somehow she seems to get by. Who can ever understand beans anyway?

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