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Seana's Tall Tails

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I've discovered someone worse than Patrick!

May 31st 2010 9:10 am
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Well, over the past two years, Patrick and I have become best friends. We would do everything together, sleep on Mommy's bed, play together, hang out together. He's really a cool brother, as nice and smart as Magic. Things were perfect, like they had been when both my brothers Frank and Magic were around.

Then something horrible happened. Someone gave Mom a Siamese cat who has totally messed up everything we had going. He arrived just after Christmas and Mom named him Niko after St. Nicholas. Not a saintly boy is this Niko!

I tried to make friends with him and he snorted at me like a pig. He eats like a pig too, if Mom leaves our food out, he will eat ALL the crunchies in the dishes, in addition to his own!

He dumps Mom's coffee (and drinks it too if he can) picks fights with meand Patrick (scares the daylights out of me!) knocks everything down, throws everything in the litter box (Mom has had lots of laundry lately!) is constantly in the garbage, knocking it over. He rips dust covers off of books. He bites Mom instead of kissing her (not hard, but it took a while for her to get used to that). Mom is always yelling "Don't!" at him all day long, because he is always about to break something or knock it over.

At night, when we are sleeping, he unexpectedly jumps on the bed and picks fights with Patrick in the middle of the night, scaring Mom and me out of our wits! So now, he has to be in his own room at night or we have to be locked up in Mom's bedroom. Sometimes Pat is out with Niko (Pat is very brave!) but he sometimes looks a bit harried in the morning, with his fur standing a bit on end!

I suggested to Mom that we put him on Ebay...even if we only got a dollar or two it would be worth it! Mom smiled and said, "Seana, that's a lovely thought, but we couldn't do that. We need to find Niko a nice home where he will be the only cat or with some cats that like to rough-house. He needs a home where all the people and the kitties will love him." Yeah, like there is such a place! I certainly don't like to rough-house - I am a cultured lady and don't like his kind of play. He is a little ruffian. the meantime....I'm hiding all day...


Uh, oh! Musings of a not-usually-naughty kitty

March 29th 2009 5:03 pm
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Well, last night I realized I have been hanging around with my brother Patrick too much. Mr. Patrick is a huge klutz, always running too fast and knocking things over.

Anyway, last night, I was just sitting next to Mom's computer nonchalantly when I accidentally knocked over her bottle of water on her laptop. Uh, oh....well first the computer seemed okay, then the page started flipping up. Mom tried to fix it. She rebooted. That seemed good for a little while. Then the computer started putting end-of-paragraph markers down the page and it scrolled and scrolled by itself and created a zillion pages. Mom erased them and tried again. Then suddenly the enter and space bar keys went out! So she couldn't put spaces between words or paragraphs!

Yikes! What could I say? I was hiding by this time. But then I started thinking about it...You know, I have come to the conclusion that it wasn't really me at all sitting next to her on the computer. It was Patrick! Yes, it must have been...hmmm...he doesn't usually sit there, but yes...I remember it well! It was Patrick!

So I came out and told her to yell at Patrick. She frowned at me then told me to jump on her lap. She didn't yell at me, but she didn't yell at Patrick either. Hmmm...then this morning she said the computer was all dry and acting normally. Whew! Well, now I know that I can dump water on it any time I want and not really break the computer...for long!


New Year's Resolutions???

January 4th 2009 12:10 pm
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Mommy said I need to make New Year's Resolutions. She said that means I should look at all the naughty things I do and resolve to do better!

OK, well I would do that, except for the fact that I don't do anything naughty! My name could be "Mary Poppins" because I am "practically perfect!"

I mean things like, biting my brother and teasing him so he will play with me aren't even naughty....right?? Also pushing things on the floor...that helps Mommy because Patrick will knock them down anyway because he's a klutz...and he BREAKS them! And pulling trash out of the wastebasket to play with is good because it saves Mommy money on buying me toys! Mommy said, "what about running over me in the middle of the night and waking me that nice?" I said, "That's Patrick's fault...he's chasing me!"

So phooey on New Year's Resolutions...I am perfect as it is!!


My Christmas Poem!

December 28th 2008 12:18 pm
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A Cat’s Christmas Dream
by Seána

On Christmas Eve, I snuggled in
My small and cozy bed
I closed my eyes and smiled a smile
And dreams swirled in my head.

Suddenly cold, I looked around
In a dark and dreary place
I saw a scene, a wondrous scene
And saw a lovely face.

A tiny babe was in the place
Where cattle eat their food
The straw was where the baby lay
Wrapped against the cold.

I came up close to look at him
He opened up his eyes
I climbed right in, right next to him
To keep him warm and nice.

I felt a soft touch on my head
The babe’s mom smiled at me
And said, “I thank you, tiny cat
“For your gift so sweet and free.”

Then I heard a lovely song
From outside the dreary place
I saw an angel in the sky
She sang of wondrous peace

Some men with sheep came to the cave
They came from nearby places
They came to see the little babe
And they left with shining faces.

A kindly dog bowed to the babe
And stood guard at the door
The baby’s dad held up a torch
Which flickered to the floor.

Suddenly three strangers came
Dressed in their finest robes
They bowed unto the tiny babe
And gave their gifts of gold.

I closed my eyes in my wondrous dream
I cuddled close to him
I drifted back to my cozy home
While hearing a lovely hymn.

A loving feeling shown around
My home that Christmas Day
I knew the love came from the Babe
And it was here to stay.


Seana's Pumpkin Patch Adventure

October 11th 2008 12:32 pm
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(Mom made me a pumpkin costume that's pretty goofy looking, but it inspired this poem!)

I’m not a naughty kitty
But I thought that this year I
Would dress up like a pumpkin
And in the patch would hide.

I’d sneak and hide among the vines
And wait inside my lair
And when my naughty brother came
I’d jump out … him to scare!

He’s always chasing me around
And jumping on my tail
And when he finally catches me
He bites me without fail!

So I hid behind a pumpkin
It was orange and big and round
But then I heard some giggling
A silly pumpkin sound!

The giggling turned to laughter
Saw the pumpkins rolling by
They were laughing, giggling, rolling
And I stood there, wond’ring why.

A little pumpkin stopped then
Stopped right there, this small orange fruit
It said, you look so goofy
In your funny pumpkin suit.

It said you’re much too skinny
To be on a pumpkin vine
But we love your silly green stem
Sitting on your head so fine!

I turned away so sadly
My costume wasn’t good
I couldn’t scare my brother
So I left in a sad mood.

The pumpkins said, just wait girl,
We’ll give your bro’ a scare!
Just watch us when he sees us
We’ll raise his every hair!

I hid out of the moonlight
Saw my brother coming by
Then the pumpkins started rolling
Underneath the moonlit sky.

His eyes grew big as saucers
His hair stood up on end
As he turned around and left us
Running for the nearest bend.

So now it was MY turn to laugh
For this there was no match
Rolling in my pumpkin suit
All around that pumpkin patch!


My Favorite Place

October 3rd 2008 6:57 pm
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by Seana

My favorite place – the cat room
Mom made it just for me!
It has a giant window
The nice back yard to see.

I sit there in the sunlight
My cold feet get real warm
I notice all the wildlife
In the back yard there to roam.

There’s pretty birds and flowers
My Mommy’s hollyhocks
And sometimes neighbor kitties
Scoot beneath the fence gate lock.

And when a cloudy day comes
I sit upon the swing
And cuddle in the blanket
And watch the birdies wing.

When I am done with playing
And my Mommy’s done with things
I sit upon her warm lap
And she hugs me as we swing


Mom wrote this poem about me!

September 4th 2008 8:51 pm
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Seana - Pretty Blue Eyes

Pretty blue eyes
Tiny feet
Dancing round me
Soft and sweet.

Little wet nose
Stamps my chin
Rubs her head
Upon my shin.

Soft as velvet
Fur so pale
Siamese markings
Dancing tail.

Then she slaps
Poor Frankie's face
Bites Magic's butt
Smile on her face.

Jumps upon
The table top
Pushes things down
Crash, splat, pop.

Smacks my clock's
What time is it?
Clock is mum.

She dances by
Grabs one piece
Away she flies.

Later on
When I sit down
A tiny mew
My little clown.

Jump in lap
Small cold feet
Purring softly
Warm and sweet.

Seana's naughty
That's a fact
But she is just
My Siamese cat.

PS...she wrote this a while back, when I still had my brothers Frank and Magic!


Funny and Smart Things About Our Family Cats!

July 19th 2008 2:02 pm
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A few months ago, I interviewed Mom and I wrote about a lot of the naughty things that our family cats did. She said I really should follow up and write the funny and smart things that they did. Here goes:

George - a big striped mackerel tabby cat - Liked to lay in the doorways upside down until someone came along and laughed. Sometimes he was there a really long time! He learned several dog tricks, like jumping up on a chair, jumping down, shaking paws, sitting up and begging. He could eat with his paws, scoop food off the edge of the table with his paws, open doors, do impressions of Teddy our Abyssinian (He would stand on his tip toes and wiggle his tail like an Aby). He also went nuts for green olives...would act as if the olives were catnip and would eat them and then rub his face all over your hand, drooling and rolling on the floor! His younger brother Teddy liked to sit in the window and hog all the sunshine and in the winter sit in front of the registers. George found a solution...sit on Teddy...he was bigger and eventually Ted had to get up and leave!

Tanya - a sweet little Russian Blue - this was our grandma's cat - our Mom would run around the house with her and make airplane noises and then crash her on the bed. She would run away and then a second later, come back for more! She went down the basement one Halloween night and came back with her own costume...SpiderCat! (she was covered with spiderwebs). She would sometimes, when she thought she was alone, stand like a coyote with her face up in the air and make a funny little cat howl. If anyone came near her, she got embarrassed and ran away! In the middle of the night, when George wanted to play, he would call Tan who was usually sleeping with grandma and she would come out and they would silently play and wrestle in the dining room!

Teddy - a little ruddy Abyssinian - he was a funny cat! One of his oddest tricks was to grab a green grape (not eat it - also we didn't know at that time they weren't good for cats!) out of the sink where they were draining and clasp it between his teeth...then he would race around the house! He raced so fast that he would actually run on the walls! That's where he got his nickname "Little Rough Rider." Mom's brother discovered that Teddy thought it was hilarious when someone talked in a high voice through a paper tube....he rolled around the floor like it was catnip! He liked stealing people's food when they weren't looking. Our family of course, were on to him, but visitors didn't know. He stole part of a hot dog out of Mom's sister-in-law's hand and ran away with it in the flash of an eye! He also stole other numerous items of food including trying to lick the bowl when grandma was baking! He liked to hide in the cupboards when anyone was baking and wouldn't come out! (Unless you ignored him!) He could catch a ball if you threw it down the stairs and would catch it before it went all the way down. He could play ball alone, carrying the ball in his mouth and then hitting it down the stairs. If he wanted you to throw it down, he mewed and pestered until you played with him! Of course, his greatest trick was shmoozing up to Mom when he wanted something and "kissing" her by licking her nose! It was hilarious and worked too! Ted had a toy that was a box with a hole on the concave top and a small ball that you would roll from the edge and the ball would eventually roll around and down the hole. There was another hole on the side and the idea was for the cat to try to get the ball out one of the holes. Ted looked at the toy a couple times when we first got it for him and watched the ball carefully. Then he pushed it off before it could go in the box. He "solved" the puzzle by not letting the ball go down the hole! When Teddy was an older kitty, Mom got Magic as a companion for him. We introduced Magic to the toy and he tried to play with it. Then Ted came over and showed him how to solve the puzzle by knocking the ball over the edge and onto the floor like he had years before!

Magic - an ebony Oriental Shorthair - every time Mom opened up the linen closet, he jumped in. When he was a kitten, he tried to teach Mom to catch him when he jumped up on her. He always surprised her and she always dropped him, so he gave up trying...she was a lost cause as a partner! He had a way of meowing that sounded like talking...sounded really funny! He always came when he was called too! He was the resident "Security Officer." When other cats got themselves locked in the closet he would yowl to tell Mom where they were. He would tell Mom when anything outside was going on ... once he woke her up by mewing loudly in the middle of the night when her house was being broken into. She didn't know what was wrong, but finally realized he must have scared away the perps with his loud voice!

Daisy - a small ruddy Somali - wanted to play all the time....mewed at Mom until she played with her. She would bring her favorite toy, a sparkly ball on the end of a fishing pole to Mom to get her to play. She liked to steal beanie babies and would carry them around in her mouth like they were kittens. She kept putting one of them in the water dish where it got soggy and yucky. She also loved to sneak down in the basement and the attic. She found paper flowers stored in the attic and she would bring one down every chance she got and bat them around the floor. She liked to steal bookmarks out of Mom's books, so she never knew where her place was in the book!

Frank - a gray and white DSH - his hobby was splashing water, anywhere he found it.

Patrick - an apple-head chocolate lynx-point Siamese - this is another silly cat! He loves to shred paper and then shmoozes up to Mom to make her laugh. He sits on Mom when she is in bed and "kisses" her getting her face all wet. He has a true knack for making messes. He likes to bite the covers of books and the blinds, leaving all kinds of little holes. When he was a kitten, he was kind of a klutz, he would try to climb up a chair and then slip down slowly.


More Silly Poetry!

July 15th 2008 8:56 pm
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There once was a Meezer named Pat
Shredding paper he thought was "all that"
So he had a big spree
In the kitchen, you see
And his Mommy said, "Pat, you brat cat!"

Patrick he loved his toy fishies
Filled with catnip, and little tail swishies
He played with such glee
And each little fish-ee
Was soon lost under furniture niche-ies!

I'm Seana and I say..."for me....
"If it's not on the floor, it should be"
So the jewelry and rings
And important small things
Get lost on the floor, pushed by me.

I can't have too many treats
But one of them - better than meat!
It's in all my toys
And it gives me such joys
It's catnip that I love to eat!


A Poem About Benny, the Shredding Dachshund

May 25th 2008 12:56 pm
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A nice Doxie, Benny by name
Thought shredding was his claim to fame
With his Meezer friend Pat
A nutty young cat
They shredded until the police came.

These two pets, small kitty and pup
Decided to rip the place up
With a gash and a tear
Paper flew everywhere
And the two of them never gave up.

One day Paddy’s sweet sister then
Decided to check Pat and Ben
What she saw made her shout
And she quickly backed out
“Looks like a tornado again!”

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