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The Life of Ka - zar

I went for my wellness exam today.

October 25th 2013 3:06 am
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I went for my wellness exam today and it went pretty well. My general health is good. Heart is still in good nick and I am healthy. Mum finds this very resuring since I'm now 15 years old.

The doc gave me my flu shot. They took a unrine sample with a needle to check my kidenys and they are still in good working order and gave a corsone injection for my flea algery.

I have sore on my right shoulder and if it heals after this injection then it was inflamtion if it doesn't heal after 4 weeks then they will do further investigations to try and work out what caused it.

My teeth may need some work dine to them too but it seems at the moment everything that is wrong is fixable. Mum's bank account might be another story.

The doc gave me a new dried food that for the prevention of kidney disease. While I haven't lost any weight in the last 12 months I didn't put any on either. I am on a get fat diet and the vet told mum to give me as much fatty food as she can.

Cna you pleaae keep in your purrs that all this resolves itself and my health stays good.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate.

Ka - zar

Purred by: Phantom -- Dreamboat # 113 (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 5:20 am

Always purring for good results for you Ka-zar. Glad everything looks pretty good for you!

Purred by: Henry (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 5:37 am

Your like me a furt..we have issues but are generly healthy because are meowmy's loves us soo much! We'll keep purring fur your and trust me read my meomwy's last diary enrty..we feel your bank account pain. Do what you can and the rest can wait...
LURVS Henry and his hummin
Purred by: Gleek (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 7:31 am

Glad to hear you had a good appointment, Ka - zar!
Purred by: Maggie (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 11:48 am

We're purring for you Ka-zar. I'm in kidney failure but I'm doing great. Please keep this in mind, if your kidneys are bad you should eat as little dry food as possible and eat more canned food. Us cats are notorious for not drinking enough water so canned food is best for us. Tell your mom to add a little water to your canned food and mix it well. She can even add a little water to your dry food, I don't know if you'll like that - I didn't! MOL MOL ... Another thing to keep in mind is cortisone shots - that's a steroid and they are very hard on the kidneys. I have allergies that are making me itch everywhere and I've lost some of the fur at the base of my tail, so my vet made a solution of calendula & chamomilla that my pawrents can spray on my skin - oh, it feels really good!! Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to share this info for you and let you know my 3 siblings and I all send you healing purrs & POTP.
Purred by: Jasper, Angel Dreamboat #49a (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 1:32 pm

Ah, me. I remember 15, Ka-zar. It was a fine year. And you know what? The vet had warned Mom two years earlier that my kidneys needed watching and I should be on a prescription diet.

Well, I wouldn't touch the prescription food, so the vet said to feed me whatever I wanted, as she didn't want me to lose weight. I had allergies, too, so Mom decided to try grain-free food, as many cats can't tolerate corn and other grains.

My kidneys were stable on grain-free wet food! And they were still working fine when I left for the Bridge because of other issues.

Sending lots of purrs to you for continued good health, Ka-zar. I guess you're getting into your warm weather now, while my earthly family is starting to bundle up against the chill. It's always beautiful weather here at the Bridge, so let me know if you need a shipment of sunshine.
Purred by: Kaci Sunshine - Beloved Angel (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 2:56 pm

That's good news Ka-zar! Glad your exam went well and you're in good health! I'm purring that your kidneys don't go wonky like mine did and for your continued good health!

Angel Kaci Sunshine
Purred by: Timo Katze - DB #105 (Catster Member)

October 25th 2013 at 4:46 pm

We are a big fan of wet food also, for the same reason that Maggie said - and because it tastes yummy.
Glad that your health is generally good. The old body needs some maintenance as it ages. Mom says it's the same with her body. We are keeping you in our thoughts.
Purrs and hugs from cold Iowa.
Timo and Mietzi
Purred by: Mr D - D'boat #19 (Catster Member)

October 26th 2013 at 12:48 pm

We'll purr that everything stays good and enjoy the fatty chicken sound yummy.
Purred by: Mr D - D'boat #19 (Catster Member)

October 26th 2013 at 12:48 pm

We'll purr that everything stays good and enjoy the fatty chicken sounds yummy.
Purred by: Misha Angel (Catster Member)

October 26th 2013 at 3:32 pm

Us angels are keeping tabs on you too Mate :)
I will agree with the wet food diet too. Helps with many things.A good diet is always a good idea. Can't pass on that fresh chicken..yum!
There is a kidney thread at furts you can read with your mom. I am glad you are in good shape buddy!
Happy angel purrs.
Purred by: Toby (Catster Member)

October 27th 2013 at 11:42 pm

We are also purring for you Ka-zar and hope that the right food sorts you out. Could you send us some of that chicken? We hardly ever get it!! Purrs Toby and Josie


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