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The Life of Ka - zar

my weekly chin wag for the week ending 10th July 2010

July 9th 2010 4:04 am
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I was wondering what I was going to write my chin wag about this week as my life is pretty boring at the moment. It's too cold to go outside and nothing much is happening with my humans.

Last night I was given something to write about as I was diary pick yesterday. About an hour after the email came the congrats started to come in and they kept coming. It made me realise that sharing an honour like this is made so much better when shared with great mates like you.

I'm sorry I haven't got the secretary to send out purrsonal thanks yet she has been quite busy with other stuff this week but they will come later I promise.

I want to send thanks to the following kitties that made this honour special.

Thanks to Arnold P for sending me a shrimp to throw on the barbie it tasted great mate.

Thanks for the watermelon Tate it tasted great mate.

Thanks to Sir Sonny bono, Paris and Presley for the wonderful cool drink and the friend request.

Thanks to Hooch and the crew for the lovely blue ribbon it will be displayed on my page with pride.

Thanks to Oliver, Lilly-grace, William and eddie for the lovely heart it will also be displayed on my page with pride.

Thanks to my great mate Adam Dylan and his family for the Shrimp after this one I was really full.

Thanks to Smoke for the bussellball I was hitting this around the house this afternoon and it was a lot fun mate.

Thanks to Orero and the bush family for the ribbon another ribbon to display on my page with great pride mate.

I want to thank the following mates for leaving comments on my diary.

Pigeon, Edwina, Kittanna, Samoa, Sugar Bear, Jasper, Smokey, Purrcy, Sparky, and last but by no means least Angel Savannah

The very last and very important thank you I want to pass on is thank you to all my friends that make catster a wonderful place for me to be. Without your friendships catster wouldn't be the wonderful place it is.

Mum will try to have purrsonal thank yous out by Monday.

I hope this finds my mates and their families happy and healthy and I send my purrs to those who are unwell.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar

Purred by: Jasper, Angel Dreamboat #49a (Catster Member)

July 9th 2010 at 8:37 pm

Ka-zar, we MUST discuss the shortcomings of our secretaries. It's all I can do to keep mine attentive to my immediate needs, let alone get her to write thank-you notes on my behalf.

But then you've already done that, so I can see how she would be a bit resentful. Let's let her have a rest, shall we?
Purred by: Edgar ~ Precious Angel (Catster Member)

July 11th 2010 at 3:39 pm

Wow!! You had a great day as a DDP buddy! Congratulations! :~D It is nice to have your furriends celebrate with you. I'm sorry we aren't better about that... :~( We love you though Ka - Zar, ever and always. *headbonks*


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