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The Life of Ka - zar

My weekly rant for the week ending 26th September 2009

September 25th 2009 5:31 am
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Seems my last rant was all about my mate Calvin. I have a bit to write about to catch everyone up on what I've been up to the last week and a bit.

I would like to start by thanking some mates for the rosettes for talk like a pirate day and my DDP. It nice to share things like being DDP with mates as it makes the honour that more special.

Firstly I would like to thank the following kitties for the rosettes for talk like a pirate day.

Ra, Alexander, Utu and family and Calvin

Also I would like to thank the following kitties for Rosette for my DDP

Miss Muppet
Tate and Tonka
Ra, Alexander, Utu and family

Also I would like to thank the great Angel Buddie and his family for sending a pawmail from the bridge for DDP.

Sorry these thank yous are but late the human help has been very slack this week. May I add this has a lot to with the weather being cold here in the last week and Mum hands have been very stiff.

There hasn't been that much going on with me other than being pick as a daily diary pick again this is the third time this year and it nice to know that someone is reading my diary and the diary chick digs it.

I must write my rant with an Aussie accent or something if anyone can tell me why this keeps happening please share it with me as it a secret I would love to know the answer to. curiosity kills the cat as mum says it murders me sometimes.

It grand final week here in Victoria at the moment. Aussie rules football is huge in Australia at this time of the year. The season is played over 22 weeks and then 4 weeks of finals if you team is good and lucky enough to make it to the grand final like my team the Geelong cats have the last three years in row.

we're one win and one loss on grand final day so I'm keeping all my paws crossed we win tomorrow. They call the grand final that one day in September.

Well that's all I have to write about at the moment. I hope this rant finds all my mates and their families happy and healthy.

Purrs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


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