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The Life of Ka - zar

My weeky rant for the week ending 6th June 2009

June 5th 2009 9:45 pm
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I would like to start this rant with some pawsome news I found out about the other day. My beautiful little mate Muppet went on a road trip with her Mum and her vet to California to try and get to the bottom of what was causing the pain in her head.

They first thought it was a brain tumour but I'm happy to say after a few days in California and some more tests Muppet has been diagnosed with scar tissue from the first operation she had after she was rescued from the flock she was in.

I want to give a shout out to Muppet's vet. She drove Muppet and her Mum to California herself to make sure Muppet got the best care and I think that was a very unselfish thing the doc did and she really must care about Muppet to do this.

Muppet I'm doing a happy dance for you as you deserve the miracle you go and this proves there plenty of power in the purr.

At the start of the week I turned 11 year young. I had great day spent with Mum and the rest of my humans. I got plenty of cuddles and kisses and the best part of the day was being with family. I don't want for much and it was a really nice day.

Mum thought I had a hangover from all the partying for my birthday the day before. All I wanted to do was sleep every time she disrupted me I stretched and went back to sleep and did this for most of the day. Mum said it was that or I hadn't got used to the year's age i just added

My Mum is a bit slow I hinted that I would like roast chicken for my birthday tea as it one of my favourite foods as well as roo mice and Mum got for me the day after my birthday but at least she took the hint in the end and it tasted so good.

I would like to thank all my mates for making the day special by sending rosettes and birthday messages. Getting to share a birthday with great mates like I have on catster makes the day even more special and enjoyable.

A few days later I got picked as a Diary pick of the day again it was only a month before that I was last picked. Can anyone please tell me what the diary chick likes about me? Maybe she has the hots for me? I don't know but I would again like to thank all my mates for their rosettes and messages of congrats as it great to share an honour like this with mates.

It's been quite a week so that's all my news in my diary now. I hope all my mates and their families are happy and well. Until I write again next week. Stay safe.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

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