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Animal cruelty makes me mad

February 7th 2009 3:34 am
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I was reading my good friend's Muppet diary today and she was talking about a so called cat sanctuary called cats with no name being closed down here is what Muppet wrote in her diary as it explain better than I could.

Meomy and I are so excited! We got word this morning that the kitty death camp called ‘Cats With No Name’ in Pine Groves Township, Pennsylvania has finally been exposed for who they really are! Hurray! This was similar to another Flock situation and a wonderful lady and her daughter have been trying for a very long time to expose the horrors that were going on there.

Denise, mom’s friend from the Flock nightmare, tried to give them all the advice she could on who to contact. But, the same as with Flock, nobody listened. *tears* Not animal control, not the police, not even the Governor. They had a Blog going on Best Friends Website trying to reach out for help, but Best Friends made them take it down one year ago. They sadly believed all of the lies that this kitty hoarder, Virginia Kresge Justiniano, was telling them and not the ones telling the truth.

Well, it turns out, just as alleged all along, this horrible lady and her beau were taking all of the donations to fund their drug habits and the cats taken in by them were not being cared for! They even allegedly sold the cat food that was donated for drug money. The property was raided Saturday after the hoarder was stopped on a traffic violation and drugs were discovered.

They discovered the horror of the condition of the kitties when they arrived to search the property for drugs. They say there was no food or water for the cats and other animals and the ones found left alive were all malnourished. Many were found too late, obviously starved to death.

They found sheds full of public donations including sheds full of cat food! Prayers for all of the kitties and animals and cheers that the suffering at Cats With No Name has been finally brought to an end. (1996 - 2009) The cats are now being cared for by the Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA.

I hope you don't mind me pasting your diary entry Muppet but with Mum's sore wrists it would take too long to re write it.

This sort of thing makes me mad as animals that are put in these situations can't fight back and when no one listen to people who try to being to people attention makes me even madder.

My greatest hope for the kitties that survived this ordeal that they get the care they need and make a full recovery and I will purr for each and everyone of them that this happens. The next thing I want to see happen that the people who did this are brought to justice by the full letter of the law and are never able to this ever again.

I do take some consultation in the fact the people who did this have been exposed and the kitties that survived this are getting the care they need. I just hope that we starting hearing less of these stories as I am lucky I have family that love me and take great care me not all kitties are as lucky as me and that makes me very sad that this happens.


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