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What I'm thankful for

November 26th 2008 10:31 pm
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I know this is two days late and thanks giving isn't celebrated in Australia but I didn't think it would hurt to write in my diary about what I'm thankful for anyway.

1. My family - They took me in a gave me a forever home. They take excellent care of me and give me more love than one cat could need. Thanks Mum,uncle Grant, Grandma and Grandpa

2. Having a warm place to sleep every night - Not all cats have this and I'm truly grateful for this. I have to especially thank my mum for this as I share her bed.

3. Having food to eat - again not all cats have this and I'm grateful for having a full tummy every time I go to bed at night.

4. My olde furts friends - To all my olde furt friends, Pie, Flower, Whisper, Misha, Simon, Kit and Arnold and the rest of you who have not mentioned you know who you are. You are truly wonderful friends. I am also thankful for Pie's breakfast club.

5. To all my catster friends like my olde furt friends you are all wonderful.

6. This the last but not the least thing I'm thankful for is being alive another year. This year I had my 10th birthday and Mum was surprised I got to it and the vet gave me a clean bill of health. So hopefully I will be around for many more birthdays yet.

If you got to here thanks for reading this. It's just something I wanted to write as no matter where you are in the world you should take time to be thankful for all the good things in your life.


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